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@TARDlSkey Doctor: This is worse than Dan Brown and the Mona Lisa! 

Da Vinci: "Mona Lisa"? I've had this painting I'm working on... and I've been thinking of a title... Mona Lisa... yes. Yes that works!

*Doctor looks shocked. Clara raises eyebrows.*

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@Ladydetemps In Doctor Who, the Doctor always feels like the smartest man in the room. I'd like a villain who IS the smartest man in the room. Smarter than the Doctor. A villain where the Doctor has to really use his brains in order to win. 

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@Ladydetemps Dr Simeon or the Dream Lord

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Maleficent 2 is apparently being talked about at Disney http :// 

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@TARDlSkey @The Administrator I still love them! I just love the others a teensy bit more

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@doctorwhotvuk That has to be a troll. Becuse... come on... it has to be

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@TheBiPunishment The Doctor's greatest enemy returns! Not the Daleks! Not the Cybermen! Not the Silence! Not even the Master! Behold! The return of Mary Whithouse! 

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Before Capaldi hits next month, Favourite Doctor rankings from most favourite to least favourite? 

1. The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith)

2. The 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)

3. The War Doctor (John Hurt)

4. The 10th Doctor (David Tennant)

5. The 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) 

6. The 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

7. The 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

8. The 4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

9. The 2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

10. The 5th Doctor (Peter Davison)

11. The 1st Doctor (Wiliam Hartnell)

12. The 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) 

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The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is coming to the UK! It will start touring in May 2015 and play for two shows each in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow.

http ://

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The Administrator: Vale, how smart you look today.

The Valeyard’s Mime Army: The blogger should stay on the article comments, unless accompanied by the commenters.

The Administrator: And how are the commenters? Excited about tomorrow?

The Valeyard’s Mime Army: TTT, same as ever. Bi says he missed you every day. Edoe wants to see you.

The Administrator: Of course. Every day?

The Valeyard’s Mime Army:  Twice on Saturdays.

The Administrator: That's better. Edoe.

Edoe: Ah. Admin, you're back.

The Administrator: In time for Series 8. Apologies for my brief absence. Boyfriend troubles are so unpredictable. You wanted to see me?

Edoe: TTT has been having nightmares.

The Administrator: Young girls often do.

Edoe: Every night this week, she says. Won't tell me about them.

The Administrator: Perhaps if you asked her in the right way, there's no one she'd rather tell.

Edoe: Commenters are not really my area of expertise.

The Administrator: They are, however, your friends.

Edoe: You have, if I may say, a remarkable amount of wisdom in these matters, for one so very posh, Admin. Mature, I mean.

The Administrator: I'll see to the commenters now.

The Time Traveller: Admin!

The Bi Punishment: Admin, you're back!

The Administrator: Ah, ah, ah!

The Bi Punishment: Good morning, Admin.

The Time Traveller: Good morning, Admin.

The Administrator: Good morning, TTT. Good morning, Bi. The day before a new series is the most thrilling day, don't you think? Now, what have you two been up to while I've been away?

The Bi Punishment: I did seven parodies and we saw a banned spammer.

The Administrator: Well, how exciting.

The Bi Punishment: Do your secret voice.

The Administrator (In camp voice): Allo, mates.

The Time Traveller: They're not exactly nightmares. Just dreams.

The Bi Punishment: About that old video blogger. The one who got banned. He's haunting TTT from beyond the grave.

The Administrator: Haven't you spoken to Edoe about this?

The Time Traveller: You can't talk about things like that to Edoe.

The Administrator: You could try.

The Bi Punishment: Do you want to see where he was banned? He typed in there, and then it was deleted. He was in the code for days and days. I hated him. He was cross all the time. In TTT's dream He's still down there, waiting to come back.

The Administrator: Everything else has been reposted, but this page is still deleted.

The Genie (Voice over): The spoilers are feeding off your thoughts. The more you think about the spoilers, the more they appear.

The Administrator: TTT, this is important. You dream about him. What do you dream?

The Time Traveller: He's cross with me. He says my opinions are wrong, and he's going to come out of the deletion and punish me.

The Administrator: When?

