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A company named SMG is producing a semi auto version in 8mm as well as a .308 version that uses M-14 magazines.  Cost about $5000 US.  A few years back I purchased a copy of "Death from Above" printed by Collectors Grade Publications, it has a detailed history of the evolution and innovation of the FG42.  Really just a phenomenal weapon, elements used in the US M60 and in the CETME/G3.  

Very, very sexy   

4 months, 3 weeks ago on FG42: Ahead Of Its Time And Forgotten


This series is so much fun, Jim West makes it look so easy. Having been on the receiving end of a sucker punch more than once, he's totally right about the speed and level of violence needed. Bring out the bottles and beer mugs for the next series!

More please!

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Protected: Stand and Fight with Jim West


Is it just me? "Flames of War" makes me think of a bunch of Afghanis "teasing" an unfortunate newby. Goat fuckers......

Thanks for the preview Jack'. I've already pre-ordered my copy!

5 months, 3 weeks ago on The ISIS Solution: How Special Operations Can Eliminate Radical Islam


Family, cause that's how I see y'all, my heart is willing but my wallet is bare.  I've been lurking for damn near a year now, numerous responsibilities have changed in my life.  The basic outline and premise of the 300 is solid.  How can you put a price on the relationships we've built here?  Beyond that, how can you really place a monetary value on the sage counsel these fine minds can deliver?  If I had it I'd pay twice the price gladly!

I still would like to see the chat feature tweaked a little more to be more "Mobile" friendly, I've spent many an hour trying to interact through it via smart phone only to be frustrated and ultimately decline in my use.  The chat room is a huge resource, and I miss it like I would my thumb.

I recall Brandon ruminating about the idea of a "monthly" newsletter- roundup, HELL YES!!!!  One of the reasons I still subscribe to Reader's Digest is the diversity and condensed information contained therein.  A monthly SITREP similar to the inside page of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE mag would be the shit!  Follow that with a recap of the various SOFREP articles to remind the reader of current info.

One thing that I've missed is the minute by minute dissection of an operation that occurred in the past on SOFREP.  Remember when AW and JHR sat down and teased apart some of the details of an op gone bad in Mexico?    

Finally just ask yourself WWJD?  What would Jack Do?  Other than break some shit, I believe he'd find a way to JOIN the SOFREP 300.

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Team Room Town Hall Meeting


I'm still in shock that they chose Bradley Cooper.  Hell I'm still trying to figure out who should have played Chris.  I still see James Garner for attitude, Maybe Clancy Brown?  You know the guy that does the voice for Mr. Krabby on Sponge Bob?  Yeah, he played the bad guy on the original Highlander film, good physique but he's in his fifties now so....

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Official American Sniper Trailer


Ok, you asked for it....

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Gallery: Grumman F-14A/A+/D Tomcat


Miss the Bird House, picked up a few darlin's from the local rez and had some fine memories.  Way back when I was assigned to FITRON 143 our guys would visit and match up against the C2's the Navy was flying back then.  Yeah those Kfir's were mighty sexy!  I think I still have an old TARPS shot of the Mustang Ranch around here somewhere.....

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Flying the F-5 Tiger II (Part 1)


I'm hearing this is the first combat deployment of our F-22 Raptors, it would be nice to hear a little bit about how they are performing.  I guess they fixed the issues with the O2 generators, whew! 

I'm also hearing some of the old "Coalition" is launching strikes, a lady fighter Jock from the Emirates no less!  Do you Think Assad will make good on these strikes and roll in ground troops to exploit the battlefield?  When will we hit the oil infrastructure and shut down the cash flow to ISIS?

As always Pete, YOU RULE!

6 months, 3 weeks ago on US Airstrikes Expanded to Syrian Targets


I  miss those hours spent exercising my Eurail pass, nice memories.  Exotic locale, good food, and usually excellent companionship.  It's crazy the folks you bump into.  Bumped into Mel Brooks in Venice back around '88.  Nothing sinister, but interesting just the same. 

Damn, I'd hate to write reports on all the Foreign Nationals I interacted with.  Puts me in mind of a John LeCarre novel.... 

6 months, 3 weeks ago on The Night Train and the Jihadist


No links to Warren Zevon? Roland? Come on!

