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Let's begin a dialogue that doesn't include IT hate.  It really isn't about IT.  He is doing the job that the coaches want him to do.  He is a slasher and he slashes.  He kinda distributes the ball.  He kinda runs the offense.  He is an above average shooter -- on the average -- and is money from the line.  So let him do his thing.

Let's instead focus on how Jimmer is not being used by coaches that think he is a defensive liability and believe he is a five minute a night player -- despite having the #1 position as a three point shooter and #1 position as a free throw shooter in the NBA (I'm sure the other coaches are laughing hysterically at the Kings for misusing Jimmer given his stats).

I think the fans are relatively smart.  There appears to be a consensus that IT should be the starting point guard.  There is also consensus that Thornton and Mac are not getting the job done at the Shooting Guard position (and it isn't close), though there are many that say that Mac is developing as he should.  I think there is also consensus that Jimmer needs to create his own shot and can do so when running the offense as a back up Point Guard, but that he shouldn't be the starter.

Anyone remember the Running Back Earl Campbell.  He was big.  He was brutal.  He ran through the line hard.  His coaches knew that if he had more than 30 touches a night, they would win more games than they would lose.

The same goes for Jimmer.  In order for the Kings to actually win more games than they lose, certain players need to touch the ball and shoot at least X number of times a night.  To get 20 points, IT needs to touch the ball around 16-18 times.  Cousins needs to get 25, so he needs to touch the ball about 14 times.  Gay needs to see the ball X number of times.

What we see, however, is that despite the lead players getting their touches, as soon as they drop in percentage shooting -- which happens too much -- there are simply NOT ENOUGH POINTS ON THE BOARD to win games.

Enter Jimmer, exit Thornton/Mac.  Jimmer has to not only play the "2" position, but needs to play a modified "2" which would allow him to create his own shot in that position.  He needs to be a legitimate outside threat to open up the middle and PLAY WHILE THOMAS is playing so Thomas can become a slashing threat and the offense is spread out wide.  That also gives the big boys a lot of opportunities down low.

With IT & Jimmer on the floor at the same time as the bigs, and Jimmer playing a modified Point Guard on a few of the trips down the floor, JIMMER WILL GET ENOUGH TOUCHES to score while IT, Cuz and Gay, etc. get their touches.

Then IT goes off the floor, and Jimmer gets a few pure minutes as a point guard back up to create his own shot alone -- which he has shown can be very productive for him.

With the "2" spot time and "1" back up time, Jimmer will add to the productivity and bottom line of the final score -- however, you can't put Jimmer in a traditional "2" spot and expect that he will be productive.  Jimmer doesn't do as well standing in the corner waiting for the pass.  You can see that his game REQUIRES him to be active with the ball in his hands and do a cross over or two or get underneath the basket or a dribble-in, fade shot.  IT has to eat some of his ego and understand that his teammate needs that freedom because that is how he is most effective -- and take advantage of that to get himself open for a slash shot or dish out from Jimmer.

Why should IT adjust for The Jimmer?  Because IT can't win games without him -- period.  IT needs the points for his TEAM.  IT can score 38 points a game and still lose, lose, lose. Jimmer has to get the touches.  Cuz has to.  Gay has to.  And it is IT's responsibility to make sure they all get their touches so the points at the end of the game are enough to win the game.

So Jimmer needs to play about 24-27 minutes every night and probably needs to split 50/50 between the 1 & 2 spot.  More importantly -- perhaps, most importantly, he needs touches and control of the dribble when the ball is in his hands.  The other players need to make him -- force him -- to take the shots EVERY STINKING NIGHT!

I know Cuz thinks he is all that.  I know IT thinks he is all that, and so does Gay.  But they all lose forever without adding another 14 points a game and those additional points need to come from The Jimmer.  Egos aside.  Everyone needs to play better defense and Jimmer needs his minutes and his touches.  If he gets the minutes and no touches, then the Kings continue to lose.  If he gets the ball, but no ability to create his own dribble, then they lose.

The Kings cannot continue to ignore The Jimmer and his incredible stats and relegate him to a supporting role for 8 minutes a game.  They need to feature him and make him essential to their winning strategy.  As a side note, Kyle Korver gets about 30 minutes a game and he is a much worse shooter than The Jimmer.