The Time Traveller: He said he'd come back for Series 8. Tonight.

The Bi Punishment: I think TTT's gone mad, don't you? I think she needs a genie.

The Administrator:
Genie! Genie!

TardisKey: What's he looking at?

Skyfaller: He’s asking for a genie.

The Administrator: Genie!

Blanchard: Now then, that's enough noise. We don't want to attract attention, do we?

The Administrator: I'm looking for the Genie. Do you know about him? The Genie?

Blanchard: Genie who? 

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God that was chilling! Probably the best the Cybermen have been in ages! Brilliant! 

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Sontaran17: They've taken screencaps from spoilers all over the site. What do you suppose they're doing in there?

The Genie: This account is new. Possibly a guest. When you find something brand new in the world, something you've never seen before, what's the next thing you look for?

Sontaran17: A flag button.

The Genie: Page views. That's Internet values for you.

Sontaran17: I suggest a full frontal assault with automated laser parodies, scalpel theories and spam.

The Genie: Why?

Sontaran17: Couldn't we at least investigate?

The Genie: It's none of our business.

Sontaran17: Sir, permission to express my opposition to your current apathy?

The Genie: Permission granted.

Sontaran17: Sir, I am opposed to your current apathy.

The Genie: Thank you, Sonty. And if ever I'm in need of advice from a psychotic potato fan, you'll certainly be the first to know.

Sontaran17: But if the account is new and a guest, shouldn't we be making some attempt to destroy it? Be reasonable.

The Genie: It is not our problem. Over three years of saving the internet, Sontaran, you know the one thing I learned? The internet doesn't care. Now, we have a problem of our own to worry about.

The Administrator: Oi!

The Genie: Don't worry. No one's going to hurt you.

The Administrator: What is that thing?

Sontaran17: Silence, girl!

The Genie: That's Sontaran17. And as you can see, he's easily confused.

Sontaran17: Silence, boy. Sorry, lass.

The Genie: Sontaran. Clone commenter race. Factory produced, whole legions at a time. More than one sexuality is a bit further than he can count.

Sontaran17: Sir, do not discuss my lack of knowledge in front of enemy girls. It's embarrassing.

The Genie: Typical middle child of six million.

The Administrator: Who are you?

The Genie: It doesn't matter because you're about to forget that you and I ever met. We'll need the refresh.

Sontaran17: Sir.

The Administrator: You'll need the what? The refresh? What refresh?

The Genie: Don't worry, it won't hurt, but one touch on your account and you lose the last hour of your chat history. Where is it?

Sontaran17: Where's what, sir?

The Genie: I sent you to get the chat refresh.

Sontaran17: Did you? When? Who's she? What are we doing here? Look, there’s a Capaldi banner!

The Genie: You didn't use the password, did you?

Sontaran17: Why would I need the password? Do you want me to get the chat refresh?

The Genie: You. Well, can you see it?

Sontaran17: I think I can hear it.

The Genie: Oi, don't try to run away. Stay where you are.

The Administrator: Why would I run? I know what's going to happen next and it's funny.

The Genie: What's funny?

The Administrator: Well, your little pal, for a start. He's an ugly little fella, isn't he?

The Genie: Maybe. He gave his account for a friend of mine once.

The Administrator: Then how come he's online?

The Genie: Another friend of mine brought him back. I'm not sure all his brains made the return trip!

The Administrator: Neither am I.

Sontaran17: I can see it.

The Genie: Ooo! Can you reach it? Have you got it?

Sontaran17: Got what, sir?

The Administrator: Because this is the password, isn’t it?

Sontaran17: Sir, emergency! I think I've been spammed with Disney songs!

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Description of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Teaser Trailer from Comic Con

http ://

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According to Amazon, the Extended Edition of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be released on the 3rd of November. Just over a month before the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. 

http ://

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Blanchard: Well, Friends, you're online very late tonight.

The Oncoming Hurricane: Almost makes you wonder what you've been up to. But then, I have often wondered about the activities of Friends and his exceptionally secretive website.

Friends: Well, I am honoured this evening. The veiled commenter and his fatuous accomplice.

Blanchard: At your service.

