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I am a 56 year old that is FINALLY learning from major past mistakes that should not of ever happened if I would have learned about the ramifications of poor financial choices. I SHOULD of learned early in life how to manage money from my parents, but as Jeremy stated, most of us are not. This deeply important lesson will continue to impact our economic future. So I am a HUGE proponent of requiring courses at the high school level. Just a thought, what if our teens had some kind of knowledge of the realities of financial peace years ago, say before the economy crashed? Would we be in the mess that we are in now! I think NOT! Young adults now are inundated with free credit cards offers almost daily! How scary is that? If they are not taught by someone of the ramifications of poor financial decisions early, the credit card industry would not own us!!!!!!!! Money should be controlled by us, not the other way around!!! Just take a minute to look up the total amount owed by us to the credit card industry and pause! Mind boggling to say the least. To wrap up, demand education at the high school level on fiances that will dramatically impact our future!!!!! It is ignorant not to have these classes in our curriculum!!!!! I need to find out how to promote this in NC!

3 years, 2 months ago on New Jersey Bill to Require Personal Finance 101 for High School Seniors