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TripIt Team, I am, and have been for many years, a TripIt Pro user. I am also a FlightTrack Pro user and I have gladly paid for both services. I travel well in excess of 100K annually and I am a believer in having more than one tool monitoring my itinerary for issues. I have come to depend upon both applications and use them continuously and both have detected and helped my mitigate problems first time and again...

The commentary below is clear, your relationship with Mobidata is important to many, many of us who travel for a living. Clearly, none of us know what discussions have or have not taken place between Concur and Mobidata, but it is safe to say that they have been less than successful for the most important person in the discussion...the customer. I would encourage you to find a timely solution to this challenge...the Christmas holiday is one of the few breaks most business travelers have annually and there is no better time to make a transition to an alternate solution should your organizations not find a compromise and restore this key integration to your customer base.

You, Concur, need to make this happen. You 'own' the data and have to allow the interface. You also maintain the annual revenue stream and, therefore, seem in a much better position to put the customer first and allow the integration to take place.

Your silence has been a bit baffling since the 25th, so it is time to hear from company leadership about how this will be resolved so that we can make decisions about renewing our annual membership.


1 year, 3 months ago on Missing the TripIt Integration with FlightTrack? We Can Help