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Wow. I'd already come to peace with the fact that I would probably die before I saw Bobby Sura featured in an article, so thank you for that. Also, great job finding the petunia growing in the field of cow crap that was the Ryan Hollins era. Hopefully they were not opening up a roster spot for JJ.

3 years ago on Ryan Hollins and One March Night


Nice post. To some degree, this is the nature of how we judge things though. Look at JoPa - his legacy, as both a great coach and a great man, are going to be forever (and probably correctly) offset by his mishandling of the Sandusky situation. I say correctly because, like the Artest melee or pulling a gun in locker room, it was an egregious error in judgement. These aren't shoplifting charges or unpaid library fines. There are different degrees of 'bad'.

Many other people have said it before, but I think it's true and worth repeating, fans and players have a more 'personal' relationship in basketball - no hats or helmets, no bulky uniforms or pads, fans sit 4 feet from the court and there are TV cameras everywhere. Plus there's only 7-8 guys that get minutes on most teams, it's easy to know many of the players in the league if you pay attention. Other sports have more buffer - would the average NFL fan know the Bengals receiver that got busted trying to buy all that weed if he sat down next to you at Taco Bell with a tray full of burritos and his jersey on? So the standard may be a little higher for NBA players. And as nice as the NBA Cares stuff is, it takes a lot petting-puppies-at-the-animal-shelter to make up for one stand-charging-fan-attack, though I don't know the current exchange rate.

In reply to the other comment, I think the number of visible boneheads in the post-Jordan NBA has simply outnumbered those in baseball and hockey. Maybe hockey's not popular enough in the US to get their off-ice miscues picked up, maybe baseball players get their shenanigans out in the minors, I don't know. And I think football's got more felons than everyone else put together, but we identify less personally with the individual players, and Americans appear to love football too much to care.

And Lebron got killed for HOW he left, not THAT he left. Please see....well, anywhere on the see this conversation hashed out in mind-numbing detail. Nobody killed CP3, Melo, DWill or Amare, probably because they weren't such a-holes about leaving.

3 years, 2 months ago on The NBA's Image Problem