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@The Genie @ClassicWhovian All your points are valid (well, the TARDIS one is the only one that is probably a bit too nitpick-y for me, but whatever), and I actually agree - I see all of that, and acknowledge it. And yet I love the scene anyway, because I just find it so...magical. :-)

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@sontaran17 @ClassicWhovian @doctorwhotvuk

*Activates rotating moustache. Lets moustache twirl 720 degrees. Leaves.*

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@The Genie @ClassicWhovian Love to hear you expand on that, if you don't mind? :)

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@sontaran17 @doctorwhotvuk Argh! Who is this guy? He's terrible! And Australian, for goodness sake!

Only messing, obviously ;-) :-P

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I think what Capaldi said about Clara is probably designed to add suspense to a certain plot point anyone that read - I think it was Moffat's Radio Times previews (Not sure - been a lot of previewing lately!) - will remember.

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I love just catching these odd snippets about an allotment, with no idea what's actually going on. Bet it's a nice allotment though!

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@TardisBoy Don't like the way your avatar is smiling out at me >:/

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@TardisBoy Name's great, if you ask me. High drama, high tension, high emotion.

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@TardisBoy Oh..damn. Should...should probably have...watched that. Shut up.

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@TardisBoy There's really no contest, is there? :)

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Doctor Who: Scene of 2013 according to WD

Today we have the 'flashback' scene from The Crimson Horror vs the pre-title scene from The Name of the Doctor - all votes greatly appreciated!

The Crimson Horror - Flashback

Doctor: Long story – I’ll keep it short.

The picture turns grainy. The TARDIS materialises and the Doctor bounces out.

Doctor: Okay, so...not London, 1893. Yorkshire, 1893. Near enough.

Clara: You’re making a habit of this, getting us lost.

Doctor: Sorry. It’s much better than it used to be. Ooh, I once spent a hell of a long time trying to get a gobby Australian to Heathrow Airport.

Clara: What for?

Doctor: Search me. Anyway...

A scream.

Doctor: Brave heart, Clara.

The picture flashes as a series of photographs. We hear the scream again, and see a body in a canal.

Edmund: It’s another one. Don’t you see? Another victim! Why won’t any one of you listen?

Doctor: We’ll listen.

More photos.

Edmund: Mrs Winifred Gillyflower, an astonishing woman. Prize-winning chemist and mechanical engineer, so why?

Doctor: Why has she decided to open up a match factory in her old hometown?

Edmund: And no one who ever goes to live there ever seems to come out.

More photos.

Edmund: (about a corpse) Same as the rest. All dead from causes unknown and their flesh...

Amos: Glowing. Like something manky in a coal cellar. They keep turning up in t’canal. The Crimson ‘orror (winks)

Doctor: Ooh, good name! Hey that’s good, isn’t it? The Crimson Horror. (chuckles) I wonder what it is?

He takes out a magnifying glass.

Doctor: Do you know the old Romany superstition, Clara, that the eye of a dead person retains an image of the last thing it sees? Nonsense, of course. Unless the chemical composition of the body has been massively corrupted.

More photos. Now we’re in a laboratory.

Doctor: Wow, this is nasty. An organic poison, a sort of venom. And you think it’s connected to Sweetville?

Edmund: I do.

Doctor: Well, then, we need a plan.

More photos. Now we’re in Mrs Gillyflower’s recruiting place.

Mrs Gillyflower: Doctor and Mrs Smith. Oh, yes! You’ll do very nicely.

Doctor: Oh, grand! Smashing! Hey, the missus and I couldn’t be more chuffed. Could we, love? Huh?

More photos. Now we’re in Sweetville.

Mrs Gillyflower: Sweetville will provide you with everything you need.  You won’t have to worry about a thing ever again.

Clara: The name, Sweetville...

Mrs Gillyflower: Yes?

Clara: Why not name it after yourself? After all, it’s your creation!

Doctor: Gillyflower Town, eh? Gillyflower Land, you could have rollercoasters!

Mrs Gillyflower: It is named in tribute to my partner.

Doctor: Your late partner?

Mrs Gillyflower: No. My...silent partner. Mr Sweet likes to keep himself to himself. Shall we move on?

Doctor: Who lives here?

Mrs Gillyflower: Oh, names don’t matter here. All you need to know is we only recruit the brightest and the best.

They enter a house. Inside are two people inside a glass case. People dressed in black move in behind the Doctor and Clara. More photos. We see the Doctor dunked in a thick red liquid, and Clara, dressed identically too many other women, stood in a row.

Mrs Gillyflower: Like pretty maids all in a row. The process improves with every attempt – Mr Sweet is such a clever old thing. Oh! Into the canal with the rejects, Ada.

Ada: Yes.

Ada hears the Doctor, and feels his red hand, which still moves, clasping her hand. Ada gasps. More photos, and now we’re in the Doctor’s barn type room.

