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@The Genie @TARDlSkey Which it blatantly isn't. So that's definitely the right question. The next question is - So what is it?

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@DrOswald Knew it was going to shoot up to about 9 million. I'm still hoping for a bit more though. Might be a wee bit of an ask.

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@The Genie You know what I think. Incredible work.

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@TARDlSkey That... is extremely impressive. I need yo email. I'm gathering contacts who will be good for my film making purposes.

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@TardisBoy Good lord man! I'm just going to nip to the toilet...

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@LGwalchmai95 Blimey that's dark. I can see that coming... O_O

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The majority of the press have given Deep Breath a positive review. This pleases me. Still no idea what I'd rate the episode.

Out of the 20 critical reviews I've seen so far, only 2 are negative overall.

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@stargazer0118 @TheBiPunishment 'ever... for a while' is my new favourite add-on at the end of a sentence. 

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1. The Eleventh Hour 10/10

2. The Impossible Astronaut 9/10

3. Smith and Jones 7/10

4. Partners in Crime 7/10

5. New Earth 7/10

6. Asylum of the Daleks 7/10

7. Rose 6/10

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Torchwood: Miracle Day - Le Marathon

Haven't watched it since first broadcast. Wanted to see how well it holds up these three years later. So far, so good.

Episode 1: 9/10

Episode 2: 8/10

Episode 3: 7/10

Not all the American characters are annoying. It literally is just that Esther and Rex have annoying accents and personalities to go along with them. Rex has moments where you can really like him. Most of the time, he's a bit of a douche. But that's the point with him, I guess. Esther, sweet though she is, and a good character she is; she's just a bit... like every other character in a dramatic American TV show. There's no ounce of Torchwood in her. Torchwood characters have this certain flavour to them. You can see them being in Doctor Who. Rex does have this a fair amount of the time, in the beginning of episode 3, for example. With Esther, you can swap her out for any other female character in an American TV drama and it wouldn't change a damn thing.

The writing overall, thus far, is very good. And the directing is very good. Episode 3 is the weakest so far simply because the episode drops pace. This would usually be a good thing except that the structure of the episode feels slow in the second act because of this: the first act is quite fast paced, all well and good. The third act is mostly a quick paced mission as well. The entire second act is character building stuff. Not entirely okay. It's not bad, but it's scene upon scene upon scene, all stacked upon one another. Torchwood is supposed to be quite a fast-paced show. So a scene or two, just a scene or two, where things picked up again within the second act, could have heightened the quality of the episode a bit more.

Gwen is fantastic. In fact, all the returning cast are. A powerful scene in the third ep shows just how lonely Jack has become and you really feel sorry for the guy. Get him back with his Doctor already. It's how he began. Sort of. It's how he became an honest man anyway.

All the new supporting cast are fantastic. Even Jilly? Gilly? The crazy PR woman. Decent character, incredibly annoying. But I think that's the point of her.

Oswald Danes portrayed by Bill Pullman? By far the best thing about the series so far. Apart from the premise, which is also genius.

So yeah. The first 3 episodes bring the fourth series to an average of 8/10. Not bad so far. Very good actually.

With regards to the idea that this series should have been 5x60 minute episodes like Children of Earth, I have our first candidate for the idea.

I can see which episode should have been cut out. Episode 2. Though decent, most of it is biding time. If they'd cut up the important stuff and quickened up the pace, they could've spliced the important bits into episodes 1 and 3 and made them both 60 minutes long.

Aaaaand onto episode 4.

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@doctorwhotvuk Clearly this guy doesn't know about pacing in TV shows/Films. He should watch some theatre. Usually educates people on pacing.

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@TardisBoy If 'it's too easy' was a genuine criticism, that'd knock down the resolutions of like... almost every single blockbuster film out there.

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@TardisBoy Indeed! All my openers are either 7s or 6s! Apart from The Eleventh Hour and The Impossible Astronaut.

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@doctorwhotvuk They get two weeks rest after tomorrow. Sort of... before shooting the Christmas ep. I say sort of because meetings and line learning. But things will no doubt be a little slower for them! 

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@The Watchful Guardian Firstly, as we live in the UK... we sort of know that. Secondly, we also know of no website where you can grab and download a video from iplayer. And thirdly, the problem DWTV is referring to is actually uploading the interview to youtube, which the BBC take issue with. And so the video is blocked and then you receive a copyright strike. So others who do not live in the UK cannot view the interview.

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@TARDlSkey Don't you know? Capaldi and Moffat went to the same school. TROLLWARTS.

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@The Watchful Guardian That's why I won't be that bothered if Clara does leave soon.

