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Dude. It is entirely possible that we're long lost twins or something. This is such a beautiful dedication to the woman you love, and such a gorgeous insight into the reality of (I imagine) most marriages. Mine is like yours... mostly awesome, but sometimes really f*cking tough. 

And I love the suggestions you have for making some fun out of the everyday. (Off to buy cupcakes tomorrow. Don't tell my wife.)

Here's to being amazing husbands, and letting ourselves bleed our love all over the place in honour of the women who make us who we are. :)

1 year, 4 months ago on Sunrise over the Golden Gate and Love


Chris, I totally agree with you. I really miss the ability to browse to a fully-functional example of what Pagelines/PlatformPro is capable of.

Andrew... hows that demo site going? Are you able to retrieve the old "nuked" one and give it a refresh quickly to get something online? I've just started building a new site in Pagelines & after SOO long I need some help to refresh on what boxes/soapboxes/features/etc all look like & do. Appreciate your help ASAP and an update on the demo site.... Cheers :) Israel.

3 years, 2 months ago on PageLines 2.0 vs. PlatformPro