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I believe we need to get rid of unity,

I just want it Simple, and unity makes things to complex.

What good is an operating system if you can not edit video because the O.S itself can not run the needed program for editing. I tried, and Openshot worked great. untill....crash..I don't want to have to use XFCE just to edit videos.

I want a complete system. I want a choice. and I feel that unity pushes that choice away from me.

I feel that Unity is saying, you have to use XFCE to edit Video.

This is why I am using Edubuntu 11.04 it gives me a choice.

where as the others do not.

Even Ubuntu's site keeps stating that there working on this issue. Yet they keep Puking out the same thing.

stop Puking out bad code and pleasereturn to good code. functionallity is more important then eye candy.

If I want eye candy, I would run windows.

3 years, 2 months ago on Ubuntu : What do You Think About Unity? [Poll Results]