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as i posted the other day, with the rumors of clem, fsu and GT (rumors i know) going to the Big XII i see a 14 vs 14 one day event with every SEC team paired up with a Big XII team and ESPN keeping a day long tally of the wins.

no matter what any AC is saying if

football= the big money

rivalry football game= most of the big money

with this line up you are saving 5 of the biggest occ rivalry games and creating an event and what most marketing pros try to do is make event to drum up excitement

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i was thinking about this earlier today and though it has alot of what-ifs and maybe's with talk of GT, FSU and Clemson to the Big XII (i know, i know) i could see a SEC/XII set up having a 14 vs 14 team agreement say


south carolina/ clemson

texas/ A&M

mizzou / kansas


toss in some Ala / OK and Tenn/ WV and i see a nice day long even with ESPN keeping the tally as then get the scores and the dollars mixed us as there counting comments?

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again being a gamecock i dont really have a dog in the fight, but as far as looking for some good foes for our new members i think that Texas A&M being able to have a new rivalry with Tenn (a new orange and white to hate ) and a annual go at Alabama (instead of saw the horns off you get saw the tusks off) would make them fell at home.

i love the idea of gamecocks vs mizzou i think we need to start working on a trophy for a battle of the columbias

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i love it, just wish that ol miss and mizzou had other call letters the MU/UM are vary easy to get mixed up....

as a gamecock fan i would love to end the "oh i got to hate you i guess" match up with ark

3 years, 2 months ago on A Divisionless Set-Up Would Help The SEC In Football