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illl speack for Blackie wetzel as when i was 10 yrs old i resided with him and doris in wash dc ,I'm the oldest granson he did in fact submitted this logo, i seen it before it was submitted  but he said radicals will question the name which back then things were diffrent i mean alot was happening in 1972 , my question is why 80 yrs later are people questioining this ??????to some of us, redskins was a awsome thing as our skin is A reddish tint and were very proud of it and were proud to be AMERICAN INDIANS , i also have remotely heard people were called redskins in a bad way and i cann see where their coming from  i propose  we call it the WASHINGTON WARRIORS  BUT KEEP THE LOGO ,to me its not offedning i been called alot worse LOL but to many its offending and the history way back when was in some ways negtive , whats wrong with Washington Warriors with the same logo ?????if people are offended by the logo then id say  your too sentimental as we need to keep it representing american indians the back bone of this great country

1 year, 3 months ago on Native American fan tells why he is Blackfeet Strong, Redskins Proud