Just pull in' your chain, I was just a youngster but I remember Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley reading updates about the deaths of Westerners in Biafra. Sometimes I think we're doomed to repeat our mistakes every generation or three.

11 months ago on Biafra, Boko Haram, and the Fiction that is Nigeria


It's like reliving that moment when I found out Rex Kwan do had nothing to do with Dinosaurs all over again...... WTF!!!!

11 months ago on Accountability In The Loadout Room: Policing Up Our Own


Having a family member that was a POW during WW2 and having his body recovered from a mass grave; I understand better than most the issues involved. It took more than 57 years for my great uncle,(who was in a clearly marked mass grave with 30 of his brothers,) to be returned to us. On her death bed his mother said to me that I could have been his twin, so I've always been curious about him. It was a relief to finally be able to bury him at home, even though his parents and most of his brothers and sister where long gone.

This is a hard job, but a sacred trust. It's got to be done right, but it also needs some urgency! 50-70 years for repatriation SUCKS!

12 months ago on SECDEF Wades Into Mess With Missing In Action Servicemembers


Look at page 8 of this PDF, lays out the irregular warfare doctrine for the USAF:

12 months ago on Aviation Foreign Internal Defense (FID): Giving Our Allies An Assist


That really contrasts with this report from General Clark calling to give more real military aid to the Ukraine:

12 months ago on US & The Weak Backing of Ukraine Sovereignty


I find myself asking some tough questions lately.  And when I find myself in that position I pull up this image and follow the advice of a professional:


12 months ago on Episode 88 – 1LT Michael Behenna, Convicted of Murdering Ali Mansur Mohamed


Having been called out to photograph the remaining "grey matter" splashed all over the stairwell of a barracks, I can tell you one major reason the US armed forces does not wish to arm all the men on a post.  Separation from family, girlfriends, stress from operations, drunken idiocy, the list goes on and on.  FUCK YES WE LIVE IN A "NANNY" CULTURE!!!

I witnessed what it was like to store a personal weapon in the base armory, my Anchutz target rifle was trashed by some anonymous "Ham Handed Buffoon."  Guess what, I had to eat that loss.  Is it right?  Is it Ideal?  FUCK NO!  

I also witnessed a young E4 going to NJP for storing a family heirloom .45-70 rifle in the barracks.  He had just lost his dad and this was a prized inheritance.  

Base security officers, and MP's/MA's at least on USMC posts and USN stations are armed on duty, off duty they abide by the same regulations as the other MOS's /NEC's.  It has been that way since my time in service; I don't have any good answers, but I like Sean believe that "gun free zones" are an invitation for tragedy.     

1 year ago on Letter To The Editor: USMC Base Policy On Firearms Not Realistic


Very grateful for this update, good point about much of the weapons systems being "locally" produced systems.  A number of the regional reports I've read point to the fact that much of what is being used is Syrian or Iranian in origin.  The ARES project( has some great intel about the small arms from that conflict:

I'm curious to see more and more "western weapons systems" but then I remember that Iran bought  the G3, M-16, Garand, LAWs, and numerous higher technology systems while a US ally.  Thus the "reverse engineering" of Phantom Jet engines, Phoenix type missiles for the Iranian Tomcats and various other systems.

1 year ago on Proliferation of Heavy Weapons in Iraq and Syria


@Coriolanus All I can say......

1 year ago on FBI Hostage Rescue Team Does Atlanta


@SEAN SPOONTS(MAFIA) @majrodShit, the Japanese are queing up with tankers at the oil terminals at Bandar Abbas.  Despite being a US ally and "supporting" our UN resolution for sanctions.  German, French, and British trade goods and tellingly "Luxury" items are available in Tehran.  WTF?  Syria isn't the sole source provider of Iranian support.  There is money to be had, Turkish borders are notoriously porous when money is flashed.  There is also a healthy black market of smuggling that IRGC permits because it lines their pockets, and those of the Supreme Ayatollah.  

There are no innocents here.     

Just keep my brothers in uniform out of this shit show.

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Fifteen


The argument could be made that the success of the First Gulf War led to the dismantling of the US DoD during the Clinton administration.  After all, if we can whip these small time threats in such an out of hand manner then why do we need a 600 ship Navy?  Or why do we need to forward deploy so much armor in Germany?  The "Peace dividend" biting us in the ass yet again.  Fuckers never learn.

