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Thanks for posting these job leads. I didn't realize there was a pattern testing group on Rav. That is something I'd love to do. :-)

3 years ago on A Few Crochet Job Leads For Today


I'm already subscribed to your newsletter. I added Dora to my Rav faves. I'm following your blog in my Blogger Dashboard reading list. I followed Lark Crafts on Twitter. And I tweeted a link to your contest:!/crochetchica/status/182203364304629760

3 years ago on Custom Crocheted Sweaters Book Review, Interview and Giveaway


I like checking out the job postings. I'm disabled, so getting hired for a "normal" job is difficult. crocheting is something that I'm good at, and could make money from, or at least just support my yarn habit. ;-) Thanks! @crochetchica

3 years, 2 months ago on Do You Want To Continue Seeing Crochet Jobs? Feedback Wanted!