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Nate regarding JJ Watt and MVP, the NFL has changed a lot of rules over the years in order to

hamstring defenses. Changes to Blocking Rules,taking away the Head Slap,5 yards for the WR'S.

I think that if players had to block like they used to for the majority of the NFL' S life and add the headslap

JJ Watt would be a lot more dominant than he is already. I've seen all the Great NFL Dlinemen in my

life from Marchetti,Deacon Jones,Willie Davis,Reggie White,Bruce Smith an on and on.

But JJ Watt does thing none of them can do, just his swatting away passes,JJ SWATT puts him into

uncharted area's. To bad the NFL had to keep giving offenses more and more advantages in order to

put up pinball machine stats. The early 70's Colts defense set records for points allowed in a 14 game

schedule 144 points allowed then shortly after that 140 points allowed. Now they give up that many

points in 6 or 7 games. To bad otherwise JJ Watt would crush all these QB'S and back then you could

getaway with hitting the QB'S too.

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Kyle, when you've been around long enough and know a little history you wouldn't be putting down

another teams name. The Browns have won more Championships than the Colts have, maybe not lately.

The Browns have won way more Championships than the INDY Colts have.

The Browns destroyed the Colts in the 1964 NFL Championship game 27-0 (you know before you were

alive). I'm no Browns fan but Paul Brown not only was a Great Coach and Leader. He Built a team in the

late 1940's in the old AAFC that was good enough to force a merger with the NFL.

Then the Browns came into the NFL and won Championships right away. His Quarterback

Otto Graham has the highest winning percentage of any QB of all time. Jimmy Brown his Running Back

was the Greatest RB in the History of the NFL bar none. I've seen them all from Gale Sayers,Payton

Sanders,Lenny Moore,Jim Taylor,Earl Campbell,etc etc.

So who are you to mouth off.

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@Nate Dunlevy @GeorgeCostanzaIII @silentkman Funny

how Patriot teams get away with everything. 

I recall Matt Light tackling Dwight Freeney from behind over and

over, while the ref's looked right at him.

Air Coryeii/Air Manning didn't win many Super Bowls that was

the point. Now if you just want to sell shirts/hats.

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@Nate Dunlevy @GeorgeCostanzaIII @silentkman Nate 

this regime has brought in almost everyone on defense.

You saying they don't fit only makes me think all the more

they don't know what they're doing.

They built the offense by drafting Luck and that was Irsay's

call NOT Grigson/Pagano. No Luck then who would care about

Hilton,Fleener,Allen. Its Air Coryell/Air Manning all over again.

For all the hype (and I like Hilton) he sometimes gets lost

as in Patriots game and others. For all the talk about Marvin

I've got two words TY LAW. 

Raymond Berry 12/178 yds Championship game record for a

long long time until Rice.

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@Nate Dunlevy @GeorgeCostanzaIII @silentkman 

He was never any good with the Lions and last year he was

okay. This year he sucks,What happened to next man up?

I screamed all last year off season for Oline, go to Stampede

Blue and read my posts. Sooner or later Grigsons got to

fix something,one position group,any position group.

All I hear are excuses,Grigson/Pagano spend more time

covering up for T.Richardson than doing anything positive.

Now you say Pagano, has no input into who Grigson signs

on defense and they are ill suited to the Colts plan.

Come on Nate how many sides of the coin are you on.

Here's a hint sign Justin Houston the Colts have no defensive

player as good.

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@todd_e_smith @NateDunlevy Colts should be looking to sign Justin Houston for

whatever it takes.

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@chip_bennett @silentkman Manning's teams could never run the ball when it

counted. And don't tell me about the Edge, most of his best runs were to get back

to the line of scrimmage. Who can forget the playoff game where Willie Mcginnest

pretend to get hurt near the Patsies goal line then came back and stuffed Edge

to seal the deal. The only time the Colts ran the ball when it counted was in the

Super Bowl when the Oline should have been MVP.

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@Nate Dunlevy @silentkman By a line that does not have an overpaid bum

like Gosder who will get Luck killed sooner or later. Correct me if I'm wrong

that Gosders Salary goes threw the roof the next to years cap wise.

