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Oh, those milestones are tough.  Every year that goes by, I get a little emotional reminiscing about that precious newborn nestled in my arms for the first time, only to glance at a child who doesn't cease to grow up!  And our oldest is turning 15 next month.  FIFTEEN!!!  I'm just thankful to be spending as much time as possible with these gifts.  Enjoy every minute.

1 year, 10 months ago on How an Onion Saved Maddie’s 5th Birthday


Loved this statement: "if you don’t tell a child they won’t like something they will, more often than not, try it and enjoy it"

If we let them, kids will usually surprise us, even when they're picky eaters. I have an ultra picky eater that recently decided she likes lentil soup! She NEVER would have eaten it at home, but because she wasn't, she tried it and loved it. Always great to let them try local cuisine!

3 years, 2 months ago on Why “Easy” Travel Options Aren’t Always the Best- a Rebuttal to CNNGo “5 Rules of Traveling With Kids”