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@kenzo I don't really see it that way. I have been cynical of this whole Jeremy Lin thing because all of my asian friends are now all of a sudden basketball fans, and for one reason only: he's asian-american. I've always been a big NBA fan and I think that as an Asian-American in a nontraditional profession (I'm in marketing and can't explain to my parents what I do. Danny Chau's a writer), we finally see someone who can do be amazing on the biggest stage in basketball. For me, who cried when Obama was elected, I had a similar reaction to Jeremy (okay, mostly I just got shivers). He's breaking down barriers for us, and letting us know we're not failing our families for not being a doctor, lawyer, scientist, finance, etc. I don't want to say this is our Obama moment, but he is our great hope (and for a culture that's 9% of the population, high college enrollment rates, and the highest median income, do we really need much hope?) for someday breaking the mold.The people cheering him because he's asian; whoopty doo. As a basketball fan, what he's done has never been replicated by ANYONE, not asian, not white, not black, not anything, so that's something to talk about. As an Asian American, who feels the pressure of our filial duties and having it conflict with our true dreams/goals, he's showing us that he can succeed at the latter and still make his family proud. I dream of being an amazing marketer, an creative decision maker maker, and while I toil at a lower salary than my peers who are working to become pharmacists, doctors, and lawyers, I hope to someday succeed at my craft enough for my parents to be proud of me as much as they would have been if I was a successful doctor, lawyer, etc. For Jeremy, I'm sure that basketball was not stressed over academics, at least until it was assured that he might have a career in the NBA, and the fact that he was able to make it really resonates with us.

3 years, 2 months ago on What I See In Jeremy Lin