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I actually agree with most of what you're talking about. However, I have no problems getting my content seen and read. Nor with our clients. I don't believe what you're describing is a content problem. Rather, it's an audience problem. 

Just look at your own reading habits. I bet you have a set go-to number of sites you visit frequently to consume content. It's those websites that own the audience we want to get in front of. By identifying those sites and pitching them to talk about your owned media you're going to get a lot of more exposure. 100K per month is nice, but 1million is better if it's the right persona. 

One article on drove over 1,200 leads in less than two weeks for me. Over 9k in 12 months. Was it because the quality of the content was good? No - it's because it was good enough for the audience that frequents

Quality content is in the eye of the beholder. IMO content is like real estate - location, location, location. The quality vs. quantity debate is a waste if you believe this.

I'm glad what you're doing works well for you. What I described above works for us. At the end of the day we're all winning and that's what counts :)

BTW - you'll hate the title of my most recent post


11 months, 3 weeks ago on PR is 80% more effective than content marketing? Nope



I wrote the second article you're talking about. The title was specifically written as click bait (after all, I'm a content marketer, not a journalist). Other than that, the piece merely reports on the study. It in no way bashes content marketing or owned media. I've been championing content marketing since 2009. The article itself lobbies for companies to take a mixed media approach. Unfortunately, most companies today take a build it and they will come approach to content marketing. Given that many industries are in an online content surplus, this is a problem. It's very noisy out there and it's difficult for brands to break through and get eyeballs on their owned content. The study suggests that media relations in conjunction with content marketing will likely provide more positive impact on KPIs - aka more eye balls, exposure and ultimately, trust.


11 months, 3 weeks ago on PR is 80% more effective than content marketing? Nope


Excellent, excellent, excellent commentary by both @cspenn and @markwschaefer. This aligns closely with @Marcus Sheridan's concept of the "Content Saturation Index" or CSI. You've just inspired me to add my thoughts to this convo in an article. Thanks!

1 year, 3 months ago on The Role of PR in the Coming Content Marketing Collapse




Your advice is sound and is indeed prudent in this new reality we find ourselves in. Thanks. . . However, there's an easier way to tell marketers how to sculpt a good link graph - just create lots of good content on a regular basis.


Once I moved my resources away from the technical stuff and into creating more passion-filled, problem solving content I saw the number of keywords driving traffic shoot up 633% and my conversion rates more than double. Hope the angle I took is valuable to your community.



2 years, 5 months ago on What the Post Penguin Landscape Means for Your Link Building



Your post is dead on and describes our approach to content marketing to a tee for all four reasons above. What I find funny is that I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many agencies don't produce ANY content at all, let alone have a strategy for it. Many of those same agencies are using social media w/out any content marketing for themselves or their clients.

Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, said it best - "Social media campaigns without content marketing are hollow."

Given Google's massive indexing and algorithm changes last year content marketing is the best SEO strategy too. My hope is that folks quit trying to find the "internet marketing shortcut" and commit to content marketing using the reasons you laid out above.

3 years, 2 months ago on The Only 4 Reasons Agencies Should Care About Their Own Content Marketing