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Didn't safeties Pollard and Griffin play every snap on defense too? Not just McCourty.

What was your thoughts on the Locker hit? I felt Coples clearly "gave up" once Locker threw it but reengaged and dove at Locker after he saw Wilkerson knock him back. I also thought Wilkerson probably couldn't stop his momentum much more than he did but have a problem with him dropping his head to hit Locker instead of stumble into as the rule permits. Both guys should be fined and regardless $7,750 fines each can't make up for Locker being lost for half a season and even if he comes back can he pick up where he left off? Where will we be record wise when he returns,  with 3 tough games coming up? These are my concerns given TN has a real chance of being 4-4 going into the bye. With Locker I still don't like us winning more than 1 of those 3 games, and think SF or KC would be closer games. Seattles defense is just to good right now and Lynch will be to dominate.


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Rivers 20-24 is misleading, look at his yard total. Hard to win with under 200 yards passing from arguably their best player so far this year. I thought TN did a great job on Royal who has been unstoppable. All in all the penalties have to stop, we aren't going to keep winning close games like we have been in if we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Britt should ride the pine so we can get Washington, Wright and Williams on the field. Hunter won't be starting for Britt but more playing time will help. 

Rob turner is horrible. I said it when they first brought him in camp and I'll say it again. Terrible. Yes his penalty technically didnt count however it offset a Charger penalty that would have helped us. His two penalties last week helped force a safety in a game that went to OT. He hasn't been "tenacious" as Munch had hoped and has simply been a disappointment. Velasco's 2 million salary would have been worth it for one more year until Shwenke could hopefully take over. He was the teams unsung hero as he played all 16 games and look at what he did on just a couple practices in slowing Geno Atkins and Domato Peko in his first game with Pittsburgh. The Titans need an anchor at Center that once again we don't have. I don't know much about Chris Spencer but it may be time to consider getting him ready to play as Turner is clearly the weakest link on a solid line. Warmack still has lots of room to get better but he has been as advertised and I hope we get to see a rematch in week 17 of him and Watt to gauge his progress. 

Solid win that is the kind of game we would have lost last year (just like last weeks heartbreaker). Locker has been solid even though he hasn't been asked to do much. Hopefully he can continue to play solid turnover free play as this team apparently doesn't have room for errors. The Jets have been surprisingly decent this year so this is no longer a game that appeared a fairly sure thing for us. 3-1 vs 2-2 is huge difference and we need to build up our record so for once we aren't depending on help to even get in the playoffs. Division is wide open so now is the time to try and get on a run!!!

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@SethLeonard More the product of 20 pass plays. Ike Taylor is a solid corner so I think it's just a rare game where Kenny was on the field only 43 of 67 plays because of two TE sets with Damian Williams as a lone WR most the time. He will be heavily involved next week against Houston as will Wright who should be all the way over his injury by then. Titans pounded the running game not the passing game week 1. Week two against a team that scored 31 points this offense will have to take chances in the passing game.

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@Scott P The reason they did it is because Mariani is clearly the guy they wanted to win the return duties. He is a game breaker like Reynaud but he is smart in not bringing the ball out to the 10 yard line as often as Reynaud did too. If they released him they know someone like Fisher would have signed him, this insures they can have a shot at signing him next year before other teams can negotiate with him. It sucks for Mariani but the money is an interesting problem if they want to short term IR he has to be ON the roster to start game 1, which means we would have to cut Reynaud or someone else then after week 1 resign them hopefully and place Mariani on short term IR. His salary is guaranteed for injury meaning no matter if we cut him or IR him he gets paid 630,000. His injury limited what they can do with him and guaranteed his salary.

As for Shaw and Velasco I was beyond shocked. Shaw over Bailey seemed a given to me given his health last year, he was the team captain and I thought they were keeping both to be honest. As for Velasco I thought he was the lone bright spot last year on the O-line. Spencer may be cheaper but I would have rather kept Shaw if that was the case. As for money Bailey and Shaw were both on the same deal around a million each so it must be have to do with the fact Bailey plays OLB and Shaw inside and with Ayer, Brown and Gooden all injured to some degree depth probably on defense meant more than who the better special teamer is.  

Hope that helps a little.

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@Mark from Madison Walter doesn't count against the roster and basically guarantees the Titans a quality receiver if we have injuries, otherwise they will release him. The shorter I.R isn't for a kick returner when you could possibly need it for someone more important when the season starts. I feel he got a raw deal seems how someone would have signed him when he's healthy in a couple weeks like the Rams. The safety situation boils down to they want Wilson and Pollard to teach this kid to play so he can take over in a year or two. As for free safety the team clearly thinks Alteraun Verner can play there if Griffin were to get hurt and Wilson could also play there in a pinch.

