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@Sox in the Desert Yes! Seen the Sox in all those places as well. Must have been around 2000, I saw the Sox in Chavez Ravine. We got out of the car and cracked a beer and security was all over us, telling us to get in the stadium or go home. After the game, (a sox loss for a sweep) We were walking to our cars (a group of about 6 sox fans) and there was a group of gang members throwing beer bottles at us and flashing their guns. Needless to say, I drove off faster than Carl Everett leaves a Natural History Museum. But, I was pretty sure I was about one drunk mouthy Masshole friend away from death. The guys I was with acted all tough until the guns were evident than it was "head for zee hills".

3 years, 2 months ago on The All “Still Can’t Believe They Played at Fenway” Team


Umm, zero questions about undergarments, midgets or mexican themed porn? Red - fail.

3 years, 2 months ago on The Return of Heidi Watney