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The SEC could have the upperhand if they act first. Duke and UNC offer things the SEC needs like a stronger academic reputation and two excellent basketball programs. I know they value other male sports not offered in the south like lacrosse and soccer, but the SEC can add men's soccer or they can play soccer and lacrosse out of conference like Kentucky and South Carolina play soccer out of conference. The SEC should go after what it doesn't already have and that is a strong basketball conference; with the addition of UNC and Duke the SEC would easy be the best overall sports conference and a very strong academic confference as well. VT and NCST are not on par with UNC and Duke. If the SEC waits and is left with VT and NCST the SEC will not add anything it doesn't already have.  


2 years, 1 month ago on Which Conference Will Win The Realignment War? It Depends On Your Definition Of “Win”


Jim Delany wants APR scores to influence the distribution of playoff revenue. Give me a break, why not take the best four teams and have a spelling bee to decide the national championship. Delany also wants to raise the academic requirements for high schoolers entering into college athletics. For most these kids athletics is their only way out, to take away or limit scholarships from that group of young men should be a criminal offense. College and college athletics should be inclusive not exclusive.

2 years, 9 months ago on Football Playoff Update: From Sad Face To Happy Face In A Snap


John is right. 4 would be plenty. How often are there 5 undefeated teams? Undefeated teams who have also scheduled quality opponents out of conference are the only truly deserving teams because they done everything within their power to capture the national championship. If an 8 team playoff was already in use you might have Alabama going for their fifth consecutive national championship(in 08 one loss came in a bowl game & 2010 Iron bowl ending could have been different if a playoff berth was on the line). A few years back you would have had USC possibly in 5 straight playoffs based largely on reputation. Also Ohio State would have been in 6 straight playoffs having won their conference. In 07 the BCS had to settle for a 2 loss LSU team. If you can't guarantee at least a one loss team when there are only two teams how many 3 loss teams are there going to be in an 8 team playoff field. What if there are more than 8 one or two loss teams how would you justlfiably seperate those teams from each other? I would predict that if the records are the same the more established teams with the bigger pedigrees will get the nod every time. No fair-minded person would want to see the same teams get the at large bids based on reputation alone especially if those teams have lost one, two, or even three games.

2 years, 12 months ago on 10 Reasons Why 4 Is Better Than 8 When It Comes To A Football Playoff



 More match-ups I would like to see.

Alabama-Oklahoma State,    Florida-Oklahoma,    Texas-Texas A&M,    Kansas- Missouri,     Auburn- Texas Tech

West Virginia- Kentucky,      Arkansas- Kansas State,     LSU- TCU,    Vanderbilt- Baylor

Would definitely have bragging rights up for grabs.

3 years ago on SEC A.D.s Will Discuss 9-Game Schedule; Slive Needs To Push It Past Cowards


Lets use last year as an example had a 6-6 UCLA team beaten Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game than UCLA would have been in line ahead of Alabama and Stanford as conference champions. Also the Big East co-champions Louisville lost to FIU and Cincinnati lost to Tennessee by more than 20. Notre Dame can schedule whomever they want and they don't have to play in a conference championship game. If they are only going to allow conference champions then Notre Dame should be forced to join a conference.

3 years ago on Plus-One System Sounding More And More Like A "Take Down The SEC" System


With this format the conference games will mean a lot more than the out of conference games. I believe that could lead to scheduling of even weaker out of conference opponents. If there are two teams in the SEC with a higher ranking, a stronger strength of schedule, and better overall record than the other conference champions the SEC team should get the nod. The emphasis should be on the top 4 teams and not conference winners. The strength of conferences can change from year to year and limiting the SEC to just 1 team is a joke and should not be taken seriously.

3 years, 1 month ago on Plus-One System Sounding More And More Like A "Take Down The SEC" System


4 would be enough. Lets not ruin the only regular season that matters in any sport. The idea is to schedule at least one tough out of conference game and then go undefeated. Only if you are undefeated and have faced a legitimate schedule do you deserve the right to play for a national championship. Its rare to have more than 3 teams meet that criteria. In the examples of the past few years the eight team bracket would include some teams that in my opinion don't deserve that right.

3 years, 1 month ago on A College Football Playoff: 4-Teams Or 8-Teams


The picture is shown a little out of context, he placed that hat on his head before changing his mind later on. Although the injury he suffered doesn't seem to be serious. Last time I checked it isn't a crime to offer a gray shirt to an injured player. I wish Darius the best I am sure his career will be followed closey.

3 years, 1 month ago on HS Coach: Philon Feeling Better About Arkansas Decision


The truth is all college football programs offer more scholarships than they have available. I mean the top 100 high athletes could choose just about any program they wanted and there would be a scholarship available. If more than 25 players wanted to come to Alabama. What is wrong with informing a player before he signs his LOI that yes there is a scholarship available but the soft cap is going to require us to grey shirt you. I mean as if a grey shirt is a negative thing. How many hundreds of other high schoolers would knock down the door for such an oppurtunity. It worked out that these two signed on with other SEC teams; in the end no one is hurt. We need to scratch all this talk about a high schooler putting his life on hold. What about Jay Rome with Georigia was his career put on hold because he had to red shirt? Are we going to read an article about how redshirting is a bad policy? This is just another negatively spun column coming from a Tennessee guy trying to level the playing field with scare tactics, what's new? Note Saban kept his word a sholarship was going to be available to the player after he grey shirted.

3 years, 1 month ago on Alabama Football: Karma And The Price Of Omelettes