One that has a real NFL center, not one thats better than Satale that bar is set

pretty low.

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@JJBanksy @silentkman Your right about Mewhort, I wanted Gabe Jackson

in the draft and wasn't shy about saying so. But Mewhort has made a believer out

of me. I must admit one of Grigsons best moves recently.

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@EricDutil Maybe we shouldn't be trading good corners or better than we have as backups

to Seattle for 6th round picks.

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@ScottComstock @chip_bennett NO NICKS, what about that kid

from Canada Carter's son, big 6'4" or 6'5". The Colts are said to have

the inside track on him.

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@ScottComstock @Nate Dunlevy They look dominant until they match

up with any Talent, as in at Quarterback then they get eaten alive.

This had better be a defensive draft with the only exception being at

Right Tackle before Gosder the Richest gets Luck killed.

I have to admit being wrong about Borland of the 49ers who has been

a lot better in coverage than advertised, I knew he could tackle.

Something we could use right now along with 2 NFL safeties.

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I'm rooting for the Colts to win their very last game.

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@ScottComstock @GeorgeCostanzaIII Again you have 

nothing to say except to call me names. 

What are you 9 years old? You sure sound it.

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@Johnny_Socko @GeorgeCostanzaIII @Nate Dunlevy @ScottComstock Kruger,Avril,TJ Ward,L.Houston,

Vasquez and any Center take your pick. 

Not throwing away a 1st round pick for a running back that was

already failing for the Browns who had a better Oline.

Instead of trying to fix everything in each draft and fixing nothing

fix one position group, as in Oline then move on to another.

Drafting Moncrief and making some fans happy, drafting 

Center Stork instead would have been better. Some people

just don't understand that the Colts can have the greatest

WR'S on the planet, but if Luck gets hurt they won't matter


Going back to Grigsons 1st draft its easy to say he went

to much WR/TE and not enough Defense and Oline.

But if you want to go and look, I'm not shy about writing

exactly who I want. Either in the draft or Free agency

So go there and see for yourself. Then hindsight will have

nothing to do with it.

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@ScottComstock @GeorgeCostanzaIII Thats it? thats the best you

got? To stammer and stutter and try to be slick. So you have nothing

to say after all.

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@Nate Dunlevy @GeorgeCostanzaIII @NateDunlevy I don't

believe I said a word about starting slow.

But since you are listening,thanks for that by the way.

I can't understand resigning Mathis, who I always admired as a

player. But at his age coming of that type of injury it can and

has been a career killer for many a player in all sports.

Almost all younger players, I'm amazed that fat pig Wolfolk

has come back so well. But Mathis is big bucks vs the cap,

and I doubt there's an out in his contract if he can't perform.

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@Nate Dunlevy @GeorgeCostanzaIII @ScottComstock So sometimes

this team is not outcoached or outschemed, Really.

Are you saying that when you get smoked then thats because the other

team is better or has more talent or what.

So we have weaker players, I agree and I also know a very large part of the

reason why we have weaker players. Bad Talent assessment for a start

Stupid trade for a running back who was already failing in Cleveland,

and who had a better Oline than the Colts. Trying to fix every weakness

during the draft and fixing nothing.

So Nate old pal write me a list of the good teams so I won't expect

Pagano to do his ______ job and prepare this team on a Pro level.

But also when we beat bad teams does this just mean we overwhelm

them with talent and not outcoach or outscheme them????

Finally what is % of sometimes as you put it, that is acceptable for this

Coaching staff to not have the team prepared?

PS I must be spoiled, I've seen Colts teams with less talent or bad luck

or key injuries but I've never seen a Colts Head Coach so OVERWHELMED

by his job and still get a free pass. But I must admit Pagano's recent

Battle Cry of "why not us" is _______ Priceless.

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@Nate Dunlevy @GeorgeCostanzaIII @NateDunlevy So you are telling me that after the Playoff Disgrace vs the Patriots and

being beat by a 3rd rate running back. The Colts adjustments

during the offseason, Jones Jackson etc etc were well thought

out? How can any Colts fan after watching the games vs the

Steelers and Patriots be pleased with not only who built this

PRETEND defense. But the Coach that lobbied for those players

to be signed by the Colts. 

