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He is everyone's son! This is heartbreaking. My husband is Latino, dark skinned, ironically enough the discrimination he most felt was in Costa Rica because they thought he was from Nicaragua.


I was discriminated against for the better part of my childhood, not for color I'm blond green eyed, but because I was born in Russia and arrived to the US when I was 6 during the cold war. The parents of the school made their kids think I was responsible for communism.


It's not color, it's people - we are taught discrimination in the house. That is what has to stop.


My kids don't know the difference in color, since it's never ever been an issue in our house, they look and treat everyone the same.


we are all the same - all bad starts with ignorance in the house. that's what has to be addressed!

3 years ago on Mourning the Loss of Trayvon Martin, Everyone's Son


It's funny, we bring a ton of stuff with us to entertain our kids. My baby never even looks at it. I have now learned the best toys for him is what is around. And my oldest, with a DS and a DVD player, never looks at them. He too entertains himslef without anything.

3 years, 2 months ago on Why “Easy” Travel Options Aren’t Always the Best- a Rebuttal to CNNGo “5 Rules of Traveling With Kids”