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Wimbley will be a bigger factor with a year of putting his hand in the dirt and less snaps. Ropati's  presence on run downs is a huge improvement to keep Wimbley and Morgan from wearing down. Sacks come in bunches and I expect someone of Wimbleys veteran status to up his game to around 9 sacks. Klugs lack of arms is ridiculous people slammed him in the draft process yet somehow he went on to lead rookies in sacks from DT? Wonder if Bundts arms were "long" enough to reach up to cover his face in shock. 

Edwards is a underrated stud who unfortunately probably won't get a ton of first year snaps but he could find time sharing Ropati's  role as an early down run stuffer.

The biggest thing ironically will be Ayers ability to rush the passer when he rushes. I hope last years second half of the season explosion of Zach Brown and Akeem Ayers wasn't a freak thing and is actually the start of things to come.

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QJ had a crushing block on Greene's TD, so I would say he was better than just good. As for Pollards hit, I thought it was deserving of a penalty but to think it was idiotic requires looking at it again. It's not like the ball carrier was out of bounds by 2-3 feet. Pollards momentum doesn't allow him to put the breaks on when a guy takes his first step out of bounds. However, I don't want to see penalties like that when the season starts b/c this defense has to get off the field and I can see him definitely getting a handful of personal fouls this year, but the fear of players coming over the middle will pay dividends in my opinion.

1 year, 8 months ago on Tennessee Titans first preseason game review


@ThomasGower- Don't sweat it, it happens. I really can't see them wasting a spot on Rusty Smith this year. Even if Locker falls on his face and the keys are passed to Fitz, Rusty wouldn't be the new #2. Meaning Locker would be back in should Fitz bomb or get hurt. They should cut Smith and  keep the extra roster spot for an area where more depth would be beneficial or a tough decision to cut a solid player because of the numbers game. You are completely right about not knowing what to believe with what TN says vs what they actually do. DaJohn Harris came outta nowhere last year, Campbell the year before (yah yah he was draft pick but he was a janitor before the draft haha). So I can definitely see another one of those things happening this year especially on defense. I think Offense is pretty straight forward, though I think TN really like Mooney and would love to see him beat out QJ.

@Dragak1981- While I understand QJ isn't worth a spot they will keep a fullback and use them for about 12-15 plays. Loggains has already commented on that and CJ does run better behind a fullback (think Hall in his 2006 yard season). I agree about Campbell he fits what they are doing and I think he stays. Richardson However, I don't see beating out someone with potential given the Titans could lose Stewart and/or Roos after this season as they can opt out. He played well down the stretch and I think he has the mean streak to replace Stewart next year. Otto is so versatile that I think he stays as the Swing Tackle despite his hefty backup price tag. Nate Washington and Klug I agree aren't going anywhere. Britt hasn't played an entire season, Hunter hasn't played an NFL down yet and realistically Washington really is their most established Vet who can help mentor the young guys. Klugs only downfall is he has to show he can play end to make him more versatile, Dawson quietly was TN's best DE in preseason last year so he could be a dark horse to unseat Klug (though I'm betting on Klug).

@Mongo75- I agree completely about Mariani and could see Fisher bringing his sons friend to the Rams even in their logjammed receiving corps.. Realistically Reynaud or Mariani won't see positional play this season barring an injury anyway. I think Preston takes place of Walter and Mariani. He is a young, big, physical receiver who could play special teams and occupy the spot Williams holds next year when Damian leaves. As for Parmele I think he stays, he is a very good special team player, Reynaud provides the backup speed element to CJ (which if Mariani won who would do that, hence another reason he stays).  I think TN keeps 3 RB's and 6 WR's, add 1 to either positional group based on who wins return duties.

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Enderle didn't even make it to camp so off to a bad start haha Mariani is a guy to root for but reality is no way he is near 100% which he would have to be to have a shot to unseat Reynaud and my dark horse Wooten for return duties. Walter is going to miss 5 weeks after missing most of OTA's b/c of back surgery so I think Preston sticks in place of Walter. I think TN keeps Campbell, consistent "no" still has a chance to become consistent with more experience especially in our new system "yes". I also don't think they keep 3 QB's. As you can no longer dress an unaccounted emergency QB on game days he would be a weekly inactive.