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Thirteen


As a participant in part of operation Sand Flea I can tell you that US forces felt the threat from Panamanian forces.  Just ask anyone in country around November /December 1989, we felt like the Panamanians wanted a fight, and we were getting ready.

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Twelve


Spin, propaganda, shaping operations, alive and well here in the old US of A!  Look at some of the news clippings from the 1840's US war with Mexico and tell me that public opinion isn't shaped by forces inside and outside the US government.

I hope my friends in Caracas are safe 'cause I see a storm coming. 

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Nine


Gladio, my instincts tell me you and Jack Murphy are sharing intel.  Can't wait to see the results!

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Eight


@Recon6 @Old PH2My ISP has been giving me fits!  Found out our local provider has been in the area for the last few months upgrading the copper wire network to fiber optic.  My internet line has been shit for months, plus I've been buried at work.  I've been able to stay in the loop via my iPhone but that interface is like trying to bob for apples in a tub of razor blades!  My eyes and thumbs are just too old for that shit!  

Kerry has done quite a job here, huge Kudos!

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Four


Ol' Smedley rears his head!!!  Hell Yeah!  Serving in the USN from October of 82' October of 92'

I recall much of what you've laid out from first hand intel briefs.  The bombing of the Berlin night club via Libyan operatives happened around the same time, shit we were taking casualties from every quarter.  Death of a thousand cuts as it where.  Bob Stetham hit us hard, like a slap in the face.  Beirut was bad enough, first the barracks then Buckley but damn, just flying and you become a target for assassination......

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Seven


I think it's telling to hear a native born Iranian speak of the Shah.  My wife and her family are Iranian Christians and all of them speak with a warm nostalgia for the benevolence of Reza Pahlavi.  Below is a picture of one of my Iranian in-laws, she worked as a clerk at a department store.  We really do forget how Western Iran was prior to 1979.  The fact that Reza Pahlavi departed Iran rather than stay in place and slaughter his people is not lost on those who lived through the "Iranian Revolution." The Ayatollah, may he rot in HELL, had no problem slaughtering hundreds of thousands of my  brother in law's generation.  Fucking butcher.     

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Six


I had an uncle stationed in England during the 1950's, I think we Americans forget how long it took the UK to spring back from World War II.  Rationing continued well into the 1950's, The UK was still fighting colonial wars in Malaysia, Burma, and Kenya.  That whole time was a shit show, and my gut tells me they were scrambling to close the barn door before they lost all the livestock.  No excuses, they acted in a reprehensible way.  Shit Brittan has been giving the shitty end to that region of the world since the time of King George or before.  Just look at the Durand line for Christ sakes!  The Armenian Holocaust, wouldn't have been nearly so bad if the BEF had actually armed the Christian Generals they where courting.  The Raping of the Middle East has a long and storied history in the West.  

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Five


Shades of Smedley Butler and the Banana Wars.  The Dulles Brothers operated much like our 19th century Monopolists, Hell the current Russian oligarchs would feel right at home. 

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Four


I could argue that the American public has put such a high value on life that it has shaped both military and everyday life here in the US.  Look at legislation that covers the gamut from texting and driving all the way to building codes that require levels of fire protection, earth quake protection, even Huricane/Tornado protection.  Hell we've become so casualty averse our last couple of wars decreased overall casualties by a factor of more than ten as compared to Viet Nam. 

Tired of war?  Tired of Risk!  

Shit fire, you can't legislate your way into a "garden of Eden" where even the animals won't bite you! 

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Part Two


Jack I think this generation of Servicemen are no different than any other, we all raised that question.  I feel that's one of the quintessentially "American" characteristics.  We all question authority to varying degrees.  Problem we have right now is, we cant seem to shake loose the rotten fruit from the tree of democracy.  Balzac would see our world and feel right at home.  

Thanks for setting the stage so to speak.  

1 year ago on The Syria Report: Foreword by Jack Murphy


No matter how much I try, I'm that guy that always falls off the boat. Spent many a cold wet day Duck hunting with Dad. Nothing will get your attention like a set of waders full of near freezing water, once the current gets you it's all about trying to get back topside for some air! Looks like a solid pick!

