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It's likely that the governor was pressured in some way by the federal government.  They can threaten to withhold federal funds, etc. With any luck he will be voted out next time. In the meantime the citizens of Montana need to try to get this veto overridden.


2 years ago on Montana Governor Lies About the Constitution, Vetoes 2nd Amendment Protection Bill – Tenth Amendment Center


@West Texan The problem with your read on this is that there will occasionally be instances where they will detain an innocent person. That person will never get the opportunity to prove his or her innocence because there will never be a court trial. Even if they decide that the person is indeed innocent, they will be very reluctant to release them because they would fear a lawsuit. If we could be absolutely positive that the government would never make a mistake, this might be okay, but I doubt that the government will ever get to the point that it does not make mistakes. And besides that, this law is clearly unconstitutional. Check the 4th 5th, and especially the 6th amendments. We are guaranteed a speedy trial. This law takes away our right to ant trial at all.

3 years, 2 months ago on Nullify the NDAA: Virginia House Bill 1160