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Second episode of TW: MD is also really good. A slower pace but not badly paced at all. A couple of shots of dodgey CGI at the end, but otherwise another excellent episode. 8/10. Not quite as good as ep 1.

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@Chris502 Sound design, specifically, Foley. Taking a module on it on in the upcoming year for my film production course. Not many people realise how massively important it is in motion pictures.

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So, whilst you lot were being tortured by the One Show, I've started a re-watch of Torchwood: Miracle Day. And holy heck, no wonder we were all psyched for the series at the start. The first episode is fantastic! And that increased budget definitely wasn't a bad thing, because the climactic action sequence was awesome. Explosions, a fast paced chase across a Welsh beach with a jeep, a helicopter, a couple of machine guns and a rocket launcher. Extremely cool stuff. Really strong start to the series, there are actually no flaws in this starting episode for Series 4 of Torchwood. It's where they chose to stretch the series that things started to get iffy.

But Torchwood Series 4 Episode 1? 9/10. Awesome episode. The only reason it doesn't get full marks is because there's something about Rex and Esther's accents that I really find grating. I don't know what it is. It's like Americans are less annoying in films. Weird.

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@GoodYear92 You do know... that you have to do that now? You'll love it. You know you will!

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Awesome review. Sucks that we have to wait ages for the series to begin proper.

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@TardisBoy No, I think you're absolutely right. How on earth would a writer be stupid enough to make one character be a representation for an entire group of people? They just wouldn't. Simple as.

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@LGwalchmai95 Turn Left is pretty incredible. The most incredible bit of writing from RTD is when Wilf mentions the labour camps. My god. When RTD gets it right, he gets it RIGHT. Perfect writing, perfect acting. Turn Left is amazing. I ignore the slight plot errors with the Titanic crash and such.

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@ilyootha is back in home Universe @The Administrator Ahem. If I might throw in the official statistics from the 2012/2013 fiscal year? 

  • £3,656.2 million in licence fees collected from householders;
  • £1,101.2 million from the BBC's Commercial Businesses;

AKA, BBC gets more money from License fees in the UK than worldwide sales. AKA, Admin is right. Case closed, point defeated, game over. Now, who's for chess? 

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So we be gettin' about 2 hours of behind the scenes footage for series 8. I'm hoping there's more from the writers about the writing process, the directors about their process and y'know... more actual behind the scenes stuff about film production in general. Because that's what a behind the scenes should be. Confidential was getting it very wrong so I hope this improves on it in every conceivable way.

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2 hours of behind the scenes? Better be about the ACTUAL production side of DW this time.

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@TardisBoy I was surprised that you hadn't burst sooner given the awful time you're going through at the mo. Regarding my feelings to Rose, I despise her. But she's the best and most realistically written companion in New Who.

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@Esterath Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. :')

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@Calebxy I actually don't think we know anything about the upcoming episodes. Nothing in relation to the science involved in them, unfortunately. That's just what I've seen from being on chat today.

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@TardisBoy We need a new journalistic system. But that's never going to happen. You're better off sticing to people who can do journalism properly and are quite famous too, so they have an effect. Sourcefed and Phillip Defranco on youtube are where I get my news now. They're fantastic journalists, they're funny and they're DW fans. Best source of news out there. I barely register that there are awful press institutions any more because I stay well away. For the most part.

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@doctorwhotvuk That was the ugliest that it's ever been! Just wait for next year's 'world war female doctor'...

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@doctorwhotvuk Whoa. What a genuine t*at. He's very up 'imself. This site's fantastic and it's only because of gits like him complaining about the site allowing for different articles on different opinions, that contributors even HAVE to state that the article is THEIR opinion. There's just no winning with these guys!

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Finally. My ratings for all of New Who. I last did this a fair while ago, so these are updated. The series average was rounded either up and down based on how I felt about each series overall. Ratings are based on overall acting, writing, directing, cinematography and production values of the episodes.

