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This was a classy move by the Kings organization and I'm glad they did it. I wish Jimmer the best of luck.

Just thought it was interesting that you mentioned Hawes, Evans, Robinson and now Jimmer as "failed experiments" for the Kings. Obviously two of those four are kinda in different circumstances than the other two, but I just found it funny how a team that remains near last in the West can claim to have "failed experiments", as if what we currently have going on is such a huge success.  

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Why Jimmer Fredette no longer made sense for the Sacramento Kings


Here's the deal though ... the Pelicans were still a worse team than we were last season. And the year before. But they made some moves while still allowing continuity and now they're better than we are. You can't just entirely write off Petrie's last few years here and say that as of 2013 the record is entirely clean. Fans have been waiting a long long time, and we had a core in place of Tyreke and DeMarcus. PDA decided to let Evans go and take the slow route of waiting for McLemore to develop. He also decided to overhaul the roster instead of giving it a chance under a new coach. And as a result you can't just use roster moves as an excuse for the team losing and not playing well. It was the FO's choice. 

I am 100% in agreement with Coach Malone. The Kings FO promised one thing for this season - a significant improvement defensively. They also promised culture change, and the FO has not been shy in overhauling the roster. To the FO's credit they've added some potentially good pieces in Gay and Williams. We've supposedly become a way more talented team than we were last season! Despite all that, we still see the same old problems. At what point do we maybe start looking at Isaiah Thomas and maybe Jason Thompson as part of the problem, both defensively and in terms of having the right attitude? DeMarcus shares same of the blame too, but there is no way he is going to be moved. The rest of the previous years' roster is completely gone - Jimmer and Thornton haven't played regular enough roles to possibly take the blame for the team's consistent lack of execution. 

It's perfectly reasonable to expect a young changing roster to have teething pains. But Malone seems to be alluding to a lack of execution and listening that has been prevalent the entire season. He's talking about attitudes and about basketball IQ. If the problem hasn't been addressed despite moving so many players then the process of elimination isn't complete. Isaiah Thomas or JT needs to be the next to go. 

12 months ago on Michael Malone heats up, loses sight of big picture


@benbackstreet @surfzrup Really? In his normal games you can count on at least 1 similar TO. Take note of each possession I listed and see whether Jimmer would have had the chance to take a shot. Aside from the 2 TOs he really did what he was supposed to do. Feed Gay, feed Cousins. If he got the ball back and was open then sure shoot it, but I would personally walk up to him and smack him in the head if with Cuz/ Gay on the floor he just dribbled it up and shot the ball without even passing it to them first. 

I still don't think that 4 on 2 break was that big an issue. In the first place it was a bad shot from DWill, and it was Acy and Gay who were slow to get back. This is the NBA. This was the Miami Heat. They were going to convert a 4 on 2. Danny Green in the finals last year did the very same thing anticipating the pass to the Wade/James in similar settings, and it paid off at times. In retrospect was it a bad rotation by Jimmer? Yes... but it was hardly his fault that they got two points out of it. To make it seem as if Jimmer was a disaster on the defensive end and the Miami Heat just walked over him is completely inaccurate.

12 months ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Miami Heat 122, Sacramento Kings 103


So in response to the podcast .. was this really that much of a disaster for Jimmer? He had the two TOs, which led to 4 straight Heat points (not 6 that Jon said). Then in a 4 on 2 he wrongly plays Wade instead of Allen. Very likely that the Heat would have scored either way. Other than that, he wasn't even involved in anything else! I don't see how that amounts to a disaster by Jimmer standards. It was a slightly sub-par game for him considering the little that he normally brings to the table anyway. By no means a disaster, especially not on the defensive end that you guys did mention.

12 months ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Miami Heat 122, Sacramento Kings 103


Guys, thanks again for the podcast. I happened to go through Jimmer's 4 minutes of play and again, I don't think he played as bad as you made it out to be. I have a feeling there was this impression that he was terrible because they scored a bunch of fast break points against him. I'll just try to copy and paste the post I made on another forum. Again, please don't turn this into me being some Jimmer fan or something like that. It's literally a breakdown of the 4 minutes he played - make of it what you will.

1st minute - No problems on either end. We got two buckets on an Acy dunk and Williams layup. On defense Wade scored on a postup against Acy + Outlaw, Jimmer not involved at all.

2nd minute
1. Jimmer passes to Gay who goes 1 on 1 and scores on a pullup.
2. Ray Allen scores a layup off PnR with Lewis. Defended by Williams + Outlaw. Jimmer not involved.
3. Jimmer leaves his feet to make bad pass to Acy, TO. Chris Andersen gets transition dunk with Jimmer only man back in 3 on 1. Malone immediately calls a time out which I thought was weird, unless it was to reprimand the other guys for not even trying to run back.
4. Jimmer TO leads to 3 on 2, Cole gets a layup.

