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This is a great post Terry. I have not consciously thought hard about the money I have saved. There have been some biggish outlay costs like the stainless steel containers you have and also buying cloth pads and a cup for my period, which was expensive. I have used the cloth pads and cup over the last 10 months and I have saved about $120 (our pads and tampons in Australia are a little expensive). That is a lot of money.

Some of my friends have made little changes, which is great but the bigger ones are harder because they love convenience. I think convenience trumps money these days in a lot of areas. Convenience and great packaging! 

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Is Saving Money a Good Reason to Go Plastic-Free?


I am about to write a post about how I have become healthier since giving up plastic. You are right about the nuts and seeds. Plus I try to use up all the food so there is no waste each week. It adds up. Sometimes i forget that just because i am eating healthier does not mean i can eat more. 

I did recently buy a bike to help with shopping and getting to work resulting in incidental exercise as I do both activities. The plastic parts on my bike and my plastic helmet gave me guilt for a few weeks...

1 year, 2 months ago on Lose Weight Through Plastic-Free Living?