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I don't get it. I have read the NDAA, and it specifically has language prohibiting indefinite detention of US Citizens. I know the original Senate bill was horrible because it did infringe on citizen rights, however the bill finally passed was the house version, which contains the language prohibiting detention of US Citizens. If there is contrary language, please publish the section & paragraph and let me know so I can fight this. So far no one has been able to show me this, like you they only continue to write hype & inuendo.

H.R. 1540, NDAA 2012, Section 1022 (b) (1) states: (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS.—The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.

If there is other language contrary to this, please let me know the section and paragraph from the act as passed so I can read if for myself.


3 years, 2 months ago on State Governments check Federal Power