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I am only concerned about his drop rate... I think he will get open enough but obviously he has to get the ball thrown his way enough and when it's thrown his way make the catch. Sounds easier than it is. My main reason for thinking it is possible is exactly the reason why he left San Fran. "I want to be THE guy". People forget he was drafted 5 rounds after the 49ers already invested in Vernon Davis. Vernon has been exceptional when given the opportunities. Last year the 49ers virtually split targets between Davis and Walker (which baffled me given Vernons 61 targets which over the three prior years he had 129, 93 and 95 targets. Point being besides this last year Walker understandably has played second fiddle to the unquestionably better TE who rightfully so was drafted 6th overall by the same team who drafted Walker that same year 6th the 6th round.

Walker has the opportunity, Loggains won't be shy about creating mismatches with the speedy TE.

Walkers biggest obstacles are the QB's ability to give him catchable balls, limiting the terrible drop rate he had in 2012, the teams much improved offensive unit as a whole (especially at WR). 

I don't think history applies to him. It isn't a lack of talent (we haven't seen enough to suggest he can't do it)  as much as a lack of opportunity in which he currently has. Walker joins Locker and CJ on my list of guys who don't enter 2013 with an excuse to not succeed given the offensive upgrades in personnel, opportunity and scheme.

I think 50-60 catches are about right if his knee holds up.

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Miami hopefully will be more of what we see this year. Both sides of the ball played with confidence and the LB group flashed their potential. Ayers still hasn't become the playmaker we expected but I think he breaks out this year, Brown overachieved what analysts predicted and still got looked over by Kiper and company AFTER the season, McCarthy has to stay on the field this year. We lost both our QB on defense and Offense early on against New England and McCarthy was never the same. Ankles are so tough for defensive players to overcome b/c unlike offensive players they don't know exactly where they are going and instead have to react and change directions constantly. I hope we see all 3 this season as Brown has a ton of potential left still, Ayers is so versatile in covering Tight ends and pass rushing and hopefully steps up his turnover production and McCarthy has flashed so much potential he's due to make it a whole season! Best yet these guy are 24-25 years old and will be around for a long time.

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I think it's tough because he played behind 13 different O-Linemen and 5 different Offensive Line starting groups. Some of his picks were hideous regardless but he was sacked 13 times combined during the Green Bay game and second Texans matchup and I'm curious if that led to more mistakes seems how he had 5 picks in those two games. Which basically is half his picks in just 2 games. Time will tell hopefully he and most of the offense can stay healthy so we can better gauge his progress and long term future.

I personally think he will be a lot better this year and put a lot of this nonsense to bed. I think he could be as good as McNair, I like their leadership, work ethic, toughness and athleticism similarities and the fact at this point in their careers people wondered if they would ever pan out or live up to their draft position.

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@wjames1204 @BrianFlanagan Plus his deal is really a 2 year deal not 3, so we can drop him if he can't succeed in his limited but majorly important role of short yardage conversion and goalline work. 

I'm with you about the passing game, I can't see us throwing and running similar to that of the Seahawks. We need to grind clock but at the same time it's hard to move the chains when you are always running, plus CJ and Greene have their share of 0-3 yard runs so we would be in to many 3rd and 4 or 3rd and 6 situations which puts more pressure on Locker. I strongly expect more 1st down throws.

As for my White comparison, don't get me wrong I'm actually more looking at a bruising back to complement CJ's quickness. But no way the carries are 200 for Greene and 250 for CJ like in 2008 (with White). So naturally between short yardage and goalline work I actually think 300 -400 is the max for Greene, no way he gets 150 carries even. He simply won't get enough carries  in non short yardage situations to do it. The main comparison is his nose for the goal line. White was so underrated for that and I think Greene will be great especially behind a solid interior O-line. If he comes anywhere near 12-15 TD's I think the playoffs are a strong possibility.

I'm with you Locker is going to surprise people, I've been a huge supporter of his and really don't understand all the hate people have for his game. Love his demeanor about it though, he acknowledges it and says sure I want to prove people wrong but it's not my source of motivation. Oddly I loved VY regardless of his numbers. I can't remember a game he didn't come through in the clutch at the end, he found a way to win and to me as long as he isn't a big part of why we are losing I loved him. Hated his attitude, how emotional he was when adversity hit and his reportedly poor work ethic. My hope is Jake becomes a little more polished player on the field than VY, because we all know he is a hard working, super positive and fiery guy. I'd love to see him pan out as the face of the franchise for what a solid guy he is. Plus you are right on about the weapons he has compared to VY, that actually was my biggest complaint is we were drafted Joel Filani's, Chris Davis, Roydell Williams, Brandon Jones, Chris Henrys and even CJ (thank god he panned out!). Then Collins took over and we got Britt and Cook lol Jakes got the best WR corps I think we've ever had assuming TN isn't stupid if they cut Washington. Damn I'm excited is it September yet?

