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Wow, those are some great numbers!

1 year, 3 months ago on 20 Interesting Statistics About Twitter


"Do you even think of your freelancing as a business?" 

90% people don't even think of a business when it comes to freelancing. The very fact that they treat themselves as writers makes them struggle in the industry. Earning $10 requires professional skills, making $1000's requires business skills, which most people don't have/understand.

P.S: I just stumbled upon your site and I must admit, your approach to freelancing is really impressive. Best Wishes! :)

2 years, 8 months ago on 5 Reasons Freelancers Accept Low-Paying Work And How To Break Free Of Them


"No company is better positioned than Apple to win a landslide in the coming mobile boom." The investors are worried because they probably hasn't seen a company this big grow with this pace. Rightly put Farhad. While stock matters, what matters more is Apple's strong hold on the markets. With two multi-billion dollar products in two emerging markets, Apple surely seems to be well-positioned to win the game in the long run. Btw, you're a great writer. :)

3 years ago on Everybody Chill Out: Apple is a Long-Term Goldmine


Awesome and pretty inspirational. Nice job Amanda.. :)

3 years ago on Top 5 Stanford CS Students You Should Know


This is awesome. Thanks Michael. I am in love with your writing. Reading your blog, same posts, again and again everyday!

3 years, 2 months ago on Get More Done Faster With These 6 Tips