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if u dont like girardi your a moron.  he is ONE OF THE most dedicated players ive seen in a long time.  he is a DEFENSEMAN and a very good and very underrated player.  he is a very smart player.  guys like this actually deserve a good deal like this, and he blocks a ton of shots and still plays every game.  hes the man

1 year, 2 months ago on Rangers Make Two Offers to Girardi; Interested in McGinn


del zotto may eventually get some offense into his game, but he will never change defensively.  and he is not smart enough to improve his game to the level we all thought he could get to a few years ago.

1 year, 3 months ago on Del Zotto Mistake Free In First Game With Preds


this team is hard to watch.  i have gamecenter and every other team besides the rangers is more fun to watch, more exciting.  they have little grit.  they have no big bodies who want to throw checks consistently.  what happened to callahan?? he is invisible out there.  there is no rough stuff after the whistles.  they are BORING.  they have no offense.  dump the puck in with no pressure every damn play.  how about we take the puck into the zone with some SPEED.  these guys are in the nhl, where is the talent?  where is the determination in the corners?  where are the shots with people in front of the net?  what are these players/coaches doing to change this?  del zotto is an awful player.  boyle is an awful player.  pyatt is an awful player.  brassard is playing awful.  they need to get some toughness and get rid of these guys.  they are turning into a joke and other teams know they are the softest team in the league.  rick nash is invisible out there, i thought he was consistently dominant with columbus? derek stepan is playing like he has a pocket book on.  jt miller doesnt do anything for me.  pouilot doesnt do anything period.  i may need a break from watching this team for a while.

1 year, 4 months ago on Capitals 4, Rangers 1


good job backchecking stepan! o wait he didnt do shit

1 year, 4 months ago on Janssen's Goal; Hit on Staal; Unpenalized Trip on Miller


derrick brassard is a lazy bastard.  and if you watch the devils 3rd goal, its more stepans fault than it is moore's.  they are the softest team in the league.  no hitting.  no effort.  no hustle.  its disgusting.  get rid of del zotto, boyle, and brassard, they are terrible.

1 year, 4 months ago on Devils, 4 Rangers 3 (OT)