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Don't know as youth necessarily has that much to do with it.  Matt ( Deli Tres ) Dellavedova has always seemed to grasp Brown's principles of defense and team first. So has Tristan Thompson, although his defense is still a work in progress. Seems to be more a matter of maturity.  Like pouting players ( read: Irving, Waiters ) caring more about offense and stats than they do defense.  Hopefully, the presence of Deng and the character that he brings to the table will help the young tykes mind their manners.

Too; there just seems to be a disconnect between Mike Brown and the team.  For all his instructing, cajoling, yelling, pleading etc. damn little seems to soak in.  Something's missing there.

Or, as Billy Hoyle said to Sidney Dean ( White Men Can't Jump ), "You're listening to me, but you aren't hearing me. "

1 year, 3 months ago on Mike Brown Revenge Game: Deng and Varejao Lead Cavs to Victory