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What a shitty way to end the season. I had some pretty high hopes for this year... hopefully No-No gets his head out of his ass and makes some good moves. Not necessarily feasible but heres what id like to see.

A new Coach! Gunnar-Gone, Gleason-Gone, Franson-Gone

Dion - A legit #2 shutdown Dman please!

Gardiner - A capable stay at home guy (gunnar 2.0)

Rielly- Ranger

(one of the marlies)

1st line stays the same for better or worse

Lupul-Kadri-Clarkson(he gets 20 games next year before i write him off)



I like kadri and i dont like trading young players with his skill but if he landed us kesler id make that deal.

Lupul-Kesler-clarkson could be a dominant 2nd line on just about any team in the league (assuming clarkson becomes himself again).

It would be nice to upgrade bozak but i just dont see it happening.

anyways time to dust off the clubs!

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Morning Mashup: Leafs All But Out Of Playoff Picture


The amount of shit Dion takes is insane... heres a scenario

A defenceman plays 24 minutes a night. Starts 2 out of every 3 shifts in the defensive zone against the very best players in the league. (top in the league in REL QoC last two seasons) He leads his team in PK time.  This defenceman is a +5. His team is 28th in goals against. And he chips in aprox 35 points.....that team should definitely trade him, said nobody who knows anything about the game. 

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Game Review: Game #78, Toronto Maple Leafs 4 vs. Boston Bruins 3


@Jon5200 @mbails  jerry-mcclement-bodie as a 4th line wouldn't be terrible. 

1 month ago on Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings Preview: Big Week Starts Tonight


@Jon5200 @mbails  yup. is he killing penalties with the marlies? i think he's got potential there to be PK2 guy. no reason he can't put 8-10 minutes a game in next season. Hopefully this season is extra motivation for him to train even harder to  make the next step and be a full time NHLer

1 month ago on Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings Preview: Big Week Starts Tonight


just finished The Leaf episode 6. Gotta love a guy like D'amigo. Hope he finds a role on this team next season.

1 month ago on Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings Preview: Big Week Starts Tonight


WTF did i just watch lol

1 month, 1 week ago on “We Built This City” featuring Tyler, Phil and James


think i could get used to sunday afternoon games. shinny at the local rink followed by caesars and a the leafs with a confident win over the caps sounds great! any meaningful updates on bernier and bolland?

1 month, 1 week ago on Maple Leaf Hangout Ep. #24: Leafs vs. Capitals