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Great post Terry. Like you I sometimes look at these projects wanting to deal with the plastic pollution in the ocean and scoff a little but then think that we need try all avenues. For example I am not the biggest advocate of recycling because it has done nothing to stem consumption but I understand recycling is better than losing those resource to rivers, oceans or landfill until companies, retail stores and consumer behavior changes.

There are more and more grass root activists coming out of the wood work advocating for a package free lifestyle and I can only see this as the beginning. I don't know if it's because I am an optimist but I know things are changing slowly. And if Boyan wants to deal with what is already floating in our oceans then let him do it tackle that. We need to attack this from all sides and rely on each other. 

5 hours, 49 minutes ago on Is There Hope For Cleaning Up The Pacific Garbage Patch?


This is a great post Terry. I have not consciously thought hard about the money I have saved. There have been some biggish outlay costs like the stainless steel containers you have and also buying cloth pads and a cup for my period, which was expensive. I have used the cloth pads and cup over the last 10 months and I have saved about $120 (our pads and tampons in Australia are a little expensive). That is a lot of money.

Some of my friends have made little changes, which is great but the bigger ones are harder because they love convenience. I think convenience trumps money these days in a lot of areas. Convenience and great packaging! 

1 year ago on Is Saving Money a Good Reason to Go Plastic-Free?


I am about to write a post about how I have become healthier since giving up plastic. You are right about the nuts and seeds. Plus I try to use up all the food so there is no waste each week. It adds up. Sometimes i forget that just because i am eating healthier does not mean i can eat more. 

I did recently buy a bike to help with shopping and getting to work resulting in incidental exercise as I do both activities. The plastic parts on my bike and my plastic helmet gave me guilt for a few weeks...

1 year, 3 months ago on Lose Weight Through Plastic-Free Living?