So Nate according to you they were up for more games than not.Thats funny, I'd almost expect them to be PREPARED

for every game, I guess you don't.

Pagano came here to fix the defense, so we switched to a

3/4 defense and then we could stop the run. REALLY don't

tell the Patriots. As far as defending vs the pass, I've been

a Colts fan since 1956 and the ONLY Colts game that was

worse than this years Steelers game was. ______ guess.

Super bowl III vs the Jets. 

So Nate just exactly when does the Pagano Magic begin?

If a Jags or Raiders coach had been in charge of the two

Epic defensive Failures vs the Steelers/Patriots it would have

been expected. But they still would be fired, how long does

Pagano get a free pass just because he got sick once.

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@ScottComstock Petulant This. Some of what you say is true. But I see a team that is

probably the Luckiest team on the planet. By Being able to draft Andrew Luck so the very

Least you can do Right away is protect him. NO EXCUSES, Gosder was never ever any great

Olineman for the Lions, do you see a Center on this team and don't tell me Jonnathan, please

or worse Katie Holmes. We draft Moncrief and all the fans are happy meanwhile the Patriots

draft Stork and have a REAL CENTER.

Every Nickel thats been spent on this defense has been a Huge waste of resources and

thats being nice.

Bruce was a way better coach and a far better leader.

I've never ever seen a Colts team that is always not prepared, this team is always outschemed

and outcoached ALWAYS.

Another thing With all due respect. If this can't or won't protect Luck a whole lot better the

Colts will soon be the Jags or Raiders because if Luck gets hurt this team Won't win 5 games

Tell me I'm Lying.

Finally you won't hear me talk about building a monster because thats just not happening

in this day and age. I've seen the Colts have a Monster Team but thats a very long time ago.

The only reason this team has won games since Luck get here was Luck and no other


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@Nate Dunlevy @GeorgeCostanzaIII Thats not the point, more help

was needed. How come other teams can protect a weakness but not this

crew. Oh I know just think positive and Reitz will be able to do it. NOT.

By the time this staff get a decent Oline in place if ever Luck will be

a cripple. I'm starting to think that some Colts fans deep down want to

see that happen. Maybe you all just pine for Curtis Painter.

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@hankster We thought that last year, at least in free agency. All we did was leave money

on the table.

2 months ago on Conversation @


@J_L_Sim @NateDunlevy Speaking of streaks, how many games

in a row has Pagano not had this team prepared? The entire time he

has been here?

2 months ago on Conversation @


@smonroe How did they NOT know Reitz would be overmatched going in?

Thats what amazes me about this staff, their battle plan is DUH. They never look prepared

and its worse vs good teams. I don't understand how Irsay can watch this staff and not think

we can do so much better. What coach wouldn't want to coach Andrew Luck.

We have an Oline coach? Thats Rich or sad.

2 months ago on Conversation @


Damn Castonzo two sacks where you quit at the end of the play, they didn't teach you to play to

the Whistle at BC? I'll tell you what this team looks bad even when they win and vs a Jags team

that they should beat. Why does this Colts team NEVER EVER look prepared, what does this

coaching staff do all week. Other than think up catchy slogans, thats it Pagano "why not us"

the answer is because we got you as coach that's why not us in a nutshell. 5 Sacks in the first half

give that Oline coach a raise NOT.

Building a monster that's a Joke, besides being arrogant.

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@Kyle Rodriguez @GeorgeCostanzaIII The only thing I see in the beginning

are redactions, which makes me wonder if you're the CIA.

Now if its the part where you're arrogant towards the Jags and or their players.

Maybe thats youth talking because most of us learned a long time ago that when

you put down teams/players they have a way of biting you. See Steelers,Patriots

and last years Rams,Cards and Patriots. As for the Jags who doesn't remember

a couple of Scobee kicks. Speaking of the Colts they are just one Luck injury

(god forbid) from being worse that the Jags. I don't see the Jags trading 1st round

picks for Donkey running backs. You can bet if they did that GM would be long


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Memo to Grigson, The colts tried little guys on defense but it didn't work. Both you and Pagano have

tried Fat guys and it hasn't worked. Try Talent, it has been known to work. Besides Defensive Guru

Pagano just can't seem to coach them up to fit the Colts needs.

