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He'll be a solid player in the regular season who will be able to play ten minutes or so.   I don't see him playing in the playoffs.  In the play-offs i see Manu, Gary, and Jackson handling the ball when Parker is out.  Good move for the rest of regular season.  I think he'll be a nice help to get  us to back to backs and those tough stretches, that's about it.

3 years, 1 month ago on Report: Mills to Spurs a done deal | March


 @JMattHicks I don't think dirk could start at the sg.  It would probably be more like:

pg: D. Williams

sg: Jason Terry/ Roddy Beaubois

sf:  Vince Carter/Lamar Odom

pf: Dirk Nowitzki

c:  Dwight Howard

They would probably have to let some of these players go as well probably Haywood to free up money to sign Howard and Williams.

3 years, 1 month ago on Mavs hoping to form own 'Big 3' this summer | February


I like us trading Blair and James Anderson for Robin Lopez of the suns. James Anderson doesn't play that much but has some potential the suns might want and Blair is just to undersized. Lopez would take up alot of room down low and grab some boards. Another trade that I would like is Ronny Turiaf of the Wizards for Matt Bonner and James Anderson. Turiaf is a good rebounder and defender and Knows Tony Parker from the French National Team.

3 years, 2 months ago on Spurscast #270: The "Big" issue | Episodes


I love the way the second unit is playing also. I feel like they play with moreenergy than the starters. I also think that Kenyon Martin wouldn't be a good fit. He doen't fit the image of the spurs and I think he would be a smalle upgrade over bonner and blair but will he really make a huge difference? I think Kaman would be a great player to add. If the Spurs got him they would instantly have one of the best front lines if not the best. There height would dominate the paint on D and we would score on the low block easily. Splitter 6'11" Duncan 6'11" Kaman 7'0". Too much height and they are all very skilled players. It would be a great move but I don't see R.C or Pop doing it.

3 years, 2 months ago on Spurscast #269: The Second Unit | Episodes