3rd minute
5. Gay brings the ball up, doesn't pass takes a contested jumpshot and misses. Heat rebound, outlet gets stolen by Derrick Williams. Williams goes the other way, goes 1 on 1 without passing the ball and misses the contested shot. Acy, Gay, Williams slow to get back, Heat come down 4 on 2 [1st picture]. Jimmer anticipates the lob to Wade, doesn't pick up Allen and Allen gets a dunk. Malone calls timeout, Cousins in for Acy.

6. Gay brings ball up, runs side pick and pop with Cousins. Cousins misses the shot.
7. [2nd picture] Wade posts up Outlaw. Matchups are Gay-Allen, Williams-Lewis, Jimmer-Cole, Cousins-Andersen. Gay leaves Allen in the corner to double Wade, Allen moves to the angle, gets an open 3 but misses. Williams doesn't box out Lewis and Lewis gets the putback.

4th Minute
8. Jimmer brings ball up, passes to Rudy Gay on the left angle. Gay gets ball poked away, recovers and tries to slip a pass through two defenders to Cousins, which gets stolen by Andersen.
9. [4th picture]  Heat break the other way. This time Jimmer stops the ball (Cole), and manages to contest Wade who finishes a tough layup. In picture below Outlaw gets there after Jimmer, so it's not a defensive miscommunication.

10. [3rd picture] Jimmer brings ball up, feeds Cousins on left block, a bit too far out. Guys stand around for a while, I believe Cousins shouts move and some guys start trying to cut. Jimmer remains on the perimeter. Cousins tries to make a cross court pass to Outlaw in the corner, but ball gets knocked out of bounds by Wade. Overall spacing was poor on the possession, and Cousins seems to yell at Jimmer after telling him to move or something.

Thus concludes Jimmer's 3 minutes 53s of play. Again, not a good showing by any means but I don't think he was THAT bad. He was barely involved after the two turnovers (which were bad).

12 months ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Miami Heat 122, Sacramento Kings 103


@Ken S 

Jimmer's footprint on this game was pretty much just 2 TOs. He did not have an effective game, but it wasn't a very bad one relative to his usual games. This was clearly a case of overall team defense being bad, a concept not exactly new with the Sacramento Kings. 

I find that both the Jimmer fans and the "antagonists" tend to blow things out of proportions. It's a shame there can't be some objective middle ground.

12 months ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Miami Heat 122, Sacramento Kings 103


@zeke22 @surfzrup 

At some point you have to hold the guy accountable himself. I find it unlikely that every big he plays with fails to call out screens.

If you would read my post carefully, you'll find that I am in no way suggesting that Jimmer is some dominant player. I suggested moving IT to a 6th man role that allows him to be the focal point of the offense. He would still play far more minutes than Jimmer, and this allows Jimmer to play off of the other starters and not have to try to create for himself and others. IMO you get better balance between the bench and starting units and better maximize/utilize the players that we have. Jimmer doesn't make sense as a backup PG with the rest of the players we have. Like you said he's a better backup SG, but at this point who would you then put at backup PG? McCallum? 

The whole point of having a dominant big man in Cousins is that he doesn't need a very good playmaker. He just needs to get the ball in the post. How many easy baskets did Derek Fisher get Shaq? Or was it more just giving the ball to Shaq and letting him go to work? That's the point. Jimmer doesn't need to be a great player when he plays with the starters, especially with the addition of Rudy Gay who will take some pressure off of Cuz. 

12 months ago on Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 124: The defensive struggles of the Sacramento Kings


Good podcast guys. You talked about JT and Cousins' defense, but I wished you focused a little more on IT's role in pick and roll defense as well. The defensive lapses are by no means entirely on him but I think when opposing PGs are putting up 20 points and/or 10+ assists every other night against us you have to look at the (poor) job that Thomas is doing as well. He too is missing rotations in the pick and roll and constantly trailing the play, and that's something that has been the case from previous seasons.

I would like to see IT moved back to the bench, where he's free to pursue scoring for himself. He's not a natural playmaker or role player and we should not be trying to force him to be one with Cousins and Gay on the floor. If you watch his assists you'll find that most of them are coming on drive and kicks or pick and pops as opposed to say getting Cousins easy looks around the rim. 

This also lets you start Jimmer in a lineup with multiple other scoring threats like you mentioned was necessary. He can space the floor together with McLemore, making it harder for teams to double Cousins, and he's also more willing to defer to Gay and Cuz. Defensively I highly doubt the team would miss anything considering Teague got 18/15, Kemba 24/5, Dragic + Bledsoe combing for 57/11, Burke 11/9 in 20 minutes etc. Thomas still plays more minutes and finishes games. 

As for weird lineups, don't forget Jimmer-Thornton-McLemore-Outlaw-N'Diaye. 

You would think it's pretty common sense. Shooters that can't create for themselves have to be paired with either some post-presence commanding double teams or a playmaker. It doesn't help that aside from Aaron Gray nobody on the Kings team knows how to set (or use) a screen, so that already makes it more difficult to run effective plays for catch and shoot players.

1 year ago on Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 124: The defensive struggles of the Sacramento Kings