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The other issue to consider here is ability to draw a television audience. In SEC football, the stronger teams get more favorable time slots while the weaker teams get lunch time starts as a general rule because they are less desirable match-ups for the networks. If the SEC wanted to be totally fair then even the Kentucky's and Vanderbilt's ought to get their share of CBS national prime time games at least as many as Bama and LSU. Not gonna happen. The fans of weaker SEC teams will forever be having breakfast and going to the game. The same is true for Basketball. The stronger teams with national followings are the ones the networks build their schedules around. If the weaker SEC basketball programs build a stronger program with the ability to draw ratings points and you'll get better scheduling. In the meantime...stop complaining and get to building your program.

3 years, 2 months ago on UM's Kennedy Keeps His Lips Zipped Regarding SEC Schedule