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Until he won last year, i would put his career behind Maurice Cheeks and about equal to Terry Porter. A coach killer, a bad guy, a non shooter who is the king of the cheap triple doubles. His championship will put him in the hall of fame- to put him ahead of Erving and Barry is luncay

3 years ago on #1: Jason Kidd


Walt Bellamy is a truly deep thinker and a great hall of famer.  Thanks for writing this

3 years ago on The 1962 Season: The Misunderstood Journey of Walt Bellamy


A player who was the perfect complement..did not need or even want the ball.  I remember him having a 25 rebound game against Pistons a few years ago..and he is the last link to the great Pacer teams of the 90's. Enjoy your retirement Jeff

3 years ago on Hustling Cager Jeff Foster Retires


I am the biggest Billy Pautz fan there is- i have his autograph and patterned my play after him. This 27 points was his NBA career high..he never had a higher game(although he did in the ABA). A great guy

3 years, 2 months ago on Spurs' first ever NBA box score | January