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Along that same track, that is why I am against crimes labeled as "hate crimes."  I could care less whether someone burned down my house because of my religion, looks, or just for no reason al all except to be stupid. My garage burns just the same regardless of motivation. And the culprit needs to be brought to justice for what he did. Pretty simple. Japanese Americans were interned against their will and FDR--the hero of many--acted unconstitutionally against them. What FDR did could easily be labeled as a "hate crime" in modern jurisprudence, but so what? People were screwed over big time. FDR broke the law and got away with it. It should never be repeated. That's all that matters. Imperial presidents--starting with Lincoln--and lapdog courts and media have largely been responsible for breaches in constitutional practice.

2 years, 1 month ago on February 19, 1942: A Black Stain on American History


The last time America was treated as a battlefield was the Civil War. And we all know how civil liberties fared during that period.

3 years, 1 month ago on Refuted: Congressional Lies about NDAA Kidnapping