Series 1

Rose: 6/10

The End of the World: 7/10

The Unquiet Dead: 8/10

Aliens of London: 8/10

World War Three: 8/10

Dalek: 9/10

The Long Game: 7/10

Father's Day: 8/10

The Empty Child: 10/10

The Doctor Dances: 10/10

Boom Town: 10/10

Bad Wolf: 9/10

The Parting of the Ways: 8/10

Average: 8/10

Series 2

The Christmas Invasion: 7/10

New Earth: 7/10

Tooth & Claw: 6/10

School Reunion: 7/10

The Girl in the Fireplace: 8/10

Rise of the Cybermen: 6/10

The Age of Steel: 7/10

The Idiot's Lantern: 6/10

The Impossible Planet: 8/10

The Satan Pit: 8/10

Love & Monsters: 6/10

Fear Her: 4/10

Army of Ghosts: 6/10

Doomsday: 7/10

Average: 7/10

Series 3

The Runaway Bride: 7/10

Smith & Jones: 7/10

The Shakespeare Code: 7/10

Gridlock: 9/10

Daleks in Manhattan: 7/10

Evolution of the Daleks: 7/10

The Lazarus Experiment: 7/10

42: 6/10

Human Nature: 10/10

The Family of Blood: 10/10

Blink: 9/10

Utopia: 8/10

The Sound of Drums: 9/10

Last of the Time Lords: 7/10

Average: 8/10

Series 4

Voyage of the Damned: 6/10

Partners in Crime: 7/10

The Fires of Pompeii: 7/10

Planet of the Ood: 8/10

The Sontaran Stratagem: 7/10

The Poison Sky: 8/10

The Doctor's Daughter: 6/10

The Unicorn and the Wasp: 6/10

Silence in the Library: 8/10

Forest of the Dead: 9/10

Midnight: 10/10

Turn Left: 8/10

The Stolen Earth: 8/10

Journey's End: 7/10

Average: 7/10

2008-2010 Specials

The Next Doctor: 7/10

Planet of the Dead: 6/10

The Waters of Mars: 9/10

The End of Time, pt 1: 8/10

The End of Time, pt 2: 8/10

Average: 8/10

Series 5

The Eleventh Hour: 10/10

The Beast Below: 7/10

Victory of the Daleks: 7/10

The Time of Angels: 8/10

Flesh & Stone: 8/10

The Vampires of Venice: 6/10

Amy's Choice: 8/10

The Hungry Earth: 9/10

Cold Blood: 9/10

Vincent and the Doctor: 10/10

The Lodger: 8/10

The Pandorica Opens: 10/10

The Big Bang: 8/10

Average: 8/10

Series 6

A Christmas Carol: 8/10

The Impossible Astronaut: 9/10

Day of the Moon: 9/10

The Curse of the Black Spot: 8/10

The Doctor's Wife: 8/10

The Rebel Flesh: 7/10

The Almost People: 9/10

A Good Man Goes to War: 8/10

Let's Kill Hitler: 6/10

Night Terrors: 9/10

The Girl Who Waited: 7/10

The God Complex: 7/10

Closing Time: 7/10

The Wedding of River Song: 7/10

Average: 8/10

Series 7

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe: 6/10

Asylum of the Daleks: 7/10

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: 7/10

A Town Called Mercy: 6/10

The Power of Three: 7/10

The Angels Take Manhattan: 7/10

The Snowmen: 8/10

The Bells of saint John: 8/10

The Rings of Akhaten: 7/10

Cold War: 5/10

Hide: 6/10

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS: 6/10

The Crimson Horror: 6/10

Nightmare in Silver: 5/10

The Name of the Doctor: 7/10

Average: 6/10

2013 Specials

The Day of the Doctor: 10/10

The Time of the Doctor: 8/10

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@sontaran17 @Gustaff @doctorwhotvuk You know they could have lied, right?

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@Gustaff @sontaran17 @TardisBoy I've always heard that Matt and David had three year contracts. I even swear there was a Moffat interview once that confirmed this, so...

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@ClassicWhovian I'd disagree there. Thought he was below par. Not the worst by any stretch, but certainly not good.

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@stargazer0118 @TardisBoy Seriously, I've a whole list from the past year and a half alone that goes against that.

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@stargazer0118 @TardisBoy That's just... not true anymore. Have you been watching the majority of Hollywood TV shows and films recently?

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I always take lots of tasty salt. More shall be taken here.

1 week, 3 days ago on Jenna Coleman Leaving at Christmas?


@TardisBoy @TardisBoy OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST DO THE TERRACOTTA ARMY. Why have I never thought of that? Or the production team for that matter?

Actually, they probably have, but China might be a wee bit too much of a stretch on the budget...

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@The Administrator @Djornad Include a bunch of famous missing people and that would be one fantastic story.

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@LGwalchmai95 @Djornad Sounds awesome! We're overdue more Auton goodness. I've one or two ideas and I've written 'em down. One with TTT and TB actually.

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What is the one type of story you would like Doctor Who to tackle in the future? If you had two sentences to describe and tease the episode - what would they be?

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@TheBiPunishment Agreed. Massively. If they're at that high place in the industry where they're working on a mega popular show, they're NOT going to be lazy about their writing. Restricted perhaps and so they have to make sacrifices within the screenplays.

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@doctorwhotvuk This fellow has clearly been educated at Eton. And then Oxford.

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