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@hankster @GeorgeCostanzaIII I can't agree about Pagano, he's overmatched.

Bruce was so better. This whole staff has gotten a free ride because Luck has won

games for them. But even Luck can't do it all by himself forever.

Grigson has had some Bad free agent signings to with Trent's trade.

I've been a Colts fan since 1956 and the last two years Rams,Cards and the Patriots

in the playoffs to go with Steelers and Patriots have been a disgrace.

I keep thinking after each bad loss that Irsay will finally say enough.

As far as the offense being good NOPE Luck is great and if he hadn't been able

to take a beating and keep playing Great. This team wouldn't win 5 games.

Do you really think Brady,Peyton,Bree's could get hit as much as Luck and not

be in the Hospital. NOT.

2 months ago on Conversation @


I thought you were the guy that said the Colts would beat the Patriots.

Guess you don't know as much as you think you do.

The Best thing that could happen to this team, might be to lose to the Jags. Maybe some people will wake

up to the fact that this team is Andrew Luck and not much else.

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How long does Pagano get a free pass? He was brought here to fix the Defense, does it look fixed?

The Colts kept the wrong coach make no mistake about it. It would be easy to say that this defense

looks worse than the 2-14 team. I've seen enough, when will Irsay say the same thing.

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Pagano the defensive guru is NOT going to improve this defense ever, get over it now.

Grigson had a good first draft, when he was picking at the top of each round. 

So this is for Pep, go back to Stanford, what did you think Bellychex was going to do let Hilton run

wild? Or let Bradshaw make fools of them? What did you think he was going to do, be you.

You can take ALL the Colts free agent signings and say Dumb and Dumber.

Here's my report card, we need Two safeties,three LB's,Two defensive linemen. A right Tackle before

Gosder the Overpaid who could care less cuz I'm rich gets Luck killed. A real Center unless you

really believe Katie Holmes is the Center of the Future.Not. A running back. What did I miss?

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One more thing and its all this build a monster crap, talk is cheap all the more when you can't back it

up. Build a defense first, monster this. Thats the trouble with this Staff its all slogans as though talk

is going to win games. It smacks of arrogance, you don't think other teams don't listen to and or hear

this crap. Pagano is way over his head as a coach and the more I see of his regime the more I don't

like anything about it. Pagano has coached some of the worst Beatdowns in Colts History.

Last years game vs the Rams, Cards were a disgrace and now the same this year vs the Steelers and

the Patriots. Anyone defending Grigson should change what they are smoking. Its lot easier to draft

when you're picking at the top of each round. His F/A signings have been foolish and thats being nice.

Trent Richardson PLEASE I could run behind an Alabama Oline and I'm 65. Quit trying to save face

and Quit Richardson Please. I sure hope Irsay is watching all the money wasted on this pretend defense

and who spent it.

2 months, 1 week ago on Conversation @


Grigson/Pagano are the ones that brought in these players on defense. Walden,Landry,Jackson,Toler

and RJF. All are over rated and Overpaid. 

Pagano was brought here to fix the defense,NOT. The game vs the Steelers showed we can't defend

the Pass and vs the Patriots showed that we are just as bad vs the run.

How come this Staff ALWAYS gets outcoached or out schemed vs good teams.

So far all I see is a wasting of Andrew Luck's time here and that my friends is a disgrace.

Its time to bring in a REAL Staff, Pagano might be a nice guy but that isn't always what you want in

a coach.

2 months, 1 week ago on Conversation @


Come on our Oline is great besides I like watching the Franchise Quarterback run for his life, it'll keep him

humble. We have a plan and Olinemen are not in it. We did go 11-5 for two years in a row with a shitbox

Oline so whats the problem.

