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I see the series going like this.


1)  As far as both teams "Big 3" go, I think they both will show up, probably cancel each other out.  Let's call it a wash.


2)  That makes it a series to be determined by "The Others".  Miller, Battier and Chalmers are good, but the Thunder's bench is better than anyones (wasn't saying that before the Spurs series, but sayin it now). 


3)  More than anything, I see the series coming down to defense.  Miami just concluded a tough series with Boston in which the Celtics played some tough and tight defense.  If OKC doesn't bring AT LEAST as much an the defensinve end as the Celts, Heat may find open shots and the opportunity to outscore us.  It has to be DEFENSE FIRST!


Whatever happens OKC - Let's do this thing with CLASS! 


Thunder in 5.  Thunder Up!


2 years, 10 months ago on Some things never change: The new Thunder era


 @bmuelle2112  @JimboSlice PLEASE DON'T!!! 


I'm as frustrated as anyone, but I think it's time to STAND BEHIND our team, rather than try to split it up.  Divide and conquer is our opponents best strategy.  Let's not spark it now.


Wait til the off-season, I implore you!  Then ....  do what you must.

3 years, 1 month ago on Thunder lose a stunner at home to the Rockets, 104-103


 @ThunderChick2010 Seriously??  Half of the 16 teams that played lost?  When's the last time that happened?


How did the other half do?  Don't leave us hangin!!!!

3 years, 1 month ago on Thunder lose a stunner at home to the Rockets, 104-103


Am I the only one that thinks this?

Anyone notice our last two losses were in Washington DC, KDs hometown - and LA, Westbrook and Harden's stomping grounds?

I wonder what the nightly festivities were like on these two road trips for the youngsters? Maybe it didn't have an impact, the big two put up big numbers last night. Still it makes me wonder.

Not judging. I was young once. Let's just stay focused on the prize. Go Thunder!

3 years, 2 months ago on 3-on-3: Perk questions