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Not that it changes anything dramatically but Williams was targeted on the first drive of the season when he was 100% interfered with by McCourty's brother in the endzone. That looked like a solid pass to me, especially seems how McCourty's only play was to tackle Williams. 

To many what if's in regards to Lockers lack of success to properly gauge his SECOND year as a starter. VY sucked in a lot of important catagories passing wise but managed to win games, thanks to a great running game and a solid D. I think the Titans roster was horrible, just remember this is the first time a QB will enter consecutive seasons as a starter since about 2009 (VY, Collins, Hassellback, Locker). It takes time to get chemistry which this will be his first full training camp as the starter. Most importantly look at the roster. Of the guys we either didn't resign or cut who broke the bank deservedly? You covered Cook but Marks was supposed to be a hot commodity yet earned a 1 yr deal after almost 20 days without even a VISIT. haha  Levitre, Warmack, Blidi, Pollard, George Wilson, Walker all will be getting lots of playing time. That says a lot about how bad the team was. I think it's fair to say TN's roster is better equipped to get better field position which greatly increases a QB's chances of success. The D should be able to get off the field earlier and more often this year and Reynaud will hopefully not bring the ball out of the endzone EVERY time! That said this team should at least be better across the board and Im all in on Locker. People have been beyond critical of a 10 game starter. Amazingly Rivers and Sanchez have 99 turnovers in the last 2 years combined but Locker somehow is the headline across football america!?!

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@wjames1204 I think people are forgetting Greene is esentially assuming the LenDale White role of 2008. I think White had around 775 yards and 15 TD's while CJ had roughly the same yardage he did last year. Loggains will likely use a similar offense to that teams, Heimerdinger was just brought back to run the offense in 08' and this will be Loggains first season with "his" playbook. Looks like he's following a similar blueprint which isn't a bad idea seems how we haven't made the playoffs since then.

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@PamLoew @BrianFlanagan 40 times indicate speed in shorts. Washington passes the eye ball test on Sundays as looking much quicker, Williams is a great route runner probably the best coming out of USC in 2010 but the don't even play the same spot in their respective group. Washington and Wright play on one side and Williams backs up Britt on the other. I like Williams but the few times he has filled in for Britt he hasn't shown much, plus he is a free agent next year and we are already at 135 million cap wise so he won't be back. Meaning I think he suffers the most as the Titans will want to get Hunter and Preston as many reps as possible.

Bigger targets in what sense? 2 inches? Washington is far more athletic and arguably made the catch of the year last year against Detroit. Sure he weighs more but do you think TN would prefer Walter, Wright and Britt or Britt, Washington and Wright in the slot? If they wanted to move on they would have cut Washington to clear cap space before free agency. All accounts say he was the best WR in OTA's so it's hard to see a guy who could offer far more of a mentor role which he has been great about getting replaced by a guy who is simply bigger. Wright was Lockers go to guy on first downs. Besides all the first down issues stem from 3rd and long situations that are obvious passing downs. I think had Walter maybe been healthy for OTA's and Washington had a average offseason I could see your point but it's been the opposite. 

I agree with your endzone assessment, I think I would much prefer to see Hunter get those opportunities than Walter/Washington. Williams actually isn't bad near the endzone either. Walter won't be an H-back way to small and Walker actually plays that role. I'm glad you agree on Stevens, it amazes me that everyone thinks he is great blocker but b/c he doesn't catch a lot of passes he automatically is a poor pass catcher. He's always played well when Cook or Scaife have gotten hurt. I think with 3 tight ends who can block now he may get an opportunity to catch more, Thompson is such an unknown still. I hate when teams talk up guys saying hes the next Gronkowski etc... Sure he could be he sure as heck is athletic and huge! However playing DE in college and trying to switch back to TE in the NFL is a huge transition that will take time. He was ridiculous on special teams, he almost always was the key block to spring Reynaud. lol I hope he steps it up a little his mismatch ability would be such a luxury given he is already such a great blocker. 

All in all I think there is a youth movement with this team that is smart. LB corps is solid and young, CB's are all young, WR's besides Walter/Washington are all mid 20's. That's why I think Nate stays this yr to mentor this group and Walter can't fill that void which to me is more critical at this point. Regardless of whose right lets just hope it translates to better offensive output and wins.

CJ is a definite now that they brought in more athletic guards and even more so if Schwenke plays Center (I don't think he will this yr though).