1 year ago on Mustang – Military Personal Safety PFD


I love my old H&K, built from a demilled parts kit. Right now it's wearing a surplus wooden stock, I love the feel of a wooden stock. Parts aren't too expensive, surplus mags vary wildly in price so shop around!

1 year, 1 month ago on The CETME/G3 Battle Rifle


It's not like his head got "canoed" or one of the boys whipped out a tomahawk and cut off his junk........

I recognized the references in Direct Action but was hoping I was wrong. Fuck....

1 year, 1 month ago on Why The White House Hasn’t Released Photos Of Osama bin Laden’s Corpse


I've been ass deep for so long It's nuts.  Just had to drop this little gem I cooked up months ago with Photoshop.  Gotta Run, but hope y'all have a laugh with it!   A bit crude but it makes a point, Damn near prophetic.....

1 year, 1 month ago on Ukraine, Politicians and BERKUT: An Open Road to Civil War in Ukraine


@MR151Oh, I thought it was our favorite "BADASS" Dale Comstock doing a  little "consulting."

1 year, 1 month ago on Autodefensas Reach Agreement With Mexican Government


Eric, you can't post this enough. Thanks man. The movie is "just right," the sounds are what I had running through my head. Pete Berg, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, wish I could meet each of them and personally thank them for the good work they did. I think Marcus did a great job getting this story as true to his vision as possible. BZ to everyone involved!

1 year, 2 months ago on The Lone Survivor Was Not Alone – Neither are you


This is one of the better quick guides Force12 has posted. Keep them coming! Those older ones from the SOFREP main site would be a great re-post too!

I hope y'all can make this a regular posting! Two daughters, Krav Maga more than 45 miles away, so I appreciate all the help you've got to give!

1 year, 2 months ago on Women’s Self Defense Basic #2


I love the small form factor of the DSLR, Nick, have you ever tried on a Steady-cam rig from the 80's? We would have killed for a Go-Pro and digital stabilization! Love my Manfrotto too! I've played with Final cut, awesome tool! I'm stuck with CS5 on my old 8 core Mac Pro tower, salivating over the new MacPro "cylinder." Keep the Photo porn coming! I'll be cleaning my old Bronicas and checking out my bellows on the Toyo View, let your fotogeek run amok!

1 year, 2 months ago on The Cameras and Gear Behind the GROM Series


Some of what is on my reading "pile" notice the white book near the bottom just above the Lincoln biography. Kipling is one of my go to authors, a little gung-ho but "classic."

What you can't see are the two volumes of Moliere plays and two bindings of Italian decorative iron. Pays to stay well rounded, the distraction helps keep you from too many nightmares.

1 year, 3 months ago on Captains Courageous: Christmas Day 1968, Spike Team Idaho


One Charity that I give to regularly is USN & USMC Relief, they provide emergency loans to families that are in need.  The big item I see missing is the "gap funding."  What happens when one of our servicemen dies and he has a sick youngster still back in the states?  College funding for our veterans survivors, wives and children.  Just someone to hold a hand and help with all the paperwork.  There are so many things we can do, that often just fall through the cracks.

1 year, 3 months ago on UPDATED: SOUND OFF: What Should Military Charities Be Doing?


I read the initial reports and braced myself for the worst. Since my great uncle first told me about his involvement in the early development of the Osprey's terrain mapping radar, I've paid special attention to all news about the platform. Arguably the Osprey needs more armament for self protection, but that will always be a problem. If they had been riding H-53's or H-46's that FROG might have died.

I for one love the Osprey. Sending good men into a shit storm is no way to make friends. FUCKIN' A glad as Hell the guys got out with as little damage as possible!

Oh, remember to share the love brothers and sisters! After all it's that Yuletide season!

1 year, 3 months ago on West Coast-Based US Navy SEAL Injured In South Sudan During CV-22 Insertion


I served with guys that would get all misty eyed about the AD, so I can understand the love for the Warthog. Personally I thought the Navy was kinda cooky for trying to do light attack/CAS with the A-7, but at that time the USAF was using the same platform. I don't see any good answers for this, Embraer's Tucano and the Texan both look like nice light attack platforms. But neither one is as tough in the fight as an A-10. I've mentioned this old beauty before, ever heard of the Convair Charger? Designed just for COIN, it's original wing span permitted landing between phone poles on a two lane road. Just look at the load out below:

1 year, 4 months ago on Buzz CAS-Kill: Who needs A-10s?


