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That's what they all say!

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 sontaran17: Ah, Mr Hurst! You look better now you're up.

TheAdministrator1: Thank you, sonty!

sontaran17: No, sorry, trick of the light. You still look terrible. Can I get you anything?

TheAdministrator1: Er, no, thanks. Maybe just something to watch.

sontaran17: Of course. Well,don't hold back, I've nearly finished anyway.

TheAdministrator1: Um ...

sontaran17: It's perfectly all right. I wiped the first virus from the link myself.

TheAdministrator1: All of a sudden, I don’t have much time.

sontaran17: Really? Perhaps it is time, then - for your mandatory profile examination!

sontaran17: Say Ah.

TheAdministrator1: Ah.

sontaran17: You didn't move your lips.

TheAdministrator1: You'relooking at a still avatar.

sontaran17: Oh, yes, there we go, easy mistake. Now that's interesting.

TheAdministrator1: What, what's interesting?

sontaran17: Deflected narcissism, traces of passive camp, and a lot of muscular young men doing sport.

TheAdministrator1: What are you looking at?

sontaran17: Yourinternet history. Is that sport? It could be sport.

TheAdministrator1: Well, stop looking.

sontaran17: Ah, excellent. Enviable desktop, well done. 20 years old, with a projected comment-span of exactly –

TheAdministrator1: Stop right there!

sontaran17: Oh, you're going to do quite well. But watch out for bugs on formatting later, it's going to be spectacular. Put your avatar back on.

TheAdministrator1: It is on!

sontaran17: Oh, so it is.

TheAdministrator1: Why are you doing this?

sontaran17: If we are to serve together, I need you at peak digital prowess.

TheAdministrator1: Ow! Why would we be serving together? The Genie will come back, won't he?

sontaran17: It is to be hoped.

TheAdministrator1: He’s not just going to abandon me here.

sontaran17: You must stop worrying about him, my boy, by now he’s almost certainly had his comment flagged by the violent poor.

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@TheTimeTraveller is excited for Capaldi The phonecall's my favourite.  Doubt I need to explain why.

I love Clara taking a deep breath.  It's fantastically done.  Utterly suspenseful.

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@Scribey @The Genie Yes!  It's exactly like that.  And you need that in controlled assessments; you really need the ability to allow other aspects pull up what's mostly a poor assessment.  I suppose television is just a huge exam for critics to mark.

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@Scribey @The Genie I like you.  Continuous 10/10s are one of my pet hates.

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@Scribey Out of curiosity, which categories brought the score down so much?

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Anyone who's up for a challenge...

If you want an accurate way of scoring Deep Breath that works along with a universal system used by others, I've constructed this (ignore the fan-fic bit of the URL - it's just the name of the site).  It's a method of calculating an exact numerical score based on different aspects of the episode.  Worth trying for Series Eight at the least.

http: //

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Deep Breath: 8.6/10

My gut-instinct score was 8.5/10 - more accurate than I thought, obviously.

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@stargazer0118 Vale or an unreleased piece - possible the 'Amy sitting on the suitcase' music or 'Help Him' from the 2014 Christmas Special.  The Impossible Planet and Abigail's Song are also both quite haunting in their own ways.

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The Eleventh Hour, narrowly.  I felt Matt's Doctor was better-transitioned; Capaldi more or less went straight from his post-regenerative hangover to a brilliantly intelligent, witty and unpredictable man with no visible change - just slightly jarring.  Deep Breath is enjoyable, but The Eleventh Hour has the edge, also because it just so much fun. 

19 hours, 26 minutes ago on Face-Off: The Eleventh Hour vs Deep Breath


And Series Six.  As with Bi, I'll probably stick to my gut instinct from here on.

The God Complex 9.1/10

The Doctor’s Wife 9.0/10

The Girl Who Waited 8.8/10

Closing Time 8.7/10

The Impossible Astronaut 8.2/10

A Good Man Goes To War 7.5/10

Night Terrors 7.3/10

Let’s Kill Hitler 7.1/10

Day of the Moon 6.9/10

The Almost People 6.3/10

Curse of the Black Spot 6.1/10

The Rebel Flesh 5.4/10

The Wedding of River Song 5.0/10

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@TheBiPunishment If you don't think one of the categories is important you can just remove them and divide by one less, or swap for one you feel should be on there.

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@TheBiPunishment Mark each out of ten and divide the total by fourteen.


Opening Scene

Ending Scene








Initial Score

Current Score



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And I have no idea why Deep Breath is randomly on there, but there you go.