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@PamLoewWalter had 2 Tds all last year in a better passing offense, doubt he would improve in TN. Also ESPN did an article on how Houston rarely threw a pass into the endzone once they were in the redzone so that clearly paints a picture that Walters value won't be in the endzone. Walter keep in mind has benefitted playing opposite Andre Johnson while he was in his prime, now Walter is 32 and slow as molasses. He has clearly been going down hill each of the last 3 years due to nagging injuries and missed OTAs with an injury. I think he's battling Preston for the last spot in the group and the Titans seem smitten with him seems how he can also play special teams (something Walter doesn't do).

Also Washington and Williams aren't even remotely similar. Washington is about 15 pounds lighter, quicker and the only player who is similar would be Wright who reportedly is 15 pounds lighter this year meaning he is around 181 pounds instead of his listed 196. So Washington would be the only player to replace Wright if he got hurt without changing the offense. Look at the break down below we have more guys like Walter than we do Washington. I highly doubt Mariani or Walter end up on the final roster. 

The running backs having 30 catches would be incredibly unlikely. Chris Johnson alone has never had less than 36 catches in a season in his 5 yr career. I'd say closer to 45-50 catches when you include an uptick in screen plays under Loggains who is Heimerdinger disciple and CJ hopefully looking more interested in being part of the passing game. That was odd watching him not make a lot of effort to catch poor passes.

Last name  height/weight/age  career catches/career TDs
Preston       6'5  206   24                     5 catches  0 tds
Hunter         6'4  203   22                     0 catches  0 tds
Britt               6'3  223   24                146 catches  19tds
Walter           6'3  216   31               356 catches 25 tds
Washington 6'1  183   29                313 catches 35 tds
Williams       6'1   193   25                 91 catches  5 tds
Mariani          6'1   187   26                   5 catches  0 tds
Wright            5'10 196   23                 64 catches  4 tds

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@ThomasGower ***"via a turnover or forcing a punt"

1 year, 9 months ago on Projecting Titans catches for 2013


@ThomasGower @BrianFlanagan I agree they won't be as extreme as Seattle. I read a lot about critics thinking that would help Locker but I don't think he is as bad as people think let alone Jaws ranking him 31st in the league!!!!

The extra few passes I'm speaking of I think will come from what the opposing team had last year. Meaning we are getting an extra few drives and the opposing teams will lose a few drives. So the minutes are definitely there. However I'm not sold it will be that easy, lot of roster improvement but still lots of questions as to whether the D can get Locker more opportunities by getting off the field sooner via a turnover or forcing a turnover. Guess we'll know more in less than 2 months! haha Just hoping Locker, CJ and the O-line stay healthy so they don't have any excuses for average play this year.

1 year, 9 months ago on Projecting Titans catches for 2013


@ThomasGower @BrianFlanagan  

He was a steal by most accounts. He doesn't have a ton of tape like most starters and for his size he doesn't always take on O-linemen like he should nor does he bend the edge but he's not an undersized speed rusher like the NFL has fallen in love with like his teammate Mingo, Kearse for TN in 99' . Seems teams are more in love with 300 pound freaks like Mario Williams, Ansah of the Lions or smaller quicker guys who can get under blockers like Bruce Irvin and Mingo. Edwards is the equivalent of Mike Martin at DT underrated guy who wins on effort more than sheer talent.

1000% agree god help us if we are relying on Tracy Wilson, Markelle Martin, Rojo or Stafford anytime soon. Truly hoping we can find a younger stud in draft next year but seems how we threw a 3rd rounder away on the Hunter trade and we likely will need an OT or two with Roos and Stewarts options might not be able to get one in early rounds.

 I do think Griffin will bounce back, he has the stability he has lacked since Hope got hurt a few years ago. He needs someone who can play the box and also tell him where to lineup at times. Babs and Rojo are not those guys but Pollard and Wilson definitely are.


1 year, 9 months ago on Greg Cosell on the Titans' rookies


@ThomasGower@BrianFlanagan@An I'm not big on decade old stats. Different team, coaching staff, QB (especially where Locker is versus where McNair was) arguably the best WR Corps TN has ever had talent wise etc...

Winning would definitely help them run the ball out but I'm solely talking about extending time of possession. That would include longer drives from the beginning of games not just the second half when they may choose to grind the clock. I rewatched Lockers game against New England and he was 4-5 on his first drive (only incompletion was an obvious PI on Devin McCourty but went uncalled in the endzone), that I believe was a 7 play drive. That's a great ratio if they can sustain more drives versus the ridiculous 3 out's it seems like they have. Also I think starting the same Quarterback for back to back seasons for the first time in about 5 years will lead to more comfort in the passing game. VY, Collins, Hasselback and now Locker, hard for receivers to grow comfortable when there is a new QB 1 in training camp every year.