Ada: Sometimes the preservation process goes wrong. Only Mr Sweet knows why. And only mama is allowed to talk to Mr Sweet. But if you’re very good, you can stay here. You’ll be my secret. My special monster. Shh.

The Doctor grunts, then as the door swings shut, screams. We see Edmund stumble in, skin red. The Doctor reaches out to him, but he collapses, dead. Finally, more photos.

The Name of the Doctor - The Impossible Girl

Beeping sound.

Engineer One: Something wrong?

Engineer Two: It’s the repair shop. What kind of idiot would try and steal a faulty TARDIS?

And the camera zooms out, a glorious shot. The music kicks in, a glorious sound.  The caption reads ‘Gallifrey A Very Long Time Ago...’, a glorious caption (font’s nice too)!

In the repair shop.

Clara: Doctor? Doctor?

First Doctor: Yes? What is it? What do you want?

Clara: Sorry. But you’re about to make a very big mistake.

Shots of Clara’s eyes opening.

Clara: (voiceover) I don’t know where I am.

We see Clara spinning through an orange glow.

Clara: It’s like I’m breaking into a million pieces and there’s only one thing I remember.

Now Clara is in the TARDIS, a corridor.

Clara: I have to save the Doctor

The Sixth Doctor walks behind her.

Clara: He always looks different.

Clara: Doctor!

Now we see her behind the Fourth Doctor.

Clara: Sometimes I think I’m everywhere at once, running every second just to find him.

We see the Seventh Doctor, hanging off an ice cliff by his umbrella. [Insert sarcastic remark here, or perhaps a ‘cliffhanger’ joke.]

Clara: Doctor!

Clara: Just to save him.

A horn honks, and Clara spins round as a car drives past her. It’s Bessie, with the Third Doctor at the wheel.

Clara: Doctor!

Now the Second Doctor runs past Clara. She runs after him, but trips. When she lands, she’s looking through the floor into some dark void, in which the Fifth Doctor floats, apparently trapped.

Clara: Doctor?

Now we’re in Victorian London. It’s snowed. The Eleventh Doctor is wearing a hat and looking moody.

Clara: Oi!

Clara: Almost never.

Now we’re back with voiceover Clara, spinning in her orange...umm...well, it’s the Doctor’s time stream. But the audience doesn’t know that. Oh, you get the point.

Clara: I blew into this world on a leaf.

We see Clara’s Dad, hit in the face by a leaf, which for some reason means he has to dive about 20 metres to get into the path of a car. Clara’s Mum pulls him out the way.

Clara: I’m still blowing. [This is probably a line where context is key.]

We see Clara’s Mum and Dad kissing in the rain, then holding baby Clara.

Clara: I don’t think I’ll ever learn. [I thought the line was land – makes sense, after all, but subtitles are suggesting learn – I’d be interested to know who you agree with!]

Clara in the Doctor’s time stream again.

Clara: I’m Clara Oswald. I’m the impossible girl. I was born to save the Doctor.

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@TardisBoy I need a moustache to twiddle,

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@TardisBoy Thank you! Now can people stop moaning about what is a near-perfect episode? ;-P

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@doctorwhotvuk Thanks - probably won't watch it then, not a fan of the show, so highlights is fine for me :-)

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What time does the One Show start? Thanks :)

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@RoastNewt @ClassicWhovian You love all my avatars. When you admit that to yourself, you will find happiness ;)

(Thanks, is what I mean)

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@sontaran17 @ClassicWhovian also - I think you may have misunderstood my comment...?

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Sounds like great news - we could use a greater sense of danger and threat!

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@sontaran17 @ClassicWhovian The scene or the episode? Because I love the episode!

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The Crimson Horror is such a well written, well directed, well produced, well-everything really that it is such a shame that it is that episode that gets lumped with the worst scene of Series 7, possibly of all time - I actually hate the Angie and Artie scene at the end. It's just...stupid.

Grumbles - I'm going to go and play with my grenades.

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@The Administrator @ClassicWhovian Thanks! Especially since that is the correct vote ;)

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Any chance someone could cast the final vote for the Doctor's speech from The Rings of Akhaten vs the scene where the Doctor and Palmer talk in the dark room, discussing being a war 'hero' - we're stuck at deadlock! Thanks :)

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@Mark McCullough @ClassicWhovian Oh, I didn't consider that a twist...actually, of course you're right! Silly me - sorry! :/ 

Thanks :-)

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@Mark McCullough

Do you mind if I could ask you to allude to this twist - I've seen the film, but of course I'm sure others will want to remain spoiler-free! :)

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I think, because of 11's big speech in TROA (which, whatever you think of it, certainly pulls focus), that it's a shame no one ever points out just how nice the first song, 'God of Akhaten' is as a scene. It's rare, in Doctor Who, to just get a scene where everything is just...really warm. Everyone is having a nice time, Clara and the Doctor are having a laugh as he tries to join in, a nice touch with the sentimental objects, and everyone is just...singing. Warm is definitely the perfect word for this wonderful moment.

