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Both Sportrac and Overthecap have changed the dead money value for Trent Richardson to $5,436,770 if we cut him this year. That would equate to an increase to Richardson's cap hit of $3,184,272. If cutting him before was highly unlikely before, it's definitely not happening now.  I still think given a improved interior of our o-line and a full off-season to properly learn the play book he could turn out ok.
To be fair to Grigson, while he might have overpaid Toler last season he seems to have structure his contract well for 2014 and 2015 if he's injuries flaired up again. We'll take a hit (666,666 in 2014, 333,333 in 2015) in dead cap space but it's nothing compared to savings we'd make if we cut him.

Walden's contract seems to be something similar and he gets relatively cheap to cut after next season. I'm presuming the idea was that we would draft a replacement and cut him loose after the two years.

Satele cannot be kept. Financially and ability-wise it would make no sense. None at all.

Grigson's overpaid for most of his free-agents last offseason but at least had the sense to front end a few of the contracts so we dont have a mess on out hands when trying to fit in $100M contract for Luck in a few years.

1 year, 3 months ago on 2014 Salary Cap Impact for Cutting Notable Colts


Toler might not be a free agent but cutting him will save $4.167 million in cap space. No brainer if you ask me...

1 year, 3 months ago on Hayes: Free agent questions for Indy