As for Walter his role would be defined as a slot third down receiver, which Locker and Wright excelled at last year. Wright learned all 3 spots as a rookie and I highly expect Britt, Washington/Hunter and Wright on the field together more than I could see them being comfortable with Britt, Wright and Walter seems how Hunter won't play the slot and Walter won't win on the outside. Washington may not catch anywhere near what he did 2 years ago or even last year but his leadership with such a young group is so much more valuable than what Walter would bring to the table. Plus Washington has stepped up in the past when Britt has gone down and if Walter was thrust into more playing time it would be highly concerning seems how Hunter is already behind the 8 ball this offseason due to injury.

1 year, 9 months ago on Projecting Titans catches for 2013


In response to your thinking of the easiest way for more catches to be available is to let Washington go. It's actually as simple as winning the time of possesion that will increase the number of plays the Titans have. Which in all honesty is hard to fathom they won't be better than they were in POI than they were last year.

I'm willing to bet my home Washington stays. Walter vs Washington comes down to money but the Titans aren't hurting there, besides Washington has proven he can be a #1 option in a run first offense where Walter struggled with consistency playing opposite Andre Johnson. Washington stays and I think Walter is a camp casualty.

1 year, 9 months ago on Projecting Titans catches for 2013


As for Edwards I mentioned on one your blogs awhile ago that he was part of a mush rush at LSU and played behind a Top 10 pick and a second day pick. He has a prototypical build for a run defending end but also surprising pass rush skills. I think in limited time he got to QB's as often as Mingo. The Titans recognized that I'm sure and see the same thing. I bet they play him limited snaps with the hope he takes over early downs from Ropati at some point this year seems how Edwards isn't "just" a big bodied run defender.

Warmack actually struggled in pass pro and that was one of the major developments during OTA's id Matthews and Munch spent lots of time helping him with his technique. He has such a stout body that as long as gets his hands on guys he will mask some of his issues in pass pro until he improves. I think the major advantage he has is all 3 Tight ends for TN are exceptional blockers and more importantly Levitre and Roos are so fundamentally sound that Velasco can focus on helping Warmack. 

Hunter had no hands issues before his ACL injury, guys with ACL injuries struggle their first year back because they lose concentration while thinking about their knee rather than just playing. I think a year removed he should be over the hump and really be a better hands catcher than people who only saw him play this last year. I have more concerns over him getting off press at his sub 200 pound frame.

Blidi is fighting Campbell for a starting role on the outside with Verner fighting Sensabaugh at the nickel. However I wouldn't count Verner out seems how he has proven reliable whereas Campbell has not and Blidi is an unknown commodity. Blidi might play a slot role against teams like New England who have a bigger TE but lack outside receiving threats but otherwise I fully expect him and Campbell to fight for the starting spot opposite McCourty.

Gooden I think everyone know he is an insurance policy for Brown and gives them a chance to cut salary by letting Bailey go. Million dollar special teamers who aren't solid on defense are expendable. Gives them a demon on special teams and depth on the outside.

Schwenke snaps and pulls better than any center I have seen so it's odd to hear he struggles in that department. I doubt he starts this year but If he impresses it's fair to say Velasco walks in 2014. Schwenke is extremely athletic which will surprise people.

Wooten isn't Fletcher. Wooten has size to press and almost a safety body. He is very fast for a guy nearly 210 pounds so it's more a matter of him becoming consistent and developing seems how I doubt he is active this year if he makes the team.

Stafford is a guy I like but I think the Titans really want someone who can eventually be a starter who isn't 30 years old and learning from Wilson and Pollard will help him tremendously. Markelle Martin is an unknown and hasn't been able to stay healthy and the Titans have nobody at safety besides Griffin, Pollard and Wilson who I would have any faith in. I could see this being a priority in next years draft.

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@dragak1981When teams stop the run it allows them more opportunities to rush the passer on more obvious passing downs. Brown blitzing more seems likely seems how they spent a 3rd round pick on Gooden even though they are set at outside LB. I think they did enough to be better this year, but if you are always playing from behind and teams are running the clock out opportunities will be limited. Titans offense has to be much better this year to help the defense stay fresh.

1 year, 9 months ago on How the Titans sacked the passer in 2012: Conclusions


Sorry I am late to the party....

QB-I think it's fair to say Rusty Smith is gone, Enderle isn't worth an active roster spot and is best if he lands on the practice squad.