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@TARDlSkey Just watched it also! Great, a definite 10/10!

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Doctor Who:Scene of 2013 according to WD

So, before I do today's new one, if anyone wants to vote in yesterday's one (The Rings of Akhaten - The Doctor's Speech VS Hide - War Heroes), that's be great! Today, we have:

The Bells of Saint John - Kizlet Defeated

Smashing sound.

Mahler: I think that was your office.

Miss Kizlet: Excuse me. I believe there’s someone to see me.

Miss Kizlet walks into her office – the Doctor is sat at her desk.

Miss Kizlet: Do come in.

Doctor: Download her.

Miss Kizlet: Sorry about the draught.

Doctor: Download her back into her body right now.

Miss Kizlet: I can’t.

Doctor: Yes you can.

Miss Kizlet: She’s a fully integrated part of the data cloud now, she can’t be separated.

Doctor: Then download the entire cloud, everyone you’ve trapped in there.

Miss Kizlet: You realise what would happen?

Doctor: Yes, those still with bodies to go home to would be free!

Miss Kizlet: A tiny number. Most would simply die.

Doctor: They’d be released from a living hell. It’s the best you can do for them. So give the order.

Miss Kizlet: And why would I do that?

Doctor: ‘Cause I’m going to motivate you! Any second now.

Miss Kizlet: You ridiculous man. Why did you even come here? Whatever for?

Doctor: I didn’t.

Miss Kizlet: What?

Doctor: I’m still in the café.

The shot cuts to the Doctor in the café

Spoonhead Doctor: I’m finishing my coffee

Real Doctor: Lovely spot!

Miss Kizlet: What are you talking about?

Spoonhead Doctor: You hack people. But me...

Real Doctor: ...I’m old fashioned!

Spoonhead Doctor removes his motorcycle helmet.

Spoonhead Doctor: I hack technology.

Real Doctor: Here’s your motivation.

Real Doctor hits a computer key. Spoonhead Doctor’s head turns around.

Miss Kizlet: No. No! Not me! Not me!

Miss Kizlet is uploaded into the data cloud.


Cold War - Skaldak's Out

Doctor: Just...let me help you.

Skaldak: I require no help. There will be no help.

Clara edges closer.

Doctor: Careful, Clara.

Clara: I’m okay.

Doctor: No, listen, Clara, don’t get too close.

Clara: I’m okay!

Clara edges closer still.

Clara: Doctor, something’s wrong.

Doctor: What?

Clara moves her hand to Skaldak.

Clara: Somethings...

Clara lifts the helmet, to reveal the armour is empty. She gasps and backs away.

Clara: It’s not there it’s gone!

The armour opens, straining against the chains. A light flashes, accompanied by a beeping sound.

Doctor: Gone? Gone? Gone? What do you mean, gone?

Clara: It’s got out!

Skaldak: It is time I learnt the measure of my enemies and what this vessel is capable of.

Doctor: No, no, no, Skaldak!

Skaldak: Harm one of us and you harm us all. By the moons, this I swear.

Doctor: Clara, get out of there. Get out!

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Did a little test today - having only read the full list of titles once, the day it was revealed, and without deliberately rehearsing them or planning to see if I could recall them, I told my (bored looking) brother the titles - I got all of them except Time Heist and Flatline - make of that what you will. All I know is that as Series 8 looms ever closer, my brother becomes more and more wary about being within fanboy-ing distance of me...!

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Well damn.

3 days, 2 hours ago on Moffat Previews Series 8 in Radio Times


@The Genie @ClassicWhovian On paper, I might agree with you, but it's the way in which Matt delivers that speech, as I may have slightly fanboy-ed over in my description of it, that makes it really special to me!

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So, we now have our nominations for Doctor Who: Scene of 2013 according to WD

It's now time to start eliminating some of them - our first 'face of' is our best scene from The Rings of Akhaten vs our best scene from Hide:

The Rings of Akhaten - The Doctor's Speech

Merry: I want to help

Clara: So do I.

Merry steps onto the platform and begins to sing.

Merry: Rest now/My Warrior

The Doctor smiles. It’s a poignant smile.

Merry: Rest now (continues)

Doctor: Okay then. That’s what I’ll do. I will tell you a story.

And now more are singing. Everyone is joining in, singing in from the soul. You can see the fear and hope in Merry’s eyes.

All: Live/Wake up/Wake up

Clara looks around, and smiles.

All: And let the cloak/Of life/Cling to your bones (continues)

Doctor: Can you hear them? All these people who lived in terror of you and your judgement, all these people whose ancestors devoted themselves, sacrificed themselves to you. Can you hear them singing?