Friends: You realise Steven Moffat is almost certainly basing his fantastical tales on yourown exploits? With a few choice alterations, of course. I doubt the viewers of Doctor Who would accept that the great detective is, in reality a tumblrer. And his suspiciously familiarcompanion

The Oncoming Hurricane: I resent your implication of impropriety. We are friends.

Blanchard: More than can be said for you, eh, dear?

The Oncoming Hurricane: Now then. This account is interesting, don't you think? The coding seems to have a low level telepathic field. Almost as if it can detect and respond to the thoughts and memories of the people around it. Memory accounts. Accounts that learn.

Friends: How fascinating.

The Oncoming Hurricane: I hope it's listening to the right people. It could be a terrible weapon in the wrong hands, don't you think?

Friends: I think hiatus is coming. Such a hiatus as this site has never known. The last hiatus of whoviankind. Do you know why I'm telling you all this?

The Oncoming Hurricane: I am intrigued.

Friends: Because there's not a single thing you can do to stop it.

The Oncoming Hurricane: Perhaps I can't, but I know a man who can.

Friends: I look forward to meeting him.

Blanchard: Do you mean the Genie? He won't help us. He never helps any more, you know that.

The Oncoming Hurricane: Yes, my dear, I do. So pray for a miracle, because I think we are going to need him.

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The Administrator: Did you post this spoiler?

The Genie: No.

The Administrator: Well, who did? Because it wasn't there a second ago. It just appeared, from nowhere.

The Genie: Maybe it's an account that was online before. Maybe it remembers how to post spoilers.

The Administrator:  What, accounts that can remember? That's silly.

The Genie: What's wrong with silly?

The Administrator: Nothing. Still talking to you, ain't I?

The Genie: What's your name?

The Administrator: The Administrator.

The Genie: Nice name. The Administrator. You should definitely keep it. Goodbye!

The Administrator: Oi! Where are you going? I thought we was just getting acquainted.

The Genie: Those were the days.

The Oncoming Hurricane: How refreshing to see you taking an interest again. Was he nice?

The Genie: I just spoke to him.

The Oncoming Hurricane: And made your usual impact, no doubt.

The Genie: No, no impact at all. Those days are over.

The Oncoming Hurricane: You can't help yourself. It's the same story every time. And it always begins with the same two words.

The Genie: He'll never be able to find me again. He doesn't even have the name Genie. What two words?

The Administrator: The Genie? Genie who?

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@Bollyknickers 1. The Eleventh Hour 10/10

2. Deep Breath 10/10

3. Asylum of the Daleks 10/10

4. The Impossible Astronaut 10/10

5. Partners in Crime 10/10

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@Bollyknickers @The Administrator *Secretly follows and finds the Chat hidden on the locked page*

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 DWTV Entertainment presents: The Spoilermen Prequel: The Great Tumblrer

‘On DWTV in the time of Peter Capaldi, there were many tales of a remarkable personage known as the Great Tumblrer. I refer, of course, to The Oncoming Hurricane, the Commenter of Tumblr Row and his extraordinary adventures, his beautiful assistant, Blanchard, and their mysterious henchman, Sontaran17, whose countenance was too abominable to be photographed. There are also accounts of a fourth member of the Tumblr Gang, a shadowy figure whose assistance was only sought in the direst emergencies.

The Oncoming Hurricane:  I'm so glad you came. We have news, I think, of particular interest to you. There was a new article on the main site, unexpected timing and length. I've calculated there is a thirty four percent chance it is the result of troll intervention. Twenty four percent. Well, it could just be a normal article but it is worth looking in to. There is a very pleasant discussion on the page.

Blanchard: Also, there's a Commenter named Officer who's claiming he's going to split the site open with a giant virus through the thinnest part of the firewall. I think we should investigate. I mean, he doesn't actually have a giant virus, and he's not really a commenter, and he was a bit drunk at the time and singing a bit, but you know it is never too early to investigate a virus.

Sontaran17: I've declared war on the banner.

The Oncoming Hurricane: Do be quiet, Sontaran17.

Sontaran17: Too long the banner has hung unmonitored and unsuspected on the page. It has gained an enormous tactical advantage.

Blanchard: There's no one commenting there.