RB/WR it's either a 5th back or a 7th wideout but I think Reynaud keeps the KR/PR duties b/c Mariani isn't even 100% yet and likely won't be this year. It's to hard of an injury to come back from in a year. Reynaud needs to show better decision making in not bringing the ball out every...single..time. If he does this is a no brainer especially given an injury to CJ leaves the team with no speed at tailback.

WR-Washington's a better veteran than Walter and all indications are he has made up for his late season issues. He stays while Walter is out. Especially given his health this offseason. Also I think they like Preston enough to not gamble trying to get him on the practice squad and if he develops he could be in line for more snaps with Britt and Williams free agents who likely leave and Washington who won't be worth over 4 million in salary.

TE- no brainer Walker, Stevens and Thompson. I think opportunity is what all 3 lacked last year. Stevens stayed inline b/c of Cook, Thompson played heavy running plays b/c Cook was a poor blocker and Walker was second fiddle to Vernon Davis. It's someones time to shine in terms of pass catching and I think this will be a fun group to watch but heavily scrutinzed until the season starts b/c they lack a proven pass catcher amongst them.

OL- You hit the nail on the head. Stingily stays though. Spencer and Turner battle for the interior swing gig other than that everyone else you mentioned is a lock.

DB- Verner's versatility makes RJ expendable and frees up a roster spot to keep Wooten and Campbell. Yes Campbell was overhyped last year but on a defense that played off the line he was a poor fit. Now in press coverage he will be a lot better. His bigger issue is special teams 13 penalties in 2 years is atrocious. I still like his upside and even if it's him or Wooten I think Campbell stays especially after he played well in the finale last year and now is in a system that is better suited for him. 

LB- Ayer, McCarthy, Brown, Gooden, Shaw, Fokou are in and Bailey and Jones battle for one spot but I think Bailey is due to rebound from last year and is the guy.

DL- I think Pitoitua and Klugs versatility are a big plus and b/c of this they are in. Antonio Johnson and Lee Hill supply the beef while Casey and Martin are locks. Also they obviously keep Wimbley, Morgan and Edwards (who I think people are going to be shocked how good he is, most people didn't know him b/c he played behind to early round ends in Mingo and Montgomery in LSU's miguided "mush rush").

Time to stop wasting a roster spot on Smith or a 3rd QB. Especially given the now deceased emergency QB spot on Sundays. It would take two injuries to force Smith into action or Enderle thus the spot is better served going to an extra LB or DB Like Bailey or Wooten in my mind as they have special teams ability.

QB   Locker, Fitzpatrick
RB   CJ, Greene, Parmele, Reynaud, QJ
WR   Britt, Wright, Hunter, Washington, Williams, Preston
TE   Stevens, Thompson, Walker
OC   Velasco, Schwenke
OG   Levitre, Warmack,Turner
OT   Roos, Stewart, Stingily, Otto

DE   Wimbley, Morgan, Ropati, Edwards
DT   Casey, Lee Hill, Antonio Johnson, Klug, Martin
OLB  Ayers, Brown, Gooden, McCarthy, Fokou, Bailey, Shaw
CB   McCourty, Verner, Sensabaugh, Campbell, Wreh-Wilson, Wooten
SS   Pollard, Wilson
FS   Griffin

K  Bironas
P  Kern
LS Brinkley

53 Man roster

1 year, 9 months ago on A first crack at the Titans' 53-man roster


@ThomasGower Thanks for the reply,

I agree there were changes to the Titans O-line but Left Guard was Steve Hutchinson who is a sure fire Hall of Famer, Velasco was a solid in preseasn and was an obvious upgrade on Amano (if that's saying anything), Harris you are right about, he didn't get a ton of reps b/c of lingering injuries and having never played right guard there was a huge learning curve in which I remember Velasco talking about guys stepping on each other at times during camp. The only reason I don't agree is this O-line had 4 guys who deservedly been starters the year before or in 2012. Harris I have always liked but injuries slowed his progress. I think he is a solid backup but not a starter. This group started the first 7 games (4 in which Locker started) together. After that their was 5 different starting combinations in 9 games. Thats where I give Locker a break. The second game against Houston Stewart and Hutchinson were lost for the year. At one point because of injuries, Velasco even had to play right tackle! The Jets game started Roos, Velasco, Matthews, Lutui and Otto. Pretty underwhelming, then Matthews got hurt and DeVan filled in. The run game struggled minus CJ's 94 yard bonanza run, another sign of just how bad this O-line was considering they were facing the 26th worst defense in the NFL. Green Bay was another new lineup Roos, Petrus, Velasco, Lutui and Stingily . 