All: Live/Wake up (continues)

Doctor: Oh, you like to think you’re a god. But you’re not a god. You’re just a parasite, eaten out with jealousy and envy and longing for the lives of others. You feed on them. On the memory of love and lost and birth and death and joy and sorrow, on, then. Take mine. Take my memories.

Tendrils of murky red light begin to snake towards the Doctor from the Old God.

Doctor: But I hope you’ve got a big appetite.

The tendrils hit the Doctor in the chest.

Doctor: Because I’ve...lived...a long life. And I have seen a few things.

Now we see the pain in the Doctor’s eyes. But it’s not pain caused by the Old God. We see his memories now. We see every day of his long life, and the pain it has caused him to go on living it. But we also see the courage that it has given him, and we see the strength that means that he will never, ever walk away.

All: Wake up/And let the cloak/Of life/Cling to your bones.

Now the Doctor’s voice is filled with emotion, as he heaves all of his suffering from within himself.

Doctor: I walked away from the last great time war. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time, no space. Just me!

I can’t even begin to describe the work Matt does with the Doctor’s voice and eyes here. It may be the best performance in the last 50 years of Doctor Who. So I’ll just put ‘bloody hell’!

Doctor: I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman. And I have watched universes freeze and creations burn. I have seen thing things you wouldn’t believe! I have lost things you will never understand! And I know things. Secrets that must never be told, knowledge that must never be spoken. Knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze!

He straightens his bow tie. The singing reaches a crescendo. The Doctor is no longer afraid. We still see the pain of his life, but now he’s living it, feeling it, and he isn’t weak. He is so strong because of it.

Doctor: (bellowing) So, come on, then! Take it! Take it all, baby! Have it! You have it all!

The Doctor is enveloped in a golden orange glow. The Old God fades. The Doctor hangs his head, the light fading in front of him. Oh, and every Whovian just dies.


Hide (War heroes)

Doctor: I had a little peek at your records back at the Ministry. Well, you’ve certainly seen a thing or two in your time. Disrupting U-boat operations across the North Sea. Sabotaging railway lines across Europe. Operation Gibbon. The one with the carrier pigeon’s brilliant. I do love a carrier pigeon.

Palmer: I did my duty but, then so did thousands of others. Millions of others. I was just lucky enough to come back.

Doctor: Yes, but how does that man, that war hero, end up here, in a lonely old house looking for ghosts?

Palmer: Because I killed. And I caused to have killed. I sent young men and women to their deaths. But here I am, still alive and.... But it does tend to haunt you, living, after so much of...the other thing.

Please pick your favourite of the two scenes (if you wanted to, obviously!) - oh, and if Livefyre decides against formatting this correctly...well, I'm sorry!

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@LGwalchmai95 I really like him as a comedian, but I've never seen him act. Still, he had good Doctor Who knowledge on Mock the Week's 'scenes we'd like to see' - 'unlikely lines from an episode of Doctor Who', so that's good enough for me!

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@TardisBoy You're welcome, dear! :P

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Just for you, TardisBoy ;-)

http ://

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@Esterath Annoyed I missed that - I'm forever quoting "But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?" at people (whether they like it or not) :/

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I know so little about Listen, which really excites me. But I had to go for Deep Breath. Feature length, new Doctor, and a dinosaur in Victorian London? Yep, it's going to be epic!

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Doctor Who quizzes for Series 2, 3 and 4 - I scored 8/10 for all of them!

http ://

http ://

http ://

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@doctorwhotvuk Hopefully the poster will be better!

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the direction in Cold War is great - really subtly interesting and innovative! Shame the script is a bit dull in places, and rubbish at the end, but the script really makes the most of it, draws out the best, all but ignores the worst. If not for...that Ice Warrior 'true look' at the end, it would be amazing!

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DWTV beat me to it, as ever! Sorry!

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Doctor Who Radio Times cover (and content preview)!

http ://

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@TARDlSkey @TardisBoy

Hey, hey, no! No, don't...don't be generous. It was abysmal ;) :P

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I don't mind co-written episodes, and I don't have a problem with Moffat putting his name on them, but I'm surprised he wants to...!

4 days, 8 hours ago on Series 8: All Titles Revealed


I. thinking 'Heaven' might have some relation to Galifrey?

4 days, 8 hours ago on Series 8: All Titles Revealed


A great 'Which Doctor Who character are you'? quiz:

http ://

Well, I thought it was great, until I got Rose Tyler. Bah.

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The very last one!

Favourite moment from The Time of the Doctor

Thanks :D

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@The Genie @Esterath @ClassicWhovian To be fair, that's pretty heartbreaking.

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@The Genie @ClassicWhovian I really believe his delivery of the line 'because...I don't know where I am' - if nothing else, I have my first major controversial opinion! :D

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