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Well, I wonder! The congenital skeptic in me positively recoiled from Ifdy Perez's guest post on Spin Sucks! Yes, it's great, I guess, to get one's day off to a good wholesome start by reading inspirational stories. But never saying anything hurtful about anyone on his or her blog? C'mon, Ifdy! The only way truth will emerge, wrote John Stuart Mill, is for every idea to be vigorously defended and discussed in the marketplace of ideas. Under such a system, someone, somewhere is bound to get his feet stepped on or his hat bent out of shape! Yet, searching commentary on all things, not to mention the occasional personal attack, is essential to the continued functioning of our democratic system. Goody-two-shoes stories have their place -- in the features section of the community or suburban paper. But such contributions can't be allowed to crowd out hard news: negative, scathing or otherwise.

3 years, 2 months ago on Social Good Is In, Negativity Is Out