Sontaran17: Then it is clearly time to act. They won't suspect a thing.

Blanchard: Who won't suspect a thing?

Sontaran17:  Banner ads.

The Genie: Why do you keep doing this? What is the point? I have told you. I keep telling you, I don't do this anymore. I've retired.

Blanchard: There's a man on Cult Fix with an invisible Avatar. Maybe he just doesn't have a avatar.

The Genie: You're wasting my time.

Blanchard: Happy Anniversary! I think he means it.

The Oncoming Hurricane: Yes, my dear, I rather think he does.

Sontaran17: Damn banner.

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@Iris Wildthyme The Snowmen 10/10

The Bells of Saint John 10/10

The Rings of Akhaten 10/10

Cold War 5/10

Hide 9/10

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 5/10

The Crimson Horror 10/10

Nightmare in Silver 3/10

The Name of the Doctor 10/10

The Night of the Doctor 10/10

The Day of the Doctor 10/10

The Time of the Doctor 10/10

Average: 8.5

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A little something I have to say on Saving Gallifrey. 

I feel Moffat was making a point with Day of the Doctor. A point many people missed. After TEOT, many fans began to group the Time Lords all together and say "They were all evil! They all wanted to destroy the universe!" Moffat however tried to make a point with Day. They aren't all evil. No race is all evil. Just because a few Time Lords were evil, does that give you the right to condemn them all to death? As the Moment points out, the Doctor is going to kill everyone on Gallifrey. Not just the Daleks and Time Lords, but the children too. Those who are completely innocent to the war. The Doctor has gone against something he's always stressed. He's judged an entire species to be fit to die because of the actions of a few. And that's morally and ethically wrong. It's like an alien coming to Earth, looking at Hitler, Bin Laden, Putin and Kim Jong Un and then deciding that all humans have to die because of those few. You'd tell the alien it was crazy. That such thinking is insane. Well... the whole deal with the Time Lords is the same thing. Do you kill an entire species just because a few of them went bad? No. Of course not. There's another way. There has to be another way. And that ties into a main theme of Moffat's era. The idea that "there's always a way out". And there is. There was a way of ending the Time War without destroying Gallifrey. And the Doctor found it. With a little help from Clara. It took her reminding him that killing an entire species is not what the Doctor does. And that encouraged him to find another way. And he did. And that's why I love Day. It reaffirms that not all the Time Lords are evil and that there's always another way.

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So... most wanted writer for Series 9? 

For me it's Tom MacRae. 

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@TardisBoy I'll try and get it on Blu-Ray soon. I think they've released a 3D conversion on Blu-Ray so I might pick that up. 

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 Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 Ratings

The Last Sontaran 8/10

Day of the Clown 9/10

Secrets of the Stars 6/10

Mark of the Berserker 7/10

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith 10/10

Enemy of the Bane 9/10

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@Bollyknickers Log out you clever boy... and remember...

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@TardisBoy 1. Brave 10/10

2. Toy Story 3 10/10

3. Finding Nemo 10/10

4. Toy Story 2 10/10

5. Toy Story 10/10

6. Up 10/10

7. WALL-E 10/10

8. The Incredibles 10/10

9. Monsters Inc. 10/10

10. A Bug's Life 9/10

11. Monsters University 8/10 

12. Cars 8/10

13. Cars 2 7/10

Ratatouille is the only one I haven't seen sadly. 

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@TardisBoy Thanks. But yeah. See it. You won't regret it!

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 Guardians of the Galaxy Spoiler Free Review

Perhaps it's fitting that the Marvel film with the most bizarre concept turns out to be their best film yet. Following a group of outlaws banding together to take on a powerful villain intent on destroying the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy is fast paced, action packed and hilarious. 

Those worrying that Marvel's big gamble would not succeed needn't have worried. Guardians of the Galaxy is an insane film... yet it's also smart and has a huge heart. Huge shout out to Director/Writer James Gunn for delivering a witty and sharp script that manages to outclass the great Joss Whedon himself! Gunn directs amazingly well and the film feels big. The action scenes are some of the best of the year. If Whedon ever calls it quits with Avengers, I think we've already found his replacement. 