That said I think Lockers first 4 games of only being sacked 3 times in 106 pass attempts are not what we can expect from him. I think the upgrades not only at the starting interior spots but most importantly the depth has tremendously improved. CJ is a veteran and has been consistently good in my opinion (on an annual average) but at his salary and with this O-line he has to be much more efficient week to week, if he is that will help Locker as well. I feel bad for Locker he toughs out a year on a separated shoulder behind an O-line no one should play behind in his first year as a starter and people are already calling for his head. I personally think the Titans will surprise some people this year. If they don't I think it's fair to say CJ and Locker need a big year to get the monkey off their backs. The fact CJ annually is slammed yet Foster is held to such a high regard is crazy. Foster has fallen from 4.9 ypc, 4.4 ypc to 4.1 ypc yet people worship the guy even though his TD runs are of the goal line variety. Anyways I'm getting off topic. haha

Thanks again for the response.

1 year, 10 months ago on Jake Locker was sacked hardly at all and very frequently in 2012, which means what for 2013?


Heres the number one reason....

Linemen who missed at least one game... Roos, Hutchinson, Harris, Stewart (all starters and 3 ended  up on IR missing several games down the stretch). Backups who were on the street Petrus, Lutui, DeVan, Baldridge yet played in a game. Reserve linemen who were hurt in camp or started a game only to be hurt and miss another game, Matthews, Otto. Lastly Stingily started a game and Velasco is only linemen to play all 16 games. I think their is someone else I am missing but this is off the top of my head. (Maybe Amano who was a starter entering camp and went down)?

I sincerely hope you don't devalue the importance of a line that plays most if not the entire year together. Between communication and talent it has a lot to do with the sacks. most notably is the pressure up the middle which can clearly be an indication of a lack of push by the interior O-line which was the most decimated with injuries and lack talent.

Number 2 and the most ridiculous to overlook as an analyst is the situations he was in. In the first 3 games Locker was sacked 3 times in 104 pass attempts before he dislocated his shoulder in week 4. After that Locker switched part of his offense after Palmer was fired and 3 of those games with slight changes in the playbook were against:

Packers 4th in league in sacks had 7 against Locker.

Texans (2nd game against them) 5th in league in sacks 6 sacks against Locker

Jets who werent stistically great but still were playing better down the stretch had 4 sacks.

17 of Lockers 25 sacks on the year were in 3 of his 11 games. Meaning he averaged 1 sack per game in the other 8 games.

That said is it shocking that a Rex Ryan, Dom Capers and Wade Phillips defense out witted a porous O-line and a first year starting QB? Not in my mind

I'm not saying Locker doesn't have his share of issues but if his O-line is healthy most the year and this new offense that Loggains tailored to Lockers strengths and improved running game with the addition of Warmack and Levitre, Three tight ends who excel at blocking (unlike Cook who was horrible), He doesn't have any excuses this year. But year one as a starter? I think he gets a passing grade for playing through a separated shoulder, a revolving door at O-line, A hit and miss run game, dropped balls, a horrible defense that meant they were always playing from behind. You wanna slam a QB who is overrated look at Jay Cutlers stats behind a porous O-line and with a timing based passing attack.

I think he will be much better in the pocket, but people need to remember sacks for QB's who like to extend plays is commonplace. Ask Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick. You love them for the great plays they make but then you will definitely be scratching your head on some of those same plays in a negative way.

Locker and Cutler (a guy with 77 more games of experience) had a difference of 1 pass attempt per every sack they took. Cutler was also throwing 1500 of those yards to one guy the Titans didn't have a true number one last year. This year he should have a lot of depth at WR and a slimmer more explosive Wright and praying for a healthy Britt. That should yield a better year from locker across the board.

1 year, 10 months ago on Jake Locker was sacked hardly at all and very frequently in 2012, which means what for 2013?


Amano has 3 years and about 10 million owed so hopefully they can draft his replacement as he is far overpaid and does not set the tone in the running game as you would expect from your center. Harris is OK not great but cheap for one more year, Lastly Scott is gone and a lot of money freed up in large part to his contract being up. I think if they can upgrade the interior starting with the Center spot maybe Stingily could play the Right guard spot and he is a mauler which helps the run game. He has been reportedly busting his butt to be able to back up the Tackle spots but if you play for Munchak you play both Guard and Tackle.Thank god for Stewart and Roos they have been amazing and sadly under appreciated around the league. To think we didn't have a single linemen in the pro bowl after CJ's 2500 all purpose yards and only allowing sacks in the top 5 of the league is disturbing.

3 years, 2 months ago on Are the Titans still good at developing offensive linemen? | February