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@ablum @Colby_Farside We can agree to disagree then. I think the national conversation is perfectly rational. If you disagree with an "extreme" point of view then don't listen to it. I find it fun to talk about. I also don't think it is all black and white. It just always starts with someone saying "X conference is the best and Y conference is the worst" then it evolves into a breakdown of merits that you either find compelling or irrelevant. I also can't imagine the national conversation being anymore in perspective. There are only about 1000 sports writers / TV personalities that talk about college football each week. All of which have their own perspectives and readers/viewers to keep happy. This "toxicity" is making me enjoy the season all the more.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Fueling the toxicity of college football fandom is a science


@ablum @Colby_Farside  No I didn't miss the point. "With all this gum flapping, fans begin to see their sport in black and white. The SEC is the best, so and so is second best, and so on. But it's just conjecture that fans take as gospel." I was just saying it isn't conjecture, you can definitely prove which conference is the best over any 4 or 5 year window. I just chimed in on one small portion of the article. I'll chime in on the main point now. His main points - "The net effect was the experience of being a college football fan got shittier because the shared interest of college football was no longer something that brought people together, but something that started arguments and nurtured ill will towards other schools, conferences, and regions." and "I used to enjoy frequenting a local watering hole where a lot of various local alumni groups would watch games, but unfortunately that is a thing of the past. Fighting over what TV has what game, what conference is better, who has better academics, is more deserving of a scandal, or whose conference network makes the most money has completely taken the fun out of being social with the sport."         Those things that he hates are the only things that make talking about the sport fun IMO. It's called sports talk and it's been the same for me the last 20 years I've been heavily involved in watching college football. If people are actually "fighting" over conference pride at bars he goes to then he goes to shitty bars with shitty people. I can go to the same places and have nice "discussions" or "debates". He just comes off as jealous or fed up with the sport. Conference pride has been around for ever and comparing the success of one region or conference to another is what makes the game truly enjoyable. Every truly meaningful sports conversation has to develop into more than just what happens on the field. We all saw the game so now what does it mean. If you don't like what sports talk conversations have become (although they haven't ever changed in my mind) then just watch the game and go home. Don't watch Sports Center, don't pick up a newspaper, don't go to a bar, don't talk to anyone else, just wait for the next scheduled game and show up and cheer for your team.

9 months ago on Fueling the toxicity of college football fandom is a science


Nice well written article and, I'm sure I would agree with it if I graduated from a Big10 school. I am a life long fan of sports and especially football but, I graduated from a non-division 1 college. So my allegiance is with the best product and simply put the SEC is putting on a better brand of football. I live in Big10 country but, the games are unwatchable in comparison to a SEC game these last 10 years or so. Evidence -    This article is 3 years old but the trend has continued. So yes you can argue that in 1 game it is a crap shoot but, you can't argue with consistently higher quality recruits going to 1 conference more then any other. Shoot this year Vandy and Tennessee landed top 20 recruiting classes. I'm fine with conference pride/hate. I just want to watch good football and if I want some good insights then ESPN provides them. If you want the public image of your team to change then they should get better recruits and win some bowl games. For now I will continue watching and cheering for SEC teams as a whole (Florida more then the others) and other individual teams I like in other conferences like the Illini. =)   

9 months, 1 week ago on Fueling the toxicity of college football fandom is a science