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Yes, it is as if the word "progression" had never been invented. When I read "positive regression" I just about fell out of my chair. It's great that the English language is living and elastic and all that, but why shoot for the double-negative with a single word is so much clearer? "Me, fail English? That's unpossible!"

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Halo Headlines: Angels poised for positive regression, J.T. Snow got Hall of Fame votes

@monkeywithahalo@GeorgeKaplan8 I didn't intend to point fingers at anyone; in fact, this $300M/10Yrs is so widely bandied about that it is almost an internet meme at this point. My only thought here was that such a calculation didn't take into account the fact that Trout would be getting significantly less money than $30M in those next 4 seasons, which means the idea of an AAV of $30M is lunacy. Use Ryan Howard's arbitration buyout extension as an example, or Even Longoria's. Inflation isn't really such a factor, because the player is being guaranteed money many years in advance; this means he is trading potentially higher future salaries in exchange for financial security and a guaranteed wage.

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Signing Tanaka, extending Trout and mutual exclusivity


The part about the estimations of Trout's future salary is that each estimate seems to ignore the fact that he's still under team control for 2014, and under arbitration for 2015-17. Free agency doesn't arrive for him until the 2018 season. A 10-year deal, then, would include 4 years under team control and his first 6 years of free agency. Those first 4 years would be much, much less than $30M a season, which means the AAV of the 10 year deal would be much less than $30M per year. I would assume a salary for 2014 of $1M, values for his arb years of $15M, 17.5M and $20M, and THEN the $20M to $30M for the remaining 6 years. The upside to Trout is that this is all guaranteed money, the upside to the team is that he could still outperform such a deal. Assuming he gets $30M a season for those final 6 years, that is still a contract total of $233.5M and an AAV then of $23.4M. That is both a hell of a lot of money for Trout, and a long, long way from $300M/10yrs.

6 months, 4 weeks ago on Signing Tanaka, extending Trout and mutual exclusivity