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@LSMHOG It certainly WASN'TT Missouri's greatest moment on the gridiron, but it was a satisfactory bowl win given the arrogant big mouthed Arkansas fans at the game, proclaiming that Missouri didn't deserve to be on the same field. 38 points later to the Hogs 7 shut a few of you trailer court living kicks up, (but only temporarily). And yes, we'd like to send a collective thank you card to Lying Mike Anderson. He's a sh!tty game day coach, and a sh!tty preparation coach, and he completely lost the NOW #3 TEAM IN AMERICA last year. Many would have bolted on him had he stayed. Meanwhile, Missouri UPGRADED the head basketball coaching position with LMA's slithering out the back door. It will be good for Missouri to be in the SEC to play the Hogs now and again. Your big mouths are loud until the scoreboard tells you to STFU.

3 years, 2 months ago on Oklahoma Writer Projects Movers’ Regret For Missouri And Texas A&M