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So one season (2007) makes him an ace? As painful as it is to agree with that dipsh*t Callahan, he's right, Beckett is not an ace. He's been "good" to "okay" with flashes of brilliance in his time here, but considering the way he carries himself and the role he's assumed, he should be far better. And as a veteran leader on the staff, you can almost solely hold him accountable for that mess last year. He's proven to not only be underwhelming as an ace, but an insufficient leader. I don't care how ungrateful this sounds considering his sensational 2007 work, but the Sox would be justified in dealing him at any point. Basically, this is a "what have you done for me lately" post. I really don't know what Red Sox Nation sees in him to continually and shamelessly praise him... it takes no more than a trip over to to realize he's been nothing more than slightly above average for the past 4 seasons. NOT AN ACE.

3 years, 2 months ago on Well, allow me to retort.