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The answer is not to stop going to the games. In fact, that would sink the ship for a good long while. Timmy should have taken a 10m dollar pay cut, and Vogelsong should have been around 3M dollars loaded with performance incentives. If Timmy learns to use his finesse instead of trying to turn a 92 mile per hour fastball into a power pitch, he'll lower his ERA even further and give us good solid innings. The issue I see happening is Scutaro being out for the majority of the season and who would we have to fill his spot? Is Nonnan ready? Abreu is not an every day starter. A good left fielder will help greatly. Give Juan Perez a year and he's easily a fourth outfielder, maybe even a starter. Trade Gary Brown if he'll fetch us what we need. I am your neighborhood optimist.

1 year, 4 months ago on Giants Make Wrong Statement With Vogelsong Signing