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I just tried the same scoring system I used below to rate Series Seven episodes.  It's really interesting to see how they came out.  If anyone else wants to have a go let me know in a reply and I'll show you how to do it.  I'd actually disagree with the placing of a lot of these, particularly The Angels Take Manhattan and The Crimson Horror, but it's quite enlightening to see how other values than the script affect the quality of an episode.

A Town Called Mercy 9.2/10

The Time of the Doctor 9.1/10

Asylum of the Daleks 9.0/10

The Bells of Saint John: 8.6/10

Deep Breath: 8.7/10

The Snowmen: 8.4/10

The Angels Take Manhattan 8.4/10

The Day of the Doctor 8.3/10

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship 8.3/10

The Rings of Akhaten 8.0/10

The Power of Three: 7.8/10

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 7.1/10

The Crimson Horror 6.8/10

Hide 5.7/10

Nightmare in Silver 5.6/10

The Name of the Doctor 5.3/10

Cold War: 5.1/10

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For anyone interested, I decided to rank the openers a little more systematically.  It's not the way I normally do things, but I'm not quite prepared to assign Deep Breath a settled numerical score, so I rated it - and each of the other openers - on a number of factors (including pacing, characters, setting, directing, resolution), and added them up to find an average.  Some (The Bells of Saint John) I would have rated higher had I given it a straightforward score; others (Asylum of the Daleks) perhaps slightly lower.

Asylum of the Daleks 9/10

The Eleventh Hour: 8.8/10

Deep Breath: 8.7/10

The Bells of Saint John: 8.6/10

Partners in Crime 8.5/10

New Earth: 8.5/10

Smith and Jones: 8.4/10

The Impossible Astronaut 8.3/10

Rose: 8.0/10

Let’s Kill Hitler 8.0/10

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@TheBiPunishment Into the Dalek - 8/10

Robot of Sherwood - 7/10

Listen - 9/10

Time Heist - 8/10

The Caretaker - 8/10

Kill the Moon - 10/10

Mummy on the Orient Express - 8.5/10

Flatline - 8.5/10

In the Forest of the Night - 9.5/10

Dark Water - 9/10

Death in Heaven - ?  

I really don't want to say for the finale.  It sounds great, but I'm not hyping myself up for a Moffat finale to be disappointed yet again.

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sontaran17: … Don't get the link lost or you and all your bloodline will be obliterated from the internet.

TheAdministrator1: Sonty?

sontaran17: Morning, Mr Hurst. You're awake at last.

TheAdministrator1: You got the Chat then?

sontaran17: Military tactics. The Genie is still missing, but he will always come looking for his chat. By bringing it here, he will be lured from the dangers of Whoniverse Discussion to this place of safety, and we will delete his comments by flagging.

TheAdministrator1: ... okay, that last part?

sontaran17: And we will not delete his comments by flagging.  Old habits.  New article. Shall I send it up?

TheAdministrator1: Yeah, why not?

Sontaran17: *spams Admin’s site with article links*

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@stargazer0118 @The Genie Time and Closing Time for me.  He came across as a really kind, tired old man, which I think he did best.

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@doctorwhotvuk Fair enough.  Well, we normally disagree! (Apart from Deep Breath - you gave it about the same as I would have.)

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@doctorwhotvuk Ooh, ooh, spoiler-free question.  How good is Murray Gold?  Do we get a new Dalek theme?

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Why do I feel like the Doctor leaving Clara in Deep Breath will become even more significant later on?  I have a feeling that he'll do it again, whether to her or someone else, but not come back this time.

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@TheOncomingHurricane @The Genie @doctorwhotvuk Ah, thanks.  That's what I was hoping to hear.  I don't mind a bit of a re-run in places - imagine Dalek with Ben Wheatley and a slightly more inspiring set.  And a different ending just to throw a curveball.

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@doctorwhotvuk I just want to know if it's worthy of a place as a defining Dalek story, or whether it's too much of a retelling.

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@doctorwhotvuk But does the overall theme seem to try something different?  I don't mind if it goes down the same route for thirty whole minutes, I just want something that says something new about the Daleks.

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@doctorwhotvuk Please tell me it goes somewhere new with the 'good Dalek' thing?

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@stargazer0118 The End of Time.

The Time of the Doctor.

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@stargazer0118 Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

Amy's Choice

The Girl Who Waited

Asylum of the Daleks (but A Town Called Mercy comes close - great to see some recognition for it)

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@ClassicWhovian And I don't for a minute believe the percentage of LGBT+ people is so low.  Just look at the amount of comments who were gay/bi!  If that's any kind of statistic, it really seriously suggests otherwise...

(Anyone up for making a graph or something?)

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@doctorwhotvuk Speaking of articles, mine's well underway, but I've been enjoying it and getting a bit more in-depth than I thought.  It'll be with you tomorrow at some point, if that's still OK.

