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The nice thing about the internet is that it leaves a permanent trail of who said what so let's have a journey back through time shall we?

"It took only two exhibition games for Sacramento Kings coach Paul Westphal to see the effect Jimmer Fredette could have on the teams offense.  Though Fredette can have an impact without the ball, Westpahl said the Kings need to get the ball to the rookie more often."

"I think our spacing needs a lot of work.  I think we missed Fredette a few times where we should have gotten him the ball."

I could go on and on here.  The point is that Westphal drafted Jimmer and believed in a particular skill set and how it could benefit the team.  So, after only 7 games, Westphal is fired which it turns out had ZERO impact on making the team better.  Did Jimmer suddenly suck after only 8 pre-season games and 7 regular season games?  Let's see how our new coach felt about the SAME player...

COACH SMART -->  "His team doesn't trust him yet.  That's a big weight for a guy to be on the floor trying to play through something, and the team doesn't respect him yet.  Now once that player is strong enough to carry himself and be on the floor and be productive, you start to see the confidence from his team now coming to his side.  Earlier in the season, they weren't feeling that because quote-unquote, there's still a little jealousy in the air.  Here comes a guy who's high profile, and it has nothing to do with the player.  But he's coming into a team, has been marketed by the team, and everyone else on the outside sees that, and players hear that too.  But the player may be be ready for what he's getting ready to face."

Now, I'm not a mind reader but it would seem to me that what changed is a coach who had a guy he wanted to build something around going to a coach who DID NOT have something he felt he could build around.  AFTER ONLY 7 games.  You can sit here and say Thomas earned his spot over Fredette but what it sounds like is that a petty, jealous team more intent on padding their own numbers and pockets than winning were making the actual coaching decisions on this team.  Can Jimmer play in the NBA?  Sadly after 3 seasons I still don't know, which is more a judgment of this organization than Fredette.

1 year, 1 month ago on A final conversation with Jimmer Fredette


And Thomas's record as a starter is what?  Exactly.  Good luck Jimmer!!

1 year, 1 month ago on Sacramento Kings free Jimmer Fredette


Maybe when he's done he can work on dribbling with his left hand, you know, something actually useful in a game.

1 year, 2 months ago on Sacramento Kings rookie Ben McLemore preps for the dunk contest


Harry Reid is Mormon.  Just thought I'd point that out since every conversation involving Mitt Romney included that.  Seriously though, I'm pretty sure Reid already smokes medicinal pot so why wouldn't he be for it.  A this point the country is descending into complete and utter chaos at such a a break-neck pace that I'm not sure I really care about what his position on pot is.  I'm starting to become of the mind that if more of the country were stoned they could do less damage quite honestly.

1 year, 3 months ago on Reid and medical marijuana: Majority leader thinks it should be legal