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Who else was happy with no John Scott in the lineup? they were 2-3-1 with him in the lineup. really not a good thing. yes the rangers lacked on defense during the games but they didn't have a lot of offense going either. big win tonight and hopefully the islanders aren't the only team the rangers can score a pp goal against

3 years, 1 month ago on Rangers vs. Islanders (Game 68) | March


Gotta say the first goal though it may not have been the best goal for Biron to give up it started with a horrible turnover by Staal at our blue line. The second goal was Staal once again not even making any contact with the stick in front of the net which is completely blown coverage in the defensive zone. They got a tip in front of Marty which is why he couldn't control the rebound but with Staal standing next to them in front they should not have such an easy time getting to that rebound. Third goal Del Zotto stops skating through the neutral zone and never ties up his man who ends up getting the rebound and scoring the third goal. If you watch the replay Del Zotto was ahead of the goal scorer coming out of the offensive zone and just gives up on the play. On the other hand the Rangers lack of scoring has always been a problem throughout the season. They did not have so many great opportunities in the game and the ones they did like Gaborik's shot hit the post. It's a game of bounces. They kept us away from the rebounds in front of their net. We couldn't keep them from rebounds in front of ours.

3 years, 1 month ago on Senators 4, Rangers 1 | March


I just wanna know why Mitchell was scratched in favor of Scott playing this game. The past few games Mitchell has been playing well on every line and has been double shifted on multiple occasions. Just seems like whoever decided that it was the right call to keep Scott in the lineup instead of Mitchell really messed that one up

3 years, 1 month ago on Devils 4, Rangers 1 | March


Doesn't Deveaux still have games left on his suspension in the NHL?

3 years, 2 months ago on Broken Thumb for Rupp? | February