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Contrary to the authors assertion, there were love stories in concentration camps, even births, which is a miracle of sorts..

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If you are going to use "Cataluna" for Catalonia, why not Alba for Scotland?

Or why not use the English versions in an Eglish language article.

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To claim that England has one a war against Germany is a bit rich. The Germans were fighting two other notable countries at the same time (US and USSR). If the author refers to the Battle of Britain, then its name says it all: a battle not a war.

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@ThomasConners Hate to break it to you but you did not defeat Germany. You were part of a coalition that did, where the Russians bore the overwhelming brunt of the fighting. For every German division fighting the US and the UK there were four divisions fighting the Russians. Although the allies had a  5 to 1 advantage in manpower 10 to 1 advantage in aircraft and a 20 to 1 advantage in the size of the economy it still took 4 years.

Even at D-Day you had total air superiority, total naval superiority, and a 50 to 1 advantage in man power from day 1 and still it was hard fighting.

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When art is abstract (not only in form but also in message), subjective, conceptual and opaque what else could measure it but money? The point here is that modern arts sole function is to function as massive Rolex. Yes you can measure time with it, but what's the point.

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