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This is my opinion and mine only. This article resonated with me on a personal lever b/c I am an average, mediocre, American born Chinese who grew up in the Bay area, whose parents immigrated from Taiwan as grad students to better their life by pursuing the American dream, and I am NOT a sports fan. I have been fascinated with the story of Jeremy Lin b/c he represents what Yao Ming did not, what the Japanese and Taiwanese MLB imports did not. He shares a cultural identity that resonates with me personally. What is the Asian American plight? Some laugh and say we have no "plight". Then please study your history about early Asians in America- but you'll probably have to seek that out since its not generally taught in detail in our history classes, aside from that little part about the Gold Rush, building railroads and rounding up all the Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII. On a personal level- it is being told by my high school teacher that I should go back to the country I came from, it is being shouted "Chink" by a car full of drunks in an empty parking lot at 2am, it is being given the "Heil Hitler" salute by teenagers walking down a sidewalk in rural California, it is listening to stories of how your pregnant mother had to sleep in the car while driving through Georgia in the late 70's b/c no one would give rent your Chinese parents a hotel room, and it is being nine years old and having to watch your father cruelly ridiculed by a 7-Eleven clerk in Orlando for being unable to pronounce the word "Vanilla"- talk about putting a damper on one's Disney World adventure vacation! If you have never experienced covert or overt racism- I am happy for you, but please don't attempt to diminish what others had the misfortune of encountering. Did anyone see George Lucas on the Daly Show saying that Hollywood did not want to fund an All Black Cast Action Movie (Red Tails)? When Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won their Oscars, it was hailed a historical moment in Hollywood. And yet the American media has no trouble watching countless talented black athletes gracing their TV screens every night. These are the hypocrisies that exist in our culture, and will continue to exist. This is why I can appreciate what Jeremy Lin has accomplished as an individual. In writing this, I write for myself and only for myself- as I'm sure Danny Chau did in writing this article.

3 years, 2 months ago on What I See In Jeremy Lin