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There will be shirts Sunday--heard it on the sports animal yesterday--they will be blue

2 years ago on Practice Report: Focused on transition defense



 It's very frustrating to watch. I absolutely feel he is underutilized. I agree, it does seem as if he needs to be more assertive, not just stand in the corner to pop a three. But then I also wonder, what plays are being drawn up for him; are the coaches attempting to incorporate him more, and the other players simply don't execute the "plans"--it bothers me, and I get the feeling that some of our guys, particularly Russ, just don't totally trust Martin at this point. But, we definitely need to "highlight" him more.


2 years, 1 month ago on Evaluating the Thunder’s deadline moves


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 Broussard actually said 13-14 million offered by Thunder, and that's when Harden sarcastically said "13-14 mil, huh?"

2 years, 5 months ago on Thursday Bolts - 11.1.12


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 just got back from dinner...but, yes, Cook has essentially been horrific for the season. I guess I was wondering more what we have in store for a playoff rotation. Fisher appears to currently be getting his minutes...will he continue to play so many minutes in the playoffs?? My guess is that DF will. I must reiterate Cook has been awful for most of the season, and was literally like a 'ghost' last nite...thoughts.

3 years ago on Thursday Bolts - 4.19.12


 @Old Man Game

 I'm a season ticket holde, and was able to improve just slightly. Availability was extremely if you feel like you improved at all be happy...heard not many were able to upgrade much.


On another note, haven't read much on here today so could have already been discussed, but what is the deal with Cook. I realize his minutes are very, very limited as of late, and he had the injury, but he looked completely LOST last night. He seemed to lack passion, energy, and just looked pretty bad. Maybe the injury is lingering, but he was just unimpressive. I know Fisher appears to be getting many of his minutes....just wonder what is in store for Cook come playoff time--does the coaching staff plan to continue with this rotation???

3 years ago on Thursday Bolts - 4.19.12



 Regarding Skip,It is honestly beyond ridiculous at this point. Michael Smith was the only person who appears to actually watch the Thunder games and have an objective take. Skip is just too stubborn to change his stance on this one...he's lost it, and he really needs to chill with his Tebow crap--that is all he talks about on the freakin' show. Overkill.

3 years ago on Thunder get the last word against the Lakers, 102-93



 If you're so unconcerned about the Thunder why the hell are you on here, and actually taking the time to make a post??? BTW, Bayless is all schtick...don't take the guy so seriously. RW will contiue to be an All-Star, don't worry yourself.

3 years, 1 month ago on Jazz take one out from underneath the Thunder, 97-90



 Sound like you're from the NW (random Salt Lake City reference)...just a hunch. Totally inaccurate comments regarding OKC....have you ever been...if so do you actually know where to go.....I laughed at this one.

3 years, 1 month ago on Tuesday Bolts – 2.28.12