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Having been called out to photograph the remaining "grey matter" splashed all over the stairwell of a barracks, I can tell you one major reason the US armed forces does not wish to arm all the men on a post.  Separation from family, girlfriends, stress from operations, drunken idiocy, the list goes on and on.  FUCK YES WE LIVE IN A "NANNY" CULTURE!!!

I witnessed what it was like to store a personal weapon in the base armory, my Anchutz target rifle was trashed by some anonymous "Ham Handed Buffoon."  Guess what, I had to eat that loss.  Is it right?  Is it Ideal?  FUCK NO!  

I also witnessed a young E4 going to NJP for storing a family heirloom .45-70 rifle in the barracks.  He had just lost his dad and this was a prized inheritance.  

Base security officers, and MP's/MA's at least on USMC posts and USN stations are armed on duty, off duty they abide by the same regulations as the other MOS's /NEC's.  It has been that way since my time in service; I don't have any good answers, but I like Sean believe that "gun free zones" are an invitation for tragedy.     

4 days, 17 hours ago on Letter To The Editor: USMC Base Policy On Firearms Not Realistic


Very grateful for this update, good point about much of the weapons systems being "locally" produced systems.  A number of the regional reports I've read point to the fact that much of what is being used is Syrian or Iranian in origin.  The ARES project( has some great intel about the small arms from that conflict:

I'm curious to see more and more "western weapons systems" but then I remember that Iran bought  the G3, M-16, Garand, LAWs, and numerous higher technology systems while a US ally.  Thus the "reverse engineering" of Phantom Jet engines, Phoenix type missiles for the Iranian Tomcats and various other systems.

4 days, 18 hours ago on Proliferation of Heavy Weapons in Iraq and Syria


@Coriolanus All I can say......

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@SEAN SPOONTS(MAFIA) @majrodShit, the Japanese are queing up with tankers at the oil terminals at Bandar Abbas.  Despite being a US ally and "supporting" our UN resolution for sanctions.  German, French, and British trade goods and tellingly "Luxury" items are available in Tehran.  WTF?  Syria isn't the sole source provider of Iranian support.  There is money to be had, Turkish borders are notoriously porous when money is flashed.  There is also a healthy black market of smuggling that IRGC permits because it lines their pockets, and those of the Supreme Ayatollah.  

There are no innocents here.     

Just keep my brothers in uniform out of this shit show.

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Fifteen


The argument could be made that the success of the First Gulf War led to the dismantling of the US DoD during the Clinton administration.  After all, if we can whip these small time threats in such an out of hand manner then why do we need a 600 ship Navy?  Or why do we need to forward deploy so much armor in Germany?  The "Peace dividend" biting us in the ass yet again.  Fuckers never learn.

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As a participant in part of operation Sand Flea I can tell you that US forces felt the threat from Panamanian forces.  Just ask anyone in country around November /December 1989, we felt like the Panamanians wanted a fight, and we were getting ready.

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Twelve


Spin, propaganda, shaping operations, alive and well here in the old US of A!  Look at some of the news clippings from the 1840's US war with Mexico and tell me that public opinion isn't shaped by forces inside and outside the US government.

I hope my friends in Caracas are safe 'cause I see a storm coming. 

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Nine


Gladio, my instincts tell me you and Jack Murphy are sharing intel.  Can't wait to see the results!

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Eight


@Recon6 @Old PH2My ISP has been giving me fits!  Found out our local provider has been in the area for the last few months upgrading the copper wire network to fiber optic.  My internet line has been shit for months, plus I've been buried at work.  I've been able to stay in the loop via my iPhone but that interface is like trying to bob for apples in a tub of razor blades!  My eyes and thumbs are just too old for that shit!  

Kerry has done quite a job here, huge Kudos!

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Four


Ol' Smedley rears his head!!!  Hell Yeah!  Serving in the USN from October of 82' October of 92'

I recall much of what you've laid out from first hand intel briefs.  The bombing of the Berlin night club via Libyan operatives happened around the same time, shit we were taking casualties from every quarter.  Death of a thousand cuts as it where.  Bob Stetham hit us hard, like a slap in the face.  Beirut was bad enough, first the barracks then Buckley but damn, just flying and you become a target for assassination......

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Seven


I think it's telling to hear a native born Iranian speak of the Shah.  My wife and her family are Iranian Christians and all of them speak with a warm nostalgia for the benevolence of Reza Pahlavi.  Below is a picture of one of my Iranian in-laws, she worked as a clerk at a department store.  We really do forget how Western Iran was prior to 1979.  The fact that Reza Pahlavi departed Iran rather than stay in place and slaughter his people is not lost on those who lived through the "Iranian Revolution." The Ayatollah, may he rot in HELL, had no problem slaughtering hundreds of thousands of my  brother in law's generation.  Fucking butcher.     

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Six


I had an uncle stationed in England during the 1950's, I think we Americans forget how long it took the UK to spring back from World War II.  Rationing continued well into the 1950's, The UK was still fighting colonial wars in Malaysia, Burma, and Kenya.  That whole time was a shit show, and my gut tells me they were scrambling to close the barn door before they lost all the livestock.  No excuses, they acted in a reprehensible way.  Shit Brittan has been giving the shitty end to that region of the world since the time of King George or before.  Just look at the Durand line for Christ sakes!  The Armenian Holocaust, wouldn't have been nearly so bad if the BEF had actually armed the Christian Generals they where courting.  The Raping of the Middle East has a long and storied history in the West.  

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Five


Shades of Smedley Butler and the Banana Wars.  The Dulles Brothers operated much like our 19th century Monopolists, Hell the current Russian oligarchs would feel right at home. 

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Four


I could argue that the American public has put such a high value on life that it has shaped both military and everyday life here in the US.  Look at legislation that covers the gamut from texting and driving all the way to building codes that require levels of fire protection, earth quake protection, even Huricane/Tornado protection.  Hell we've become so casualty averse our last couple of wars decreased overall casualties by a factor of more than ten as compared to Viet Nam. 

Tired of war?  Tired of Risk!  

Shit fire, you can't legislate your way into a "garden of Eden" where even the animals won't bite you! 

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Part Two


Jack I think this generation of Servicemen are no different than any other, we all raised that question.  I feel that's one of the quintessentially "American" characteristics.  We all question authority to varying degrees.  Problem we have right now is, we cant seem to shake loose the rotten fruit from the tree of democracy.  Balzac would see our world and feel right at home.  

Thanks for setting the stage so to speak.  

1 week, 4 days ago on The Syria Report: Foreword by Jack Murphy


No matter how much I try, I'm that guy that always falls off the boat. Spent many a cold wet day Duck hunting with Dad. Nothing will get your attention like a set of waders full of near freezing water, once the current gets you it's all about trying to get back topside for some air! Looks like a solid pick!

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I love my old H&K, built from a demilled parts kit. Right now it's wearing a surplus wooden stock, I love the feel of a wooden stock. Parts aren't too expensive, surplus mags vary wildly in price so shop around!

1 month ago on The CETME/G3 Battle Rifle