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@doctorwhotvuk I thought it might have been trying to keep to that awful tradition of the obligatory companion kiss; getting it out the way before 'proper' Clara is introduced.

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@GoodYear92 @doctorwhotvuk I think the fact that The Snowmen's kiss was the crux of promotional material (trailers, pics) explains why it's there.  Simply to be there.  And that should never, ever, be a reason for Doctor Who to do anything.

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In relationship what TardisBoy said below, I just wanted to say, on a more positive note: Vastra and Jenny are great.  Whatever you think of the characters, it's really good to have a recurring lesbian couple in show.  As someone who also identifies as a different sexuality, I massively appreciate the recognition.  And to all the backwards idiots who are complaining that it's wrong to show where children are around ("Aaaah... mummy... you bought me a football and made me watch ladies kissing AND NOW I THINK I'VE GOT A THING FOR WOMEN"), many of those children will grow up questioning their feelings and will be so grateful for the representation.  I think it would be wonderful for the next generation of fans and people in general to grow up knowing that their sexual orientation could go either which way and that whatever way it goes, they'll be accepted.  I applaud Moffat for writing such characters even if he knows the loud minority will complain.  I think it'll pay off in the long term.

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@TARDlSkey @The Genie @sontaran17 @Gustaff @The Administrator @Mark McCullough There are both positives and negatives that can't be denied.  It just depends which you fall down in favour of.

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@sontaran17 @The Genie @Calebxy @Ladydetemps @Gustaff @The Administrator @Mark McCullough Well... you could say that.

I'm just no comfortable with the idea of nomination.  It's funny because I'd donate tomorrow.  I just don't think it's worth the commotion.

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@sontaran17 @The Genie @Calebxy @Ladydetemps @Gustaff @The Administrator @Mark McCullough It's because so many people think they have 'friends' and don't.  So many people nominate those they know have confidence issues just to embarrass them, and don't say it's an extreme example because I've seen it happen everywhere.  Generally you'll find people are more inclined to donate if you spread the word without nominating.  There wasn't really any need to make it nominated; you know what internet crazes are like anyway.  

And yes, you did it well.  In fact, you did it perfectly.  You had fun, you nominated people who you didn't think would mind and you left it completely open to choice.  Communities like this are what the ice bucket challenge is made for - fun, donation and harmless raising of awareness.  But I'm fully allowed to be riled by the fact that it's been abused elsewhere (and clogging up my whole Facebook wall).

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@The Finn No... no one knew that already... 

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@sontaran17 @The Genie @Calebxy @Ladydetemps @Gustaff @The Administrator @Mark McCullough Many people have chosen not do it - people who are happy not doing it.  Some people force themselves into doing it because they'd feel guilty otherwise.  Other people try to out-compete each other.  Did you know there's actually been a death of a teenager that's been linked to an ice bucket challenge? 

I hate the concept of charity without self-nomination.  It's not charity then.  It's something which I'll always stand by, especially when there are far better ways of raising awareness and money.  

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@Calebxy @The Genie @Ladydetemps @sontaran17 @Gustaff @The Administrator @Mark McCullough That's just ignorant.  Of course people have to do it.  People who are pressured into doing it by so-called 'friends'.  People with confidence issues who aren't happy on camera but are even less happy saying no and feeling like they've done something wrong.

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@Calebxy @Ladydetemps @The Genie @sontaran17 @Gustaff @The Administrator @Mark McCullough Consider all the other ways which $80 million could have been raised.  Maybe ways in which people actually get a choice in the matter.

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@sontaran17 @The Genie @Gustaff @The Administrator @Mark McCullough It's a great cause, but not a great campaign.  Anything that's not self-nominated, in terms of charity, makes for an awful campaign.

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*then at least

3 days ago on Deep Breath Review


This is a fantastic review, Clint, as wonderfully-written as ever.  I forgot what a great critic you are.  But I'd like to offer up just one piece of advice which has been niggling for a while - something which would help round off the review would be a slightly more solid conclusion.  You've communicated both the positives and negatives of the episode superbly, but it's hard for a reader to figure out whether one outweighed the other.  If you're not comfortable using numerical scores, they at least a concluding paragraph explaining whether the negatives were that detrimental would be quite beneficial.  Granted, the introduction does some of that, but it's always worth wrapping up at the end.  Otherwise, amazing job!

3 days ago on Deep Breath Review


@TARDlSkey @The Genie The question is... what if heaven isn't actually heaven?

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@Chris502 @The Genie I know what it is.  Everyone in Scotland is guilty of serious criminal offences so the second they see the word 'POLICE' they either drop everything and run or pretend they don't know anything.  They're so busy they don't even notice the magic!

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