Didn't occupation forces in Germany have continued assymetrical attacks from die hard Nazis until the early 1950's? Despite becoming our "friends" a small element still caused issues. Iran would be no different.

1 year, 4 months ago on Dealing with Iran—Turning Enemies into Allies


Marrying into a Christian Iranian family and becoming exposed to the greater Iranian Expat community here in the US, I've come to the realization that the first generation Iranian immigrants are very "Russian." 1st generation Iranian immigrants have an idealized nostalgia for Iran. But there is no amount of Nostalgia that will cover their repugnance for the "Elite" Theocracy that rules Iran. The sanction regime has only recently began to have real effect. You want a I-phone? You can buy it in Tehran, a Mercedes-Benz sedan? The latest bootleg DVD or Bluray? The Black market that has been in place for the last 30 years has only lined the coffers of the ruling elite. All thanks to ineffective UN Sanctions. Our allies that have been buying oil from Iran continuously since the beginning of sanctions have done nothing more than encourage and fund these elite families. The average Iranian does not view the Average American as a threat, they see our government as a huge threat. Iranians do not view our government as being representative of us, they separate it from our views. Dealing with the Iranians, we need to maintain that effective pressure on the Elites. Our nations are more similar than is comfortable for most Americans. Oh and just a personal insight, Iranians carry grudges like an Appalachian Moonshiner. I think the Sicilians learned about Vendettas from the Persians.

1 year, 4 months ago on Dealing with Iran—Turning Enemies into Allies


To this day I still must regularly download pictures and video to clear memory from my wife's phone! You're just beginning, enjoy every minute!

1 year, 4 months ago on Green Beret Parenting Techniques: First Lessons


It's a real shame we didn't have much info coming into the US at that time. I was just a young college bound kid at the time, I remember the info/spin the US media put on S.A. and Rhodesia. I'm grateful for Dan's work, it is definitely filling in some of the details. The thing I recall from the region during the mid to late 1970's where the atrocities the Frelimo forces committed. Systematic rape and torture of entire villages, kinda got my attention. Wish I had known more at the time.

1 year, 4 months ago on Africa Lost Chapter 6: The Rhodesian SAS Part 5 – The Cockleshell Heroes


Our first must have been holding on to something, she did not want to come out! 12 hour delivery, the Doc used a suction cup like device to grab her head and pull her out! Guy nearly fell off his stool! Time for a bunch of choices, Blake you're well prepared, but it still ain't easy. Again, love and prayers for your family!

1 year, 4 months ago on Green Beret Parenting Techniques: Day Zero


I don't think it's the height, so much as it's the ground. My sister in law lent us her video, watching her on the tower made me smile so hard my face hurt! How did you get along with the mud?

1 year, 4 months ago on War Stories: My First FTX


There's a reason Squids like Gyreens, when it comes down to it, we've got each other's backs.  Look forward to reading this; again Pete, excellent work to be sure!

1 year, 6 months ago on A Look At “Operation Red Wings”


It's intriguing to me that the discussion has almost totally been about specific weapons systems and not the core issue of killing by any means.  Arguably when our State apparatus executes a criminal it is using a chemical weapon, since we find firing squads, hangings, and electrocution to be "inhumane."  When the Russian Federation troops used chemical weapons against the Chechens that held a Moscow Theater Hostage I heard no "Cry and Hue" from the UN Security Council.

Strictly speaking killing anyone is immoral, even if we think they deserve it.  Long a go I made my choice about that, and I find comfort in knowing that when I'm judged by my fellow man or by my creator I can stand tall.  Threats should be met with all the force within your ability to deliver, what would be immoral is not using that force to defend/protect the innocent.  "Collateral Damage" is brought about by forcing innocent bystanders into proximity of the fight, a choice generally made by the insurgent.  The responsibility for all deaths due to "collateral damage" can logically be given to the insurgent forces.  Though that is a tough argument to make with Drone warfare.    

1 year, 6 months ago on The Morality of Killing