The cast work exceedingly well. Chris Pratt is the star of the show, making Starlord the most likeable and funniest protagonist in a big movie this year. Yes. Even better than Andrew Garfield. Bradley Cooper is amazing as Rocket Raccoon, creating a wise cracking character who is just hilarious to watch on screen. Extra credit to Vin Diesel as Groot. Who knew the words "I Am Groot" could be said so many times and be funny, scary and touching each time? Zoe Saldana is great as Gamora as is Dave Bautista as Drax The Destroyer (who is surprisngly hilarious despite his name). All five work together brilliantly, and I'm probably going to say that they're the best superhero team yet. Yes. Even better than the Avengers. 

As for the villains, Lee Pace is good as Ronan The Accuser, even if he is given little motivation to work with. He's no Loki. He has good presence and is an easy villain to boo and hiss at. If nothing else. Karen Gillan is great as Nebula. Creating strong screen presence, she often steals the spotlight from Ronan. She's menacing and a bit frightening at times. Relentlessly hunting the heroes, she can't help but be called a female Darth Vader... but strong enough to stand on her own as an amazing character even if it seems she's being set up to menace the Guardians or the Avengers (or both) in future films.

Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy is probably the best Marvel film yet. It's the funniest for sure and probably has the strongest story. It's the best Phase 2 film certainly. But perhaps that's because it's so disconnected from the previous 3 Phase 2 films that it feels like a breath of fresh air. If I had to recommend one film to see this Summer, it's Guardians of the Galaxy. 


Marvel Cinematic Universe Scores

1. Guardians of the Galaxy 10/10

2. Avengers Assemble 10/10

3. Thor 10/10

4. Captain America; The Winter Soldier 9.5/10

5. Thor: The Dark World 9/10

6. Iron Man 9/10

7. Captain America: The First Avenger 8/10

8. The Incredible Hulk 8/10

9. Iron Man 2 7/10

10. Iron Man 3 6/10

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I hope Moffat does more "Misdirection" in Series 8, making us notice something we should have noticed before. For example the Statues not having two heads in Time Of Angels and there being stone dust on the floor, but no statues missing in Day of the Doctor. I love it when he does that. It tricks me every time. I never see it coming. 

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@TheBiPunishment Apparently... but Chrissie doesn't believe Alan -_-

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So Alan Jackson tries to convince Chrissie aliens are real... he then decides to use the events of The Lost Boy to convince her... surely it would have been easier to use the Auton invasion? The Battle of Canary Wharf? The Racnoss Star? The Sycorax? Something more obviously alien? :P

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I'm really looking forward to Episode 4. I've just realised it'll be Moffat's first standalone episode since The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe

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Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 Ratings

Invasion of the Bane 8/10

Revenge of the Slitheen 8/10

Eye of the Gorgon 9/10

Warriors of Kudlak 8/10

Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? 10/10

The Lost Boy 9/10

Overall series rating: 8/10

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So my Mum has just pre-ordered the 50th Anniversary Collection as my Birthday Present! :D 

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Final Ashes To Ashes Update

Series 3 Episode 7 9/10

Series 3 Episode 8 10/10

Overall Ashes To Ashes was a great series. I preferred it to Life On Mars. And what a finale. Amazing. Probably one of the best finales ever. Answered most of the big questions certainly, while a few were left open to interpretation it was done in a nice way. It was brilliant. And Keeley Hawes and Phillip Glennister were amazing. 

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Ashes To Ashes Update

Series 3 Episode 5 8/10

Series 3 Episode 6 9/10 

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@Clara Laurinda @TardisBoy Presumably after Series 8 has concluded so spoilers don't leak. Or when the Christmas Special starts filming. 

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Disney has just announced that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be released on July 7, 2017

http ://|blginsider|InsiderJuly|FB|Pirates5-POTC|InHouse|072314|||esocialmedia|||

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Ashes To Ashes Update

Series 3 Episode 3 8/10

Series 3 Episode 4 8/10

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@TardisBoy I can't help but think "DVD cover... please..." 

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First poster for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies  

https ://

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 Ashes To Ashes Update

Series 3 Episode 1 9/10

Series 3 Episode 2 9/10

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