9 months, 1 week ago on Conversation @


@Power_22 Yes I did so follow them over.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on 2011 NFL Mock Draft Updated | Mock Draft


Colts take a running back, PLEASE. Put down the crack pipe.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on 2011 NFL Mock Draft Updated | Mock Draft


@paulcareyjr @GeorgeCostanzaIII I believe in Talent and would gladly settle for

an olineman than can block one position let alone others. For two years all we've heard

from Grigson/Pagano is " Protect Luck #1 priority" but Luck has been hit 47 times

MORE than any other QB. I don't want a lot of guys I want olinemen with TALENT not

retreads and players from the scrap heap.Maybe we could run if we had Talent.

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@paulcareyjr @thellamajockey@smonroeI agree but I wouldn't mind

a guard with the 2nd round pick Gabe Jackson or Dave Yankey

10 months ago on Colts Draft Prospect Interest Tracker


Wheres the beef? I'm new to this website but I see a mock draft with a safety and CB as top picks.

Then down below I see breakdowns of the pretend Oline. I say Protect Luck first, so with the 2nd & 3rd picks

look at guard Gabe Jackson or Dave Yankey and with the 3rd one of the Centers. Because if you don't protect Luck you could have the greatest defense ever and it won't matter if Luck gets hurt. Luck was hit 25

more times than any other QB last year and 22 more times as a rookie than any QB. Sooner or Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 months ago on Conversation @


Curtis Painter once threw a Great Pass and Phil Costa once played a good game.

JJ WATT and Clowney both stunt to the middle vs the Colts and who is waiting for them coiled to

strike like a Cobra, Not Stallone, Not Ugoh but Phil Costa. We would be better off to have his girlfriend, Hulk Hogans daughter go in at center buck naked and least she would distract Watt and

Clowney which is more than Costa will do.

10 months, 1 week ago on CA Charting Project: Reviewing Phil Costa


@mshah9008 I agree with a lot of what you say but I think the Colts also need a guard

with the 2nd rd. pick. Two game Donald Thomas has played in 45/96 games and started

like 26/96 games Big Deal, career backup. Go to under players and see Thomas

stats for yourself. We need a guard as well as a Center. More so if Houston draft Clowney.

TALENT not backups

10 months, 1 week ago on Colts Authority Fireside Chats: Grading Grigson's Shopping Spree


@ECB I don't care who is playing Oline big name no name or the 3 bears but if you think

that Luck gets protection from this interior Oline your are watching another game than I am. Manning might have won another Super Bowl if his Oline could've run blocked and to compare Luck to Manning as far as how fast they each get rid of the ball is not fair to Luck. The Super Bowl V Colts gave up 140 pts all year compare that, 14gm sched.

10 months, 1 week ago on Colts Authority Fireside Chats: Grading Grigson's Shopping Spree


If JJ Watt really does get a playmate named Clowney all the more reason the Colts interior Oline

needs to get a lot better NOW. Pretend might work in Madden but this won't be pretend if Houston drafts

Clowney. I know there are other holes to fill on this team, But if Luck gets broke nothing else will

matter. Besides if you fix the Oline you might actually be able to run the Ball.

10 months, 1 week ago on Colts Authority Fireside Chats: Grading Grigson's Shopping Spree


The Old saying in politics Don't listen to what we say,watch what we do. For two years the duo of

Grigson/Pagano has been saying that we must Protect Luck Better. Well the results as far as the

interior Oline STINK. Just think how good Luck would be if he had more than 1.5 seconds before it

was Run For your Life. Sign Alex Mack or at least make an offer, if you sign him then draft someone

like Gabe Jackson at guard with the 2nd rd. pick. Turn a weakness into a strength.

10 months, 1 week ago on Colts Authority Fireside Chats: Grading Grigson's Shopping Spree


@Payton @mshah9008Mack would be cheaper than a franchise QB

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Goodbye, Samson Satele


@mshah9008 A better Oline with a good Center, I don't know about strong. But combine

a good center with drafting G Gabe Jackson then you turn the weakest part of the team

into a strength. Keeping the defense off the field and maybe turning loose Trent Richardson.

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Goodbye, Samson Satele


@LeuenbergerGreg You are right Greg why bother spending money on Olinemen

when its so much cheaper to get a new Franchise Quarterback.

Last year Grigson tried to fix everything at once and fixed nothing.

Get some talent on the Oline and keep the defense off the field and keep Luck from

playing run for your life on every play.

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Goodbye, Samson Satele