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@Jax Raging Bile Duct @TMoneyNY  

I'm sure some of this will just come down to a difference in opinion (which is perfectly fine), but I'll try to address your points.

1) The Thunder should be starting Durant and Ibaka or Ibaka and Collison at the front court positions.  Either go small full time, knowing that a majority of the 4's in the league are not going to punish or even make Durant work down low, or plug in Collison in Perk's spot. Collison gives you defensive awareness and adequate post defense while being miles better on the offensive side of the ball.

 2) He has had one of the worst PER's of any starter for multiple years.  At this point, the overwhelming evidence points to him being terrible on offense, and nothing more than average on defense.  This playoffs was an extreme example, not an aberration.  Big difference.

 3) Not sure what you're saying here.  If the Thunder go small full time, it will resemble the Miami offense, where the lone "big" on the floor is one that can space the floor on offense.  The Thunder give up some defense because Battier will battle harder and smarter than Durant down low, but Ibaka is a much better help defender than Bosh, so it should even out.  A starting lineup of Westbrook, Martin, Sefolosha, Durant, Ibaka would provide a good mix of scoring and defense, assuming some expected growth on that end from everyone except Sefolosha (already good) and Martin (a lost cause).

My main point, to actually address the amnesty, is that this is a way for the front office to take the option of overplaying Perk out of Scotty's hand.  That way, he won't look like the bad guy or succumb to his stiffy for "veteran leadership".  The Thunder will have as good a chance as any to find the next Kenyon Martin or Birdman for the veteran's minimum, but Brooks will know not to give whoever they bring in minutes at the expense of the players that deserve it.

1 year, 11 months ago on Should the Thunder amnesty Kendrick Perkins?


@Royce Young @Jax Raging Bile Duct I agree with Ibaka's Jumpshot here.  Perkin's defensive abilities simply do not make up for the glaring lack of offensive contribution.  His post defense only matters against 5-8 centers in the league, and even that was called into question against Memphis, because he didn't help against either post-up threat.  Also, all he had to do in the Houston series was cover Omer Asik, who isn't a threat from outside.  He can't handle the pick and roll or any big that can drag him outside.

As for his offense, his passing in the half court is only OK if you consider not throwing the ball into the stands on every play as the average, and he can't finish a layup!

He's not good enough to start, and Scott Brooks just loves intangibles way too much to trust him to know that.  If you get in a coach who just knows to start Collison or go small with Durant at the 4 for the vast majority, then yeah, play Perk 10 minutes a game off the bench, because the tax savings aren't worth it.  For me, the amnesty is necessary so that Brooks doesn't play a guy over his capabilities.  The positive change comes not from replacing Perk's 25 minutes a game with Pachulia, but from a coach realizing a player of that caliber should only be playing 10 minutes.

1 year, 11 months ago on Should the Thunder amnesty Kendrick Perkins?


And then the Thunder lose it. Top 3 protected. That would be the best thing for the Thunder so they can roll it over to next year.

2 years ago on Thunder fall in the regular season finale to the Bucks, 95-89


@thunderguy80 If I remember correctly, you can only use it on a contract that was already in place before the CBA was signed. So they can't sign someone to a new contract and amnesty them later. That's why perk is always mentioned as the person to amnesty.

2 years, 9 months ago on Death and Luxury Taxes: The Thunder’s complicated future


You're analysis is usually pretty fair on both sides, Royce, but point #15 was a real homer pick. Apparently you missed the end of the game last night, because LeBron was assertive and imposed his will on the game. He drove hard to the basket, took great shots, and set up those two huge Battier threes. Durant is great at the end of the game IF he can get the ball a reasonable distance from the basketball and IF everyone doesn't collapse. His assist numbers in the clutch are pretty bad, and LeBron was able to keep him from getting the ball for a large part of the game. LeBron will make the RIGHT PLAY, not just take a shot because he thinks it is his right. Durant is great, because his team needs him to be Kobe. He needs to shoot, whether its a good play or not. LeBron can transcend that.

3 years ago on 16 thoughts from the Heat-Thunder game


 @ChilamBilam12  I have to disagree. That was the possession where he caught the long rebound. He was being guarded by Kobe when he grabbed the rebound and shadowed by another player. No way he was getting a decent shot off. Yes, it was a bad pass, but I think a shot there would have been the wrong move. The real question is why Thibodeau didn't draw up the last inbounds play for him.

3 years, 1 month ago on Kevin Durant wins the 2012 All-Star Game MVP


Not to doubt you, Royce, but I think Ibaka was not doing a great job going straight up. He had 4 fouls, and I think 2 or 3 of them were on Monta Ellis "and 1" layups, including the last one which put the Warriors ahead. I was yelling at him to just put Ellis on the floor and get the most out of the foul, but that's a whole other issue. Too many forays to the hoop without someone hitting him hard.

3 years, 2 months ago on The Thunder survive a wild one against the Warriors, 119-116


@ThunderWins@Fuzzy Logic Totally agree. As a Knicks fan (who happens to also like the Thunder and the wonderful job they do at Daily Thunder), you can't really understand what this is like right now. A D-Leaguer saving a team with two of the top offensive players in the NBA.

Also, ESPN does have Kobe passing Shaq as the lead story on the main page, for what it is worth, and has the Magic/Clipper game ahead of it on the mobile ESPN page. Some of it I think has to do with an algorithim that checks pageviews and orders the stories that way.

3 years, 2 months ago on Controversial call tarnishes an otherwise fantastic win for OKC over Portland