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My only thing is, do they know what they need? They need an interior prescence. But they knew that last year, and picked a center, but not the type of center that they need. They basically just got a similar player to Spencer Hawes, a finesse center. So, they need to not just pick the right position, but the right type of player.

2 years, 10 months ago on What Should the Sixers Draft at #15?


Fantastic article. As a Sixers fan, this really does confirm everything I have thought about the Sixers this year. That said, 1162 is not more than 1209.

3 years ago on 2012 NBA Playoffs Primer: The Philadelphia 76ers, A Kingdom On Quicksand


This is absolutely fantastic and genius. My favorite part is the Faried and Duncan comparison.

3 years ago on Mystery Statistics Theater: Power Forward Edition


Hey man, welcome to the site. That was a very good first piece.

3 years, 1 month ago on Evan Turner and the "Bust" Label


@Darrell Rainey

Well, yes I guess it sounds like I mean he is tentative by going to the corner but they are seperate. Him going to the corner as part of an offensive set is basically a waste because if Jodie Meeks is in the corner he is a threat from three. Turner is basically just there to get out of the way, which means he has become a waste on offense when he does that, whether the coaching staff is telling him to or not. Him spotting up does nothing, because he is not going to shoot a three from there. Maybe the coaching staff does not know what to do with him off the ball on offense, because if most offensive sets have him in a spot where he isn't contributing anything, then that is a problem, and playing him isn't really helping the team.

So, to summarize, I understand that him going to the corner is part of an offensive set, but if that is the best thing the Sixers can do with him off the ball, playing him is not helping the team. May not be his fault, but it is still true.

3 years, 2 months ago on Examining Evan Turner's Lack of Playing Time


Very well written. Sounded like an ESPN news article.

3 years, 2 months ago on Fausto Carmona (Roberto Hernandez Heredia) Placed on Indians Restricted List