1 year, 2 months ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Houston Rockets 119, Sacramento Kings 98


To all the Jimmer haters:  Scoreboard!  Jimmer is almost 50% for the season from the 3 point line.  50%  50%  50%  How many times does a guy need to put it in print or put it on the scoreboard.  Even if he started shooting poorly, he would still be a leader in the NBA for 3s.  And where is he most of the game?  Watching Thornton go 2-8 in 22 minutes and light up the rim for 4 total points.  Wow.  Just, Wow.

Kyle Korver has lesser of a shot and gets 35 minutes a night.  Why?  Because in basketball, it is the one with the most points who wins the games.  Funny how Malone and Jimmer's teammates ignore him on the field or leave him on the bench.  He was playing the two almost all night, and it wasn't until Thomas went out of the game that Jimmer really even saw the ball and went from 2 points to 14 almost instantly -- I think it took about 2.5 minutes in total.

I know you all think he plays crappy D, but did you see how many times Mac and IT got burned to the basket tonight???  It was an embarrassment.  What kind of blinders does Malone have on that he doesn't see the terrible D by IT and Mac, only the weak defending Jimmer does -- which looks a lot like the team average for defending.

The difference, however, is that Jimmer actually scores on the other end.  IT is good to above average, but Mac and Thornton???  Are you kidding me???  You could put the statue of David out there and he'd have a higher shooting percentage.

It is clear that IT will not play with Jimmer because he looks pretty much like the same "I" oriented player he has always been.  Pretty stupid in my book, because if IT really knew what was good for his career, he would be trying to get more assists than points.  He has proven to the world that he can get 38 points in a losing cause.  Great.  Now perhaps he might try to act like a real point guard and disburse the ball to wide open guys who average 50% from the three point line.

Einstein said it best, the very definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  Right now, if Malone wants to EVER win more than he loses, he has to put his best shooters on the field at the same time.  The lineup should be IT Jimmer Gay Cousins and a rotation of the other players.  Then leave it the FREAK alone!!!  If IT doesn't distribute, then he sits.  Jimmer, Mac, Gay, Cousins and the rotation of other players.  Make it happen Malone.  Stop being impressed by things that don't show up on the scoreboard.

1 year, 2 months ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Houston Rockets 119, Sacramento Kings 98


I'll lay off Thomas, as his style is so different than The Jimmer, but Thornton is a nightmare. Can't we get Jimmer on the floor to start instead of Thornton??  Mac is no better.  Just put Jimmer on the floor with IT and let them trade off bringing it down.  Certainly Jimmer and IT combo can do better than what Thornton is doing.  Just having Jimmer on the floor gives you 20 points a game if he could just get more than 15 minutes avg.

1 year, 2 months ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Sacramento Kings 111, Minnesota Timberwolves 108


This is a new team, with new owners and a new attitude.  I would support Jimmer staying with the Kings if he could be a combo guard -- putting in 20 minutes at the 1 and then another 10 minutes at the 2 position.  That would be the equivalent of starting and frankly Thornton and Mac are not getting the job done offensively.  They play reasonable defense, so let Jimmer come in for offense for 10 minutes and split the rest between Thornton and Mac for defensive pushes.

I actually like the way that Malone has developed Jimmer.  There is a bond that is starting to happen on the team and team chemistry is more important than anything.  Sure, Jimmer could go elsewhere, but right now the Kings have some good players and as they play as a team, they are very good.

There is such a style difference between IT and Jimmer that it is difficult for teams to make adjustments between the slasher and the long ball thrower that it is actually working out very well.  I just want to see Jimmer get 20 a night at the 1 and 10 a night at the 2 and the Kings win a lot of games.

There was one point when Jimmer Mac and IT were all on the floor -- to be honest it was a scary thing for the other team -- do you defend the slasher, the jump shot or the long ball.

I will give credit to Malone for putting together a very good team -- that is also not bad in defending the hoop.

1 year, 2 months ago on Sunday Musings: Jimmer Fredette finds a role and some perspective with the Sacramento Kings