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 @courtsense I'm not really sure about Ivey handling the ball. As you said, he hasn't really played at the position much during games. But Ivey has one thing that (in my opinion) is much more valuable that anything Fisher would bring to a team hoping to make a deep playoff run. Defense. Fisher doesn't have it, which is why he was traded.  Looking at the point guards on Western Conference teams in the playoff hunt, if Reggie starts to struggle bad enough to require replacement, I'd rather have Ivey in the game with Harden running the offense as opposed to Fisher running the offense while being a defensive liability.

3 years ago on Report: Thunder and Heat frontrunners for Derek Fisher


@totallytickets Durant - 38 points, Westbrook - 8 assists, Ibaka - 9 rebounds

3 years, 1 month ago